Monster Integration - Chapter 805 Mistaken

Chapter 805 Mistaken

I activated my abode into the empty s.p.a.ce and walked in, the first thing I did was throw lots of snacks packets, Ashlyn, as she had been feeling very hungry and went into the bathroom for a shower.

When I came back from the shower, I noticed all the snacks packets had disappeared, I was surprised at first seeing that as I had given her a lot of snacks, but soon I shook my head as this glutton not only made the snacks disappear but also their wrappers.

I did not think about it further as I started to cook a simple meal. I am feeling very sleepy right now and also very hungry but not for the detest I've developed for the packaged food, I would have eaten it and slept finally.

Twenty minutes later, I finished cooking the meal, which I ate with Ashlyn before I went to the room to sleep.

When I woke up, it was late morning, and I felt completely refreshed. Not a speck of tiredness could be seen on my face, but I felt very lonely. These past few days I would always wake up with Rachel in my Embrace, but today I am all alone.

It took awhile for me to come out of my melancholic mood, but I did and directly went to the freshened up before I started to cook dinner for Ashlyn and me and unlike last night's which I cooked in a hurry, today's meal was not hurried at all.

Today's meal could be said to be special as it could only be eaten by the Golden Elite, if others ate it, they would directly explode even normal one-star elite might die if they are not able to digest the explosive energy released from the meal.

It had not only the very powerful monsters meat but also scarce herbs that of various properties, and on top of that, I had sprinkled the dusk of the medicinal monster core's dust on it.

This recipe of the meal, I have modified, so the dish could be eaten by Golden Elite rather than the white elite for which it was written.

When the lunch was finally cooked, it smelled heavenly; it smelled so good that Ashlyn wanted to eat directly from the pot. To stop, I had to summon out my totem artifact, and only with the aid of the strength it provided, I was able to stop her.

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn chirped impatiently when I was making the final arrangement in the side dish, it was her third time in a minute chirping at me saying I should just give her the main dish to eat.

"Wait for five minutes, Ashlyn," I said while continuing with cooking; she chirped angrily before she sat on the table, looking at the plate in front of her hungrily.

Five minutes later, I served the dish and Ashlyn without waiting started to gobble everything in her place, she did not care about it being, or it should be eating with special sauce i've created, she began to eat directly without listening to any word from me.

"Hmm, Delicious."

I muttered just after I took the first bite; it had become delicious. It is by far the most delicious meal I've ever cooked or eaten; it had become so perfect that I started to eat like Ashlyn.

It is a good thing I have recorded everything, with it I could recreate the dish. I wanted to eat it with Rachel. I am very sure she will love it as much as Ashlyn and I love it.


I had just finished my plate and about to take a second when I suddenly felt immense heat rising from my body very quickly, seeing that I couldn't help but curse as I quickly got out of the kitchen table and ran toward the training room.

Tear Tear!

As I reached the training room, I tore away the clothes I was wearing except for my underwear and started practicing Body Cleansing Exercise as this is the only thing that could save me from the very life-threatening heat rising from my body.

'I've grossly mistaken the medicinal energy contained in those herbs!' I said in my mind; it is my first time using such high level herbs in my cooking, I had thought I would be able to handle the medicinal energy coming from them but seeing the medicinal energy, it looks like I grossly under calculated the medicinal energy contained in them.

I am in a perilous situation as miscalculation was quite a bit, and I have to call Nero back outside quickly, only he will be able to save me from such an intense amount of energy.

This is very grave and idiotic mistake ive made, Ive never have guessed the medicinal energy of the herbs of the Grade that Ive never used before. If I survived, then I will remember this lesson my whole life.

Time pa.s.sed by, and heat in my body kept increasing till it made my body Golden Elite which has a very strong const.i.tution red like a shrimp. It was a good thing I had had such a strong const.i.tution that was able to give me some time to perform Body Cleansing Technique.

If it had been another One Star Golden Elite in my place, they would not be able to bear this terrifying amount of energy before blasting into pieces.

I a, swiftly performing Body Cleansing Technique but I am still slower than normal, due to my sudden increase in strength my body had not got used to it on a deeper level, I had to have too few times before my body got used to the new strength it had suddenly gained.

Normally, I would have no problem with it, but currently, I am in the juncture of life and death where a second of delay could blast me to smithereens, I would have wished to not come across such a problem in my current condition.

I continued to perform, even when every hole in my body started to bleed and cracks started to form on my form which I could smell the refres.h.i.+ng smell of medicine, it is such a beautiful smell at the normal time, but now I feel like it is the smell of death.

Time pa.s.sed by, and finally, when the body was about to reach the limit, Nero came out and started to eat the energy at an even faster speed than before.

When I looked at the Nero, I understood why its speed had grown. The mutation marks on his body had reached 20% from 10%. I do not have to think about the reason for that, the mutation due to the multicolored energy I had sucked from the Grimm Monster.

One part of that energy had gone to Ashlyn and Nero, while the part that went Ashlyn had increased her strength while the part that went to Nero had increased his strength.

Time pa.s.sed by as Nero kept guzzling the energy; at first, when Nero came out, my condition had been controlled,d but with pa.s.sing the time, it started to stabilize until now it completely stabilized as my body had completely digested all I ate and stopped producing any more medicinal energy.