Monster Integration - Chapter 816 - Criminal I

Chapter 816 - Criminal I

Chapter 816 - Criminal I

I stared at the Magnificent Sky Blue colored castle for a while before I went inside and found myself in a huge Great Hall, this Grate hall is Magnificent as the castle.

Thousands of people could be seen coming and going through the various hallways and the halls of the majestic castle. I was quite overwhelmed seeing such scenes as it is completely different from what I have been expecting.

I looked around for a few minutes before I opened the link to the Map and walked toward my destination. According to the link, I've to go to AE199 to meet the Deacon to whom I will register myself.

Warzone is unlike other lower zones, rarely allowed so missions. Here are people who always worked in groups as here there are no hunting grounds where one can go and do solo hunting.

Warzone is the frontline of the Continental defense. From here, the whole strategy of the containment is decided. Every move made by it decides the future of the Continent, which is why Warzone keeps tight grips on their members.

I hope the team I will a.s.sign will be good. I don't want to get a.s.signed with a bunch of idiots and lose my life due to their idiocy, well from what Ellen told me, I will get a choice to choose the team.

There are thousands and thousands of teams present in the Guild, and all of them have their requirements about accepting new people. Though I can't say I was the best in the Midzone, I am sure I was one of the best, which should give me some points to get accepted in the good team.

The castle is very complex, even with the map in hand, I still needed quite some time to reach the AE199, I had reached the place five minutes before the required time.

Knock Knock! Sup!

Seeing the door was being locked from inside, I knocked on the door, just as I did, the door opened with sup and revealed a small room in which there is a single table which had a chair on either side and sitting on right is a pretty young woman in her late teens.

It looked less like the meeting room more like an interrogation room to interrogate the criminal, Micheal did not know how true his thoughts were.

"You must have done a very heinous thing that they have put Cla.s.s 3 Penal Punishment on you." said the young women who were sitting on the right side of the table.

"Cla.s.s 3 Penal Punishment?" I asked back, of course I know what Cla.s.s 3 Penal punishment is, I have read the Penal Code of the Grimm Battlefield before. It is carried on to those who have got convicted with the heinous crimes of attempted r.a.p.e or murder; the only thing I did not understand is why it is lodged on me.

"Don't try to act innocent; it is clearly written here that you have been convicted with the Cla.s.s 3 crime and hereby ordered to join Death Brigade." said the young woman angrily as she projected the screen in front of me.

'It really is.' I thought. She had projected the official order in front of me, there I could see my phono, my DNA sequence and ID will all other information, and in the middle, it is clearly stated that I had committed a Cla.s.s 3 Crime and ordered to join the death brigade.

"Ma'am there must be some misunderstanding, I've never committed a crime in my life. My record is completely clean."

"Before coming here, I had fought a battle in Milfred before I rested two days and caught the s.h.i.+p Airs.h.i.+p here, you can check all my record and the things I did."

"You must know during the conviction of the Cla.s.s 3 crime take at least a month, and in that time the convict remained to be in custody, but if you check my record, you will see that during all this time, I was always on the missions that are given to me by the guild," I said.

I had explained all to her in the single breath, Cla.s.s 3 crime is a serious crime, to be convicted by such crime is not only a matter of utter shame with a tainted record, but it also restricts one from using many of Guilds Services which are every essential for the progress of practice.

Not only Guild but other places will also not offer me their services, without all these my speeds of progress would be halved.

She frowned angrily, thinking I was lying, but when she saw my expression, some anger disappeared from her eyes, and she started to type b.u.t.tons on her holowatch. From there, I could see every information of mine appearing in front of her.

Not only my time in the Grimm Battlefield but my time before I entered the Grimm Battlefield, I even saw my elementary grade certificate appear in front of me.

I was shocked to see so many details appear in front of her, though she is a Platinum powerhouse which had the post of Deacon in the Guild, still seeing so much information about me is shocking, there is barely anything hidden in front of her.

She kept reading one doc.u.ment after another while I looked at her impa.s.sive face trying to see what she was thinking, but I got no clue whatsoever from her.

"For a Local, your performance and speed of improvement in the Grimm Battlefield are commendable," she said as she closed all the windows of my information.

"Ma'am, do you believe me now?" I asked with a bated heartbeat, what she said is very important for me, my whole future will depend on it.

"You seem to be telling the truth, let me call the Vice Guild Master. He should be able to fix this," she said and called someone named Raymond.

"Reya it's been a while since you have called me on your own, are you finally ready for dead?" asked the handsome young man who appeared above her holowatch as projection.

"How many times I have told you, Raymond, I have no time to waste on a date beside I called you for something else," she said.

"What is it?" asked the man in the projection seeing Reya's serious expression, "This person is seemed to be wrongly accused of Cla.s.s 3 crime, would you take a look at it," said Reya and as she forward all my doc.u.ments with my conviction Order.

The man in projection seriously started to tread the doc.u.ment while I and the girl waited in silence, and finally, after fifteen minutes, he looked up.

"You are right, this seemed to be a false accusation, let me fix it. It will just take a moment." said the man in projection as he started to type b.u.t.tons on his holowatch.

I felt happy, seeing finally this error going away. If my record had gotten tainted with the Level 3 crime, then life in the Warzone would turn a nightmare for me.

"Hun! This is weird, my access is unable to remove this conviction, let me contact the team leader." said the man in projection before he put the call on hold, seeing that all the happiness I had been feeling shattered.