Monster Integration - Chapter 802 Power IV

Chapter 802 Power IV


It roared, and I felt its aura start to rise rapidly, seeing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. I had to tease for more than ten times for more than half an hour till it did this finally.

One and half an hour pa.s.sed since out battle started, and ten minutes ago, I've become capable enough to kill it in the single move, but I did not, I wanted to squeeze last bit of benefits from it and that it is over-drafting the Occult energy.


I once again entered the edge of life and death as its power increased and started to fight with a smile on my face, but I did not do that as would be me inviting trouble to myself.

While fighting, the senses of many Golden Elites scanning over me and some of them were powerful enough to kill me from a long-distance, so if I laugh madly while fighting these monsters, I will surely attract them which I did not want to do.

So, all I can do is paste a smile on my face to show how happy I am feeling while fighting on the edge of life and death.


Finally, after ten whole minutes, I pierced my sword into the chest of Frost Oxman, I squeezed all the benefits I could from this Grimm Monster, and there was no need to keep fighting against it anymore.

As I pierced my sword through its body, a quick change started to occur. Its healthy body started to weather at a rapid pace, and its skin also turning grey with wrinkles appeared on its body.

In just half a minute, a healthy young Grimm Monsters had turned into a sickly looking old Grimm Monster. It was a powerful Three Star Golden Elite, but with ten minutes of Over Drafting of the Occult Method, it had become like this.

I couldn't help but shudder when I looked at Grimm Monsters and reminded myself that to never overdraft Occult Energy unless it is necessary.


Sighing, I put away the body of the monster, feeling regretful that I would not be able to harvest much Mana Crystals from it. Well, I could always find another Three Star Elite to fight.

After fighting this Frost Oxman, I have become confident in fighting and killing any normal Three Star Golden Elite Grimm Monsters, only those near Peak and close to Peak would be a problem.


I was planning on taking a rest for a few minutes before fighting again when suddenly, I felt killing intent locked me, and when I looked toward it, I found Grimm Monster coming toward me speedily.

It looked to be from the Gatorman Tribe, but from which Gateroman tribe, I won't be able to identify it quite far.

Seeing it coming toward me, I amplified my range though the artifact extended my field, and a few seconds later, it entered my range I was able to sense its battle power and sighed in relief seeing it is Three Star Golden Elite.

It is Gatorman from the Black Armor Gatormen tribe, they are exceptionally fierce and very hard to deal with due to their powerful natural defense and this monster-like to eat their opponent whole in the middle of the Combat.

This Gatorman is about six meters tall and has brittle black scales throughout its body and big mouth, which could easily build an adult human. Seeing its mouth, I could understand why it can gobble up the whole humans during the battle.

"Delicious Human became ready to be my food!:"'

The Grimm Monster did not waste any time in stopping came full momentum and only spoke a short sentence before it swung a six-meter long th.o.r.n.y club at me.


I couldn't help but sigh looking at the fearful club that was coming at me, it hadn't been full minutes since I finished the fight, but another Grimm Monster came at me for a fight.

I really wanted rest, just two or three minutes would have been enough for me, but now this Black Armor Gatorman came, so I only take a rest after Killed.


My sword clashed against its club and not a shake produced in my body, this shocked the monster to the core, which is probably expecting me to shoot back like a deflated balloon.

This monster has similar power as the Frost Oxman I had just fought, so I don't have fear against it, and if my luck is right, then I might be even able to finish it within half an hour.

"You ar"

I cut off its sentences as I launched the attack and seeing its power, it had scrambled quickly to defend, I had come very close to killing it in the first attack of mine, but Black Armor Gatorman was sharp and defended it somehow.


It cursed, but I am in no mood to reply, I just want to kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d of the Grimm Monsters quickly as possible, so I could move onto the another Grimm Monster that is more challenging than it.

Clang Clang Clang…

Our weapons kept clas.h.i.+ng at the blurring speed, the speed of my sword so great that Black Armor Gatorman had completely gone on the defensive, not daring to launch an attack against me and as it nearly lost its life doing that.

If not for its tail coming in between, I would have pierced its chest by them, but f.u.c.ker has a very agile whip-like tail that is very fast, it had saved it from my attack at the last moment.

Time pa.s.sed by and ten minutes pa.s.sed since we had started fighting, the Black Armor Gatorman I am fighting against had reached its last leg, except for not using its Mystic Method, it used everything it had under its a.r.s.enal.

Looking at how it is not using its Mystic Method despite being in the desperate straits, I don't think it had the offensive type Mystic Method; otherwise, it had used that by now, and the same goes for the speed and strength type Mystic Method.

That left only one choice, and that is a defensive type Mystic Method. I am sure it has a defensive type method; otherwise, seeing how times my sword close to touching its skin, it would have a runway, but it is quite carefree.

It is fighting me with a calm mind as if it is not worried; I will be able to pierce its skin. Well, let it think that, once my sword touches its skin, it will know, no matter how good its defensive skill is, in front of me, it is nothing but paper.

Five more minutes pa.s.sed, and there is no change in my offensive in view of Black Armor Gatorman; I am still trying to slash on its body as I was five minutes ago, but to me, a big change had occurred as now I could kill it.

But Intentionally maintained the pace of my offensive, making it my limit while I studied its combat style more till I became sure I would kill it any time.

Suddenly I leaped at Black Armor Gatorman, expertly avoiding its thorn club by inch and moved toward its chest, seeing me coming at it, it tensed a little and whipped its tail at me.

Seeing that smile appeared on my face as I twirl in the air, avoiding the tail by centimeter. Black Armor Gatorman completely panicked a little and immediately activated its defensive skill.

A smile on my face became brighter, seeing that as a thick cloud of black sand covered my sword when it just inches away from its chest and moment later effortlessly pierced through its chest like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter without feeling any resistance.