Monster Integration - Chapter 807 - Two Star Golden Elite

Chapter 807 - Two Star Golden Elite

Chapter 807 - Two Star Golden Elite

One by one, I had opened all the Golden Elite storages, and each has given me a big surprise, there are amazing things present in the storages of the Golden Elites, especially that of the Three Star Golden Elite.

They have really good stuff inside them, I have found many potion materials though them. Though most of these potion materials lacked one ingredient or another, there are two for which I had full ingredients, which will directly make me Golden Elite.

And the best thing is, two of these potions had required Basic Alchemical skills which I have.

In the nine days I have been with Rachel, she has taught me some Alchemy. She had offered it herself and who I am to decline such a good offer from a beautiful girlfriend of mine. Though Rachel's alchemical skills are not praiseworthy, she is an excellent teacher.

With her help, I was able to scratch the surface of alchemy basic's, and as long as I continue practicing, I should be able to get a grasp over fundamentals that would help me craft positions that require a basic skill.

Rachel said that I have a talent for Alchemy, and if I worked hard, I should be able to reach the level of Jim with a few years of hard work. To that, I couldn't help but shake my head.

I have no interest in Alchemy, the reason I learned it is that I did not have to depend on others to craft the difficult potions, as long as I could have those skills I would be satisfied.


I said I finished sorting out all the Golden Elite storages, and I've got really good stuff from them. I would have liked it if they had one Mystic Method or two so I could send it to my parents, as for me, I don't have to search for the Mystic Method anymore now that I have become a Golden Elite.

Every Golden Elite could get one Mystic Method from the Guild or the Adventurers Paradise. So, I do not have to worry about my second Mystic Method, which I am very sure that I can practice with my upgraded const.i.tution.

After I finished with the sorting process, Ive took out several ingredients from my storage and also erected the Alchemy counter from my abode setting. Seeing the Alchemy counter erected, I took out several Alchemy instruments and started making preparation for the potion.

The first potion which I am making from the Scargrow Peony is Pan Strengthening Potion which would strengthen every aspect of me and if I right then it will surely take me to the peak of the One Star Golden Elite at the least, if I can digest it better then I may be even able to become Two Star Golden Elite with the help of it.

This Scargrow Peony potion is quite simple but still requires some Alchemy skill, which I am confident I have. So, there is no worry about me failing in it.

I followed the procedure step by step according to the description, not daring to make a mistake. I am feeling a bit nervous as this is my first time crafting such a complicated formula alone, the last time I crafted something like that, I was with Rachel.


Tim pa.s.sed by and more than one hour pa.s.sed when a 'Blob' sound rang out from the emerald color potion as the big bubble popped inside and ist essence mixed with the rest of potion-making it even darker.

Seeing that, I turned off all the instruments and took out the potion carefully from very complicated runic Alchemy instruments. After taking out the potion, I divided it into two parts, one for me and others for Ashlyn and left for cooling.

"Ashlyn Drink it."

I said to her while motioning at the emerald potion, one could see there was a slight shaking of my hand which held the potion. The potion description had said that I would have to experience pain when I drank, and it is not a good thing.

Whenever there is a warning about the pain, I shudder as till now I have only drink two potions which had the warning of pain and each one is more painful than the other, and this one is a level higher than the, so it sure will be quite painful.


I looked at the potion for a while before I gulped, and just as I did, I started performing three methods for better digestion of the position.

The first minute when I drank the potion, I did not feel even slight pain, but after a minute, the pain started, and it started to grow at a visible speed that within a minute, I began to whimper in pain.

The pain in very piercings, it felt like thousands of needles have been piercing through my body trying to reach deeper and deeper inside and deeper they are trying to reach the more pain I would feel.

"Umm Ummm…"

I am whimpering in pain and just a step away from shouting out loud, I had expected the pain to be great, but not this great, the level of pain I am feeling is akin to when I felt my life getting sucked in the cave.

I could tell that I am feeling higher pain than normal because I am practicing the three methods. If I stopped, then the pain would lessen automatically, but I won't do that; I am feeling higher pain because I am digesting the potion with it; if I stop, then I will not be able to digest the potion whole.

So, I continue to bear the pain, and as I perform Three Methods. The pain continued for half an hour before it started receding, and within a minute, it had completely stopped.

"The pain is completely worth it," I said with a smile as I checked myself, I have become Two Star Golden Elite, albeit barely but still Two Star Golden Elite and with the aid of my Sword, I will be able to fight against the Four Star Golden Elite.

I checked my body for a while before I started making another potion, this one Strength Enhancing Potion and simpler to make than the previous one, but unlike the previous, this one will take a while to craft.

So, I did not waste time and started making a potion, and as its description said, it took two and a half hours to craft. After I finished crafting the potion, I drank with Ashlyn and started to perform Body Cleaning Technique alone.

This potion only is strength-enhancing, so I only need to perform Body Cleansing Method to digest it, and since this time, there is no pain, the digestion of the potion went quite relaxed.

The potion was digested completely and took my strength to the near end of the Two Star Golden Elite; it means I could not fight against any four Star Golden Elite, and the only one thread to me is the Five Star Golden Elite.

This large increase in strength of me in quite a sudden, I will have trained hard for at least a week to get it fully under my control.