Monster Integration - Chapter 806 Astral Lightning Essence

Chapter 806 Astral Lightning Essence


'Now that my const.i.tution has improved and I've become Golden Elite, I will need a lot more energy to make a level up. A few days ago, I had already made a breakthrough to the Peak Major State. If I want to make a breakthrough again the I will have to eat high energy meals like this regularly. Otherwise, I could forget about making a breakthrough sometime soon in the future.

A few seconds later, I felt energy returning to my body. I got up and walked toward the shower weakly.

Fifteen minutes later, when I returned from the shower and looked at Ashlyn, my mouth couldn't help but gape in wonder. This little birth is sleeping soundly, but that is not surprising as this is the habit, what I am surprised about is that empty pot.

There was not a crumb that had remained; the mean I had made was in great quant.i.ty as I wanted to eat the leftover as dinner as well, and before the heat hit me, the pot was half-filled, but now there is nothing left in it.

Ashlyn is a glutton, but she had never eaten this much before and not to forget, the lots of snacks I had given yesterday, she had finished them in record time also that even their wrappers had not remained.

'There is something wrong with her; I will have to ask her when she wakes up.' I thought before I went to my room.

Till evening when our replacement came, we could finally leave for Milfred. I did not have to make the s.h.i.+ft as I had done last night, so I have the whole day to myself, and there are so many things I have to do.

Laying on the bed, I submerged my consciousness into my storage ring and looked at the Storage band of Scarlet Eyed Hyenaman. I had been stopping myself from opening it as I have too much hope for this storage.

That Grimm Monsters talked about so many things that normal Grimm Monsters and Humans have no knowledge of and not to forget the strange method called Life Extraction Art it had used on me.

That thing is anything like Ive seen or heard before and to be honest. I want that Art. Just one use of it was enough to make it jump from Inbetween to Golden Elite. If I had such art, then it would not be difficult for me to rise.

Though this Life Extraction Art thing looks taboo, as long as I keep it secret and use it on the Grimm Monsters, it will be fine. I usually would not have wanted such art as I would have been fusing Grimm Energies into me, but with Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower, I did not have to face such things.

Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower could refine any energy that came inside me for my use, be it a Cosmic Energy, Mana, or Grimm Energy anything.

I opened the Scarlet Eyes Hyenamans Storage and all the excitement I had a feeling had died down, just a single glance of it was enough for me to know there is nothing valuable in the storage ring, all the stuff it had are common or stuff that Grimm Monster of similar level could have.

I have so many hopes and dreams about this storage, and now all of them had doused down in the worst way as not only I had not found any Life Extraction Art, but I had not even found a copy of Mystic Method too.

It feels like someone had taken out a heart from my body and crushed it in front of me while having joyous life, and all I could do is struggle as the light disappeared from my eyes.


It took me a while to get control over myself, but I did, after taking a long sigh, I started to sort away things inside it and while double-checking everything in case I missed something which I don't think but I am still doing.


I was just putting all the stuff from Scarlet Eyed Hyenaman on the shelf when I suddenly I looked again at the seemingly normal purple crystal. I first thought it was normal energy crystals which had different color hues, I have come across many of these crystals that have filled the complete shelf of it.


I cursed out loud when I took out that normal crystal and looked at it carefully because the thing it had inside now became the most expensive thing I have.

Inside the fist-sized purple crystal, there is a dark purple drop the size of the normal water droplet. It looks like a drop of dark purple blood, and if one looked at carefully with the magnifying gla.s.s, they would see very, very tiny lightning arcs slithering throughout the dark purple drop.

This is a lightning Essence but not a normal lightning essence but an Astral Lightning Essence, which is a hundred thousand times more powerful and rare than normal lightning essence.

Normal Lightning Essence was enough to make a king level powerhouse to disappear if he dared so much to touch it directly, but this is an Astral Lightning Essence. I think only a few people in this world exist who have touched this essence and survive.

I would have very much preferred it if I had found Fire Essence; even the lowest grade most diluted would have been fine, but alas, I got a Lightning one. I observed it for a while before I placed it inside my storage ring carefully.

This Lightning Essence may be powerful enough to vaporize hundreds of Cities at once, but it is not an unstable element, as long as I don't tinker and store properly it will be fine.

I did not find that mysterious Life Extraction Art from the Scarlet Eyed Hyenaman storage, but I have found something else valuable. However, I don't think this Lighting Essense is as Valuable as that Mysterious Art; it is still enough to lift my down mood.

After calming myself, I opened the first storage of Golden Elite, and just as I did, my mouth wide opened and couldn't close for a while.

"A Storage of the Golden Elite," I muttered as the things inside it are completely different levels than storage I found till now. Though there is nothing much useful to me, the things inside it are on an entirely different level than the other storages I have found till now, and this is the storage of One Star Golden Elite.

I am sure as I continue sorting the storages, I will find something useful as in one of the storages.


What I had said held, in the secondary storage, I found a very rare flower called Scargrow Peony; it is a plant that is higher level than the Yellow Thorn Peaches I had.

It can be made into a strengthening potion, and luckily I had all the ingredients I need, I am very sure that drinking it, I will be able to reach the peak of One Star Golden Elite without any problem and that will make me capable of fighting Peak Three Star Golden Elites.

I did not think that Battle so many dreaded would become a source of lucky encounters for me.