Monster Integration - Chapter 812 - Humiliation

Chapter 812 - Humiliation

Chapter 812 - Humiliation

"Shall we?" Samual said as he invited me toward the Arena, I nodded and walked with him to the big Arena.

This is just a big Arena, perfect for the fight among the Knights. Well, I would like it if my opponent would be stronger than the one which I could just finish in the one move, it looks like I have to make quite an impact so that the stronger one could come to fight.

Soon, we reached the center of the Arena and stood a hundred meters from each other. Without hesitation, I took out my Totem Artifact felt its power spreading through every inch of my body.

He seemed quite surprised seeing me taking out the Giant sword. I had thought before offering to fight me, it would have done some research, but looking at his surprised expressions, I don't think it did.

"Since when did Micheal start to use Greatsword instead of Lightsword?" Jim asked with surprise. "It had been while there had been some accident when he was creating his Totem Artifact," Rachel replied as she looked at Micheal worriedly.

"Well, he should use his big sword properly to defend otherwise he would lose in a single move," said Sarah with a snort, hearing that Rachel glared at her before she back at the fight.

"You should take out a Totem Artifact?" I said to Samuel, who had to take out a normal Black Saber from your storage.

"There is no need for that, I think this Saber would be more than enough for this fight," Samual said while casually swinging the saber in his hands. Clearly meaning to defeat me, he did not need to use his totem Artifact.

"Let's start them," I said he nodded when I suddenly disappeared from my place.


Shock appeared on Samuel's face as he looked at the Gigantic sword on his shoulder, just micro distance away from his neck. When the fight started, he had just taken two steps when he saw Micheal beside him like a phantom, and before he could do anything, he found a crus.h.i.+ng sword on his shoulder.

The sword on his shoulder is so heavy that he is barely able to stop his body shaking under its weight.

"You Lost!" I said with a smile as I took my sword off his shoulder.

"What had just happened?" Max said as he looked at the fight that was over within a second. "This happens when one underestimates their opponent," said Women in white.

"Sir Samual had underestimated his opponent, well it did not have much mattered even if he had fought his opponent at his full strength, seeing his opponent is a whole level above him." Commented man in white.

"Micheal is Four-Star Golden Elite." all four of them said in unison, clearly shocked. When they first got to know that Micheal is Three Star Golden Elite, they were shocked as this was above them.

They clearly know how difficult it is to become Three Star Golden Elite in a matter of a few days, they were able to do it because of the powerful resources given to them but Micheal what did he receive, he just went to the battle for a few days and became a four Star Golden Elite.

"Let's fight one more time, this time I got distracted by something," Samual said as Micheal took off the sword of Samuels's shoulder.

"Shameless." Rachel and Sarah couldn't help saying out loud while Sarah and Max shook their head in disappointment.


I said with a smile while thinking about how one can be such a shameless and sour loser that they could not accept defeat when they see one. Last time, I went easy on him, but this time I will teach him the lesson so hard that he will forget about becoming a sore loser again.


Samuel said right after I created a distance between us, wanting to catch me off guard. This time, he did not hold back anything, right after he appeared in front of me and attacked me with its Mystic Method.

"Death Cut!"

Samual shouted and attacked me. His saver is enveloped in the blinding white flames. These white flames give me a feeling of death and knew very well that if that while fire touched me, then there is quite a high chance I would die.

Looking at Samuels's cruel expression, he seems to want to kill me or at least cruel lessons. I would have been able to sense clearly if my killing rule had been effective on the but unfortunately useless on them.

They have not only had the protection of their powerful inheritance, but those two have given them powerful Artifacts that helped them from prying senses, I've seen that artifact in Rachel's hand.

Seeing the flaming Saber coming at me, I did not move from my spot. There is a big difference in power between Three Star Golden Elite and Four Star Golden Elite.

He would have been able defend against few moves of mine if he had relied on the Speed Type Mystic Method of his, but now he had come this close to me. He had already handed his defeat on a silver platter to me.


I let the saber close to me, and when I was just half a meter away from me, I disappeared from my spot and before appearing behind Samuel and swinging my sword at its back at full power.

Horror appeared on Samuel's face seeing my sword appear behind me and a faint wing appeared behind him, and he started to move away with extremely fast speed, but the speed of his moving is still slower than my sword, and my sword already reached it.

The horror deepened on Samuel's face as he had personally experienced how heavy the sword and with the speed, it coming at him if it hit him, seriously injured him while crus.h.i.+ng every bone of his back.

He did not want that to happen and tried his all to the runway at maximum speed, but unfortunately, it couldn't and the sword finally caught up to him as he felt the sword touching him.


Samual suddenly looked back as the pain he was expecting did not come, Micheal sword was frozen on its spot, when he looked at Micheal, he found him completely frozen as if someone made him a statue.

He understood what happened and looked at two people in white before looking at Micheal again, who was frozen like a statue that was not able to move any part of him.

'Weren't you going to defeat me? Defeat me now?' Samual wanted to say these words loudly, but he did not. His earlier actions were already shameless, and if he did something bad again, and then he would fall from Rachel's heart again, he did not want to do that.

Still, that does not mean he will not enjoy the condition of this hateful guy who took Rachel from him.

He looked really pitiful, completely frozen, unable to utter a single word. His eyes are really angry, looking at made me feel like I am not looking at eyes but two globes that are burning with rage.