Monster Integration - Chapter 809 - Limit Levels

Chapter 809 - Limit Levels

Chapter 809 - Limit Levels

"Micheal, I am leaving."

Said Rachel and I felt as if the ground had cracked under my feet, I had expected some bad news from her, but I had never expected she would leave when everything between us was going so well.

We were happy, we were enjoying each other's love, going on dates, everything had been amazing as it could be.

"W...why, how, when?" indescribable words came out of my mouth as I wasn't able to eleven think properly. Hearing my question, sadness on her face deepened even more, and I could see tears welling up in her eyes.

"You know the ruckus created by Inheritance," Rachel asked. I frowned upon hearing this question, but I still nodded as I knew it had created chaos throughout the city, people are still shaken to the core by humongous Oppressive feeling they had felt for a moment that day.

"Well, it brought some people from the Central Continent, they said I've received an Epic Cla.s.s Inheritance and only with the resources of their Organisation will I be able to fully unearth its potential and bring out its true power." Rachel said softly.

Hearing that I did not much feel surprised but felt it was plausible, Ellen had shown some weird signs and an extremely powerful teacher came for her, so it is normal people will come for a Person who had gripped the city wholly.

"Can't you stay on the Continent?" I asked. Ellen is still in the continent, and her teacher is guiding her here, so maybe Rachel could also stay with whoever came guiding her.

To my question, Rachel shook her head gently. "No, I was barely able to ask for these few days from them," she said. Hearing that I could tell she barely has any choice, she will have to go whether she wants or not.

"When are you leaving?" I asked after some time while gently ma.s.saging her hair, "Two days later." she said as she nestled into me tightly.

So soon! My heart skipped again, I had expected she quite would stay a week more, but two days, they are too short. "Can't you stay for some more time?" I asked, to which she just shook her head saying no.

"I a.s.sume they are taking others too?" I asked that she nodded. She is not the only one who received this Inheritance. There are four other people too, and since they are taking Rachel.

We stayed silent, with each one busy with his thoughts with each busy with his thoughts; I am trying to cope with the thought of her leaving while she may be doing the same.

"Rachel, do you know what Adamantine is?"I asked finally after an hour of silence, the Grimm Monster I had sucked talking a lot about this. When my access upgrade in the morning, I quickly searched this world but could not find anything about it.

"How do you know about the Adamantine?" Rachel asked me in surprise. She really does seem surprised when she heard it but then looked at me complicatedly as if she remembered something.

"You know there is Level above the Golden Elite called Platinum, right?" Rachel asked me, " I nodded. "There is a level above that Called Diamond and the Level that came above it, Adamantine," she said.

I am shocked hearing that, I had guessed that Adamantine must be a level that is present in Lord Stage but never guessed it is in Knight Stage. I have never thought there would be a level above Platinum, and there would be another level above that.

Becoming Platinum already is very difficult as one will have to break through the Limit of Human body. If they do that, it gives them the power to fight the Lord Stage powerhouse, then how difficult it would be to reach the Diamond and then Admontine.

No wonder that Grimm Monsters started to laugh like crazy in happy-ness when he thought sucking me would give it the potential to reach the Adamantine.

Now that I thought about the Adamantine, I remember abomination in dark s.p.a.ce, when its power was growing, it had become unimaginably powerful in just the Knight stage that I had started shaking in front of the Knight Stage aura.

"Platinum, Diamond, and Admatine are called limit Levels, the higher one goes in these Three Limit Levels, the Greater Potential one will have for the future growth and one will have no problem infusing with the powerful inheritance," she said and again turned silent.

"I heard that Human body limits could not be broken in normal ways?" I asked I had not known about this before, but when I was returning to the Milfred city, I heard something from the Peak Golden Elites that I realize that breaking the limit is not as easy as it seems.

Hearing my question, complicated emotions rose in Rachel's eyes as she looked at me, I could tell the thing she would say next would be very hard to hear.

"Yes, it is extremely difficult, near impossible to break the limit through the normal means, one either has Practice limit breaking method since they start Practicing or they need Art," she said, my expression changed when I heard the Art as the Grimm Monsters have also boasted about it very much.

"Can you explain what Limit Breaking Methods and Art is?" I asked. She nodded. "Limit Breaking Methods are the methods that help in breaking the limit, and they had to be practiced at the beginning of the Practice," she said.

Beginning of the Practice, when one bonds with their Monsters, it looks like I do not have a chance to practice these Methods as it has been years since I had started practicing.

"The other way which helps you break the Limit are Arts, they are Extremly Extremly Rare, and only powerful Organisations in the Centrals Continents have them."

"If one considers the Inheritance a way to future progress, then the Arts are the only energy that one needs to walk on that way, without these two things one could not become the Powerhouse of the World." Rachel said.

A Mirthless laugh couldn't not help but appear on my face as I do not have any of these two things. If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of Grimm Monsters has had Art in its storage, I would not have to worry about breaking the limit.

I got really worried about it, but soon I got control over it, there are many things I've done that were impossible by town standard. When I was a little boy, the lieutenant stage was the highest stage for me and reaching it was my life's goal.

But now I have far surpa.s.sed that stage and could kill any Lieutenant with a flick of my finger. Though it may be near impossible, I have utter confidence in myself that as long as I work hard, I will be able to break the limit.

It is not like I am without options, I have already gained the Potential to reach there, and I am sure I will come across chances to break the limit, as long as I've grasped them, I will be able to break the limit.