Monster Integration - Chapter 808 - Micheal, I am leaving.

Chapter 808 - Micheal, I am leaving.

Chapter 808 - Micheal, I am leaving.

"Let's Go."

Said the Girl in Red as she flew up and we all followed her out from the hole that is opened in a forcefield.

The Replacement had come quite late, they were to come in the early evening, but they had taken in the late evening, and now we have to leave it at night. Though we could have stayed the night, n.o.body wants to spend the night in the forest just kilometers away from the Camp of the Grimm Monsters.

Our flying speed is extremely fast, and at the limit of what One Star Golden Elite can endure, I can see some One Star Golden Elite are trying their all to maintain their flying speed.

Compared to then I am quite fine, I am not in any strain. Even if I had been One Star Golden Elite, I would not have felt much strain. I have pure mana and ample mana storage, which have become even purer and bigger after I had reached the 2nd Floor of Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower.

So, I don't have much to worry about the speed, the only thing I have to worry about is the attacks of the Grimm Monsters. The girl in red has already discovered some powerful Grimm Monsters in the Vicinity and has warned users to be cautious.

Not only she, but I had also discovered quite a number of Grimm Monsters that had been following us stealthily. All of them are the Golden Elites, and if we have drought against them, they will give us quite a fight.

But they don't seem to plan on attacking us, at least for now, all they seem to be wanting to trail us.

I am not under the illusion that they won't attack us; there is quite a chance that a battle would erupt, and this battle will be more dangerous than the previous. The Grimm Monsters that had fought us earlier have a clear idea about our strength, and if they decide to attack means, they have prepared adequately.

This is why I am on high alert and using all my sensory abilities to keep an eye on Grimm monsters, ready to respond if they attacked.

Time pa.s.sed, and we flew over one hill after another till we reached the edge of Mariana Hill, but not a single Grimm Monsters that were following us had attacked, and when we flew over the last hill of Mariana Hill, the chase had also stopped.


Seeing that I couldn't help but take a Sigh of relief, I don't want to fight another; if it were before, I would have been eager to fight since my strength advanced, but now I just want to go to Milfred to Rachel.

For some reason, I am having an itch to go, Milfred. If I had not been flying with a group, I would have definitely would have flown at my maximum speed to the Milfred.

Time pa.s.sed by, and dawn came, and with it, I could see the faint silhouette of Milfred at a distance, seeing that a bright smile appeared on his face.

The speed of our group had unconsciously increased, and those One Star Golden Elite and Two Star Golden Elites started left behind. I am one of three Two Start Golden Elites who can maintain my speed with the leading group.

Twenty minutes later, we reached Milfred, and I flew toward the Guild with the Group. I wanted to go to my apartment so bad, but I had to go to the Guild and make my report and do other formalities, without finis.h.i.+ng them, I could not return to my apartment.

This Rule does not only apply to Golden Elite but also to Platinums like Guild leaders. They have been separated from the group and disappeared toward the Adventurers Paradise direction after we entered the city.

Thud Thud…

I landed on the ground with the rest and directly went to the 51st floor to make my report. It took me one and a half hours to complete the report, and just as I finished it, I received mail from Guild.

"They are quite fast!"

I said when I read the mail, I have become a Captain. To become captain, one not only needs to acc.u.mulate a lot of merits but also needs to become Golden Elite. I am already a Golden Elite, and killing a few Three Star Golden Elites has earned me more than enough merit to become an officer.

With me promoted to Captain, my privileges had also been upgraded and one of privilege that I could now choose one Mystic Method from the Guilds Collection.

If it were a normal time, I would have done so and also brought all the things I need from this access, but thing time, I have no interest in doing those things.

I quickly finished all the other formalities that I had required before I quickly flew toward my apartment. It was a good thing I've become an officer, and with it, I could not fly in the city at a higher speed than before.

Soon I reached my apartment and opened the window to go in and saw Rachel sitting on the sofa with a worried expression on her; she seemed to be lost in worry so much that she did not notice my arrival.


I called out softly; my voice brought her to present as she looked at me surprisingly before a look of joy appeared on her face.

"Micheal!" she said in surprise, and in the blink of eyes, she appeared in front of me. Seeing her appear in front of me, I was about to say something when I found my opened mouth sealed by her lips, and we started to kiss pa.s.sionately.

As the kiss progressed, our hands started to roam each other's bodies before our clothes began to fly away till not a single article of clothes had remained on my body.

Without care for the place, our bodies started to meld in each touching and exploring each other. Our movements were slow and fast rhythmic, with each as if they are two halves of the same coin.

With each other, it is not just the carnal pleasure we are exploring but also the love that is growing every second we spend with each other. It is such a wonderful feeling that I want to get lost inside, but human bodies have limited, and for now, I have reached my limit and have rest for a while before I could continue again.

This time we have continued for four hours, we have started in the living room but ended in my bedroom.

"How have you been?" I asked after minutes of silence as I gently ma.s.saged her head, which was lying on my chest.

"It is a question I should be asking." Rachel said with a smile as she craned her neck at me.

"Tell me what is worrying you so much?" I asked finally, for a few days, I knew she had been worried about something. I have never directly asked her about it, but now seeing so much fear in her eyes, I could control myself from asking.

She did not say anything for a few seconds, but worry that is hidden in her eyes appeared on her face, for some reason seeing those expressions, I had the urge to retract my sentence as I felt I would not like the answer.

"Micheal, I am leaving."