Monster Integration - Chapter 814 - 5th Amethyst Seal

Chapter 814 - 5th Amethyst Seal

Chapter 814 - 5th Amethyst Seal

This Airs.h.i.+p is high-speed, but it would still take six days for the airs.h.i.+p to reach the Warzone No 13 Heim. There are only 16 Warzone, unlike thousands of outposts and hundreds of the Midzone.

It is said they are big, and their prosperity and culture give a glimpse of the Central Continent as people from the Central Continent could find it there. In the midzone, there are people from other continents but not from the Central Continent.

When they come to the continent, they directly come to the Mizone, and each and every person that came from there is a Golden Elite. In the Warzone, the Silver Elites are weakest while the Golden Elite are Folded in the Middle Level.

While Platinum and Diamonds are the leaders, they are extremely rare even in Warzone and served as the backbone of the forces, mainly the post of Vice Guild Master and Guidmaster of Guilds are these people.

As for Adamantine, Rachel said there are some Admentine but not much. Every Warzone did not have more than 10 Admentine in them and of the Ten, there are seven are the Guild Leaders of the Seven S Cla.s.s Guilds.

Rachel said most of these Admantines came from the Nine Supreme Level Organisation of the Central continent. There Nine Supreme Organisations rule the Central Continent, and one needs to be at Adamantine to become a member of the organization.

Those organizations did not accept members Midway, Rachel, and others are special-case; one needs to get into the Supreme Level Organisation before they start the practice.

So, most of the Admentine are sent by the Supreme Organisations as the continent did not have the resources to make ones, there are rarely any people who became Adamantine here, the only special case the Ruins, they are only things that possess the resources to make one Adamantine.

I have a simple goal, and that is to become Adamantine, I will not level up to the Lord stage before I become Admentine. Though I don't know how I will become since I don't even have a limit breaking method, that I did not think much.

I only kept a target in my mind, and I am sure there will be many opportunities I will come across in the Warzone, and I will have to grasp them, no matter the cost.

The clouds looked beautiful from the cabin, but I was in no mood to enjoy, so all I have been doing for the past five days is train and train and train. I am training at every waking moment. All this drowned the pain of separation.

The feeling of Separation did not lessen with time, but it has increased, but with time I am learning to live with it.

Five days had pa.s.sed, and with the continuous training in these five days, I've got the perfect training control over my strength and also got the small increment in strength.

Though the increment is tiny, it is still an increment, nevertheless, which will be helpful in my survival in the Warzone. The Warzone, unlike the Outpost and Midzone, is really important.

Even if a few hundreds outposts got destroyed and or tens of Mizone razed, it will not affect a Grad scheme of things of the continent, but if any Warzone got destroyed, then it will shake the whole continent, the Grand War will rage across the Continent.

The Outpost and Mizone got destroyed every few years and decades, but it had been hundreds of years since any Outpost got destroyed by the enemy, it is not like they had tried, they had tried hundreds of times, but it is not easy to destroy the Warzone.

It is an unbreakable fortress that could not be broken through the normal means, only those super powerhouses able to break the fortresses, which are why it is not broken as according to informal rule between two races, no powerhouse above the Knight should appear in the struggle of the continent.

Most of the time, this Law is followed, those super powerhouses present both sides in every city. They rarely made a move even if the outpost or Midzone was being destroyed. They make a move when there is something important.

Today I am feeling some emotion other than that of Lodging and sadness, I am a little excited about seeing the Warzone. I have quite heard about it from Ellen, she and her teacher had been in the Warzone for quite months.

I wanted to meet her in Warzone, but Rachel got me to transfer the order of the 13th Warzone while Ellen is in the 10th Warzone.

I will have to ask her to come to meet me when in my Warzone with how powerful her teacher is. I don't think her teacher will have any problem bringing her to 13th Warzone (Heim).

This is the last day of my travel, and I will reach the Heim by the evening, and it is already an Afternoon so that this training session would be my last in the airs.h.i.+p and also might turn most fruitful.

I am at the 24th circulation for the 50th seal of Supreme Combat Exercise. If I can do it, then I will have a 5th Amethyst seal, which will increase my strength by a great deal.

But it will be hard as I am trying to break that last layer for more than half an hour, but no matter how much I try, it wouldn't budge from its spot, not a single crack had appeared despite my tries.

Though it is hard, I kept trying and trying as I feel like that Warzone would not be easy, I will need to use all the strength I have to survive there, and strength provided by the 5th Amethyst seal would help very much.

So I continue trying and trying, though I continue failing, it does not matter to me as I am trying, and as long as I keep trying, the success will come to me eventually.


Finally, after twenty minutes of relentless trying, I was able to make the crack on the layer that is blocking me and see that I increased my efforts more. Each wave that will crash on the layer would be more powerful than before, and it started to show the result.

Crack Crack Crack….Bang!]

Crack after crack continued appearing on the layer, and these cracks kept getting bigger and before they spared all over the layer, leaving not a corner alone before finally shattering into pieces with the loud boom.

The 50th seal started forming, and within a few seconds, it had completely formed and started releasing energies, which did not give me much.

After the small went toward the other nine seals and started spinning as they spun, they began to suck energies. They began to spin faster and while coming closer to each to form an amethyst seal.

After minutes of sucking energy, the Amethyst seal is finally created, and it started to glow in my temple s.p.a.ce as it released refres.h.i.+ng energy spread into my body and started strengthening it.

By the time the 5th Amethyst seal went back to its place, my strength had risen again considerably.