Monster Integration - Chapter 801 Power III

Chapter 801 Power III

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d looks like I've underestimated you too much!" Frost Oxman said angrily when it finally realized its mistake and attacked me in its rage.

This Grimm Monster is quite an idiot, it had been fifteen minutes since our battle had started, but it had not started to use its fill power till now. In fifteen minutes, I've experienced hundreds of attacks from it and got a good idea about the battle.

If it had attacked me with its full strength from the beginning, it would have forced me to run away, but now after fifteen minutes, there is no way in h.e.l.l I am going to the runway. With enough time, I had full confidence that I could kill this Grimm Monster.

CLANG! Step Step Step…

Our weapons clashed, and I felt intense shock traveling through my body and had to take three steps back to mitigate the force.

Till now, in all of its attacks, I would take uncontrollable steps back, but this time I had just made a three-step back, and there is also not blood coming out of my mouth. This shocked the h.e.l.l of out of Frost Oxman as it is looking at me like some dumb monster.

"How?" It asked in confusion but soon realized its mistake and glared at me angrily.

"You Oxmen are dumb as they say, you guys have your brain in your knees." I mocked instead of answering its question and what I said is the truth, the research showed that Oxmen is one of the dumbest Grimm Monsters and are one of easiest to anger, and that is what I am going for.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" It roared as its blue eyes turned red scarlet seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face. The Oxman tribe is dumb as they say as with the slightest provocation, this dumb monster went into a frenzy.


It attacked me with its full power that I was barely able to stop myself from flying away, this Frost Oxman may not have much brain, but it sure has some brawl.


It started to attack me like crazy, not giving me an even second of rest, each attack of it would feel like a dump of an Ice bucket on the kindle of fire, it is very difficult to bear its mad onslaught, but I will have to bear it for a while.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed since it went into a frenzy, and it is still attacking me like crazy, and this f.u.c.ker had even broken its limit as the power of its attacks ate now far greater than what it was previously.

While it made progress, I too made progress, under the constant attacks of it, I got better control over my new power and was wielding it properly and also feeling I am advancing.

'It looks like my decision was right using my Totem Artifact from the start is right.' I thought most people did not use their Totem Artifact from the start, they keep it as their trump card, but I did not follow that strategy.

Though that strategy is very good and safe, one could not make faster progress through it.

I from the start started using my Totem Artifact in battle, it is a dangerous strategy as I will not have any trump card when a strong enemy appears, but I preferred it this way.

From the start, I will fight the enemies that are stronger than me better than me and have great experience in fighting, only fighting such enemies would I be able to move faster.

In this fight, I had finally felt that my comprehension of Greatsword had reached equal to that of a light sword, and now I have to improve again to surpa.s.s the level I am.


'Finally!' I muttered in my mouth as for this moment while facing this Frost Oxman, I will not have to take a step back, I can fight against it on the equal ground without taking a step back, and that thought is making me excited as now I could confidently say that I will be able to kill it within an hour.

"Come on, you big DUMBa.s.s!" I said loudly to the Frost Oxman as I proactively attacked it.

"Human Die!"

Even in a frenzy, it understood my meaning and roared at me before a s.h.i.+ny white layer covered it, and its speed increased suddenly, it became so fast that I could only see afterimages of it.


I couldn't help but mutter in my eyes as I closed my eyes, I had called it 'Dumba.s.s' to provoke it a little, I had not thought with the slight provocation on mine, it would become this angry that it would directly use its Mystic Method.

'Well, it would have used it later anyhow.' I said as I swung my sword at the blurry figure coming at me. It is impossible to see its figure through the normal eyes; I had to use the scarlet vision of the Killing Rule to see it.


I've never swung my sword this fast in my life, the Mystic Method it used is very good, not only has it increased its running speed but also its body speed, even with scarlet vision, I am having a problem dealing with the near-invisible attacks of it.

"Die Die Die…"

Few minutes after activating its Mystic Method, it started to shout at me madly while attacking as no matter what it tried, it was not able to do anything to me.

"Dumb Ox, is this all you can do." I teased Grimm Monster again; when it first activated the Speed Type Mystic Method, I became quite worried as it had become extremely dangerous for me, but as time pa.s.sed, I unknowingly started to enjoy the battle.

This Frost Oxman is giving surprises after surprises; just when I thought it is reaching its limit, it would dig out whatever power it had in its body. Such battle is amazing; it is not only making me compatible with my soul and body, which suddenly became powerful but also helping me improve my combat style.

This opponent is simply perfect for me, as is not not only fighting with strength but also with speed, after fighting such an opponent, I don't think killing a normal Three Star Golden Elite would be any problem for me.

"You Oxmen do have a brain smaller than a bean, no wonder other Grimm Monsters called your tribe a bean brain tribe." I mocked it again after some time. It had become my pattern to mock it after every few minutes when I got adjusted to its power, so it could bring out strength that was hidden in it.

I know it is extremely dangerous and on a miss by me, and I would be cut into two without realizing it, but it is important for me to fight it; I feel like I am improving at the visible pace.

One could barely come across such chances, and now I have come across it, I want to squeeze all the benefits out of it, till it can't give me any more benefits.