Monster Integration - Chapter 813 - Left

Chapter 813 - Left

Chapter 813 - Left

"Release Him Immediately!"

I heard an angry voice, and the next moment I was released from the bindings.

This was the most humiliating experience in my life. If they had to save that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, they would have just stopped my sword, there was no need to freeze me completely.

They did not just create a full cage of energy around which bound me to my place. It was so powerful that I could not move even a single inch, no matter how much I tried but they also sent their energies inside me.

It was a complete humiliation, they had sent their extremely thick energy into my body, going through every inch of my body and soul, I felt like I was being violated to my core. The worst thing is, I could not do anything.

I just laid caged in s.p.a.ce without having the ability to do anything, and that is making me hate myself so much. More than those who had utterly violated my privacy, which they have no right to do so.

They have crossed all the boundaries; currently, I do not have the strength to even look at them, but in the future, if I have got the strength, then I promised myself that both of them would suffer a hundred times more humiliation than what I've suffered.

I was just in my thoughts when soft arms enveloped, and I did not have to look to know who had hugged me, this comforting touch I would identify anywhere.

"I am sorry." Rachel said as she hugged me tightly, she might not know what truly happened, but she knows how much I love my freedom, it is because of this freedom I love so much that I had not joined any organization in the Westblood despite the benefits they have offered.

"Lady Rachel, you don't have to waste your time on this trash, we had just inspected him and found that he has closed consciousness."

"Even if he tries his best, he will be only able to reach the Level of Prince, he can't make a breakthrough for the stages above the Prince, he does not deserve to be with you," he said.

His voice is full of happiness as if he had discovered something secret totally oblivious to the atmosphere that is building in the hall, even the old man and woman who are entirely unrelated shook their heads silently.


Rachel finally let go of me and looked at them and about to say something in anger when I stopped her Midway. It is my battle, and I will fight it myself.

Seeing me holding back Rachel, both of them smiled even brightly, and their faces became even more haughty thinking I've developed a fear for them after experiencing their power.

"A trash like you did not deserve to look at even Shadow of the Lady Rachel." said the woman in a while as she took out the small crystal ball.

"Here take this Limit Breaking Method and forget about Lady Rachel, she had infinite future ahead of her due to her Epic inheritance while you will always be trash because of your closed consciousness." said women in white haughtily as she raised a small crystal ball toward me.

I could see Rachel is seething with anger and about to burst when I again stopped her as this is not her battle to fight.

"Thank you, but there is no need for you to waste such a precious method by giving it to me." I declined in a polite tone as I could muster despite having a bubbling volcano of anger inside me.

"Snort, Boy, you think too highly of yourself. You have no idea of the gap between Lady Rachel and you.

Even if you haven't been trash with closed consciousness, you still wouldn't have been able to catch up to Lady Rachel in your whole life." said the woman in a while as she took back the crystal.

"You don't have to worry about Michael, and he will easily catch up to me. I have faith in him." Rachel confidently as she Grips my hands tightly.

The woman in a while wanted to snort, but she controlled herself before she looked at others.

"Everyone, we have wasted enough time in this G.o.d-forsaken place, let's leave." said the woman in white. Rachel wanted to say something before she could say she disappeared, giving me her last gentle smile, which was full of love.

"Boy let me Give you the word of advice that will save you lot of trouble in the future." said the old man, the fawning smile on his face disappeared and replaced with that of dignity which I have seen on the projection but seeing his vomit-inducing behavior earlier, I did not feel a shred of respect for him.

"That girl had joined the Supreme Organisation, and she had Epic Inheritance that rarely appears in our world. My advice is to forget her, you will never be able to catch up to her even if you try all your life." said the Old Man.

"Thank You, Sir, for your precious advice," I said politely before I walked out while the old man just shook his head in pity.

"That boy did not understand the terror that people of the Supreme Organisation had, but he will realize very soon." The old man said with a sigh before he disappeared with the women.

Micheal did not heed the words of the old man, even for a second, his mind was filled with sadness and longing as he did not know when he was going to see Rachel again.

After getting out, I tapped a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch before flying up in the air. I had just booked the Hotel for a day as I am not going back to my apartment. There is nothing there except for the memories left behind by Rachel, which are the things I least want to remember as I will miss her even more.

This feeling is already very unbearable, and remembering more will only suffocate me further. So I booked the hotel and stayed there and till the time of my leaving had come.

I am very grateful that I am leaving this city tonight. I don't think I would have been able to live in it with Rachel gone. Everything about this city made me remember Rachel, especially the places where we have gone on a date.

Whenever I looked at them, I would remember the moments I'd spent with her, which were hard to bear. By the time I had reached my hotel room. I had tears in my eyes.

After reaching my hotel, I just lay on the bed to sleep, but memories of Rachel kept flas.h.i.+ng in my mind, no matter how much I tried to sleep did not come to me.


As such, time pa.s.sed, and the evening came, and soon I got a reminder that I had an airs.h.i.+p to catch. Hearing I got up and washed my teary face, my eyes have become quite red with the hours of silent crying.

I washed my face and changed my clothes before I flew toward the Airport, hoping a new city will bring new change and help me in coping with the pain of the separations.