Monster Integration - Chapter 803 Retrea

Chapter 803 Retrea

I put away the body of Grimm Monsters and started to look around for the Grimm Monsters to fight. On the Outskirts of the Battlefield, only One Star to Three Star Golden Elites are present, so I did not have to work much hard to find my next opponent.

I chose my opponent and slowly moved toward it, taking a slight rest I need. The battlefield is huge, and some weak Golden Elites tried to block me away, but all of them were killed within a minute as they were One Star and Two Star Golden Elite.

Sometime later, I reached the Three Star Golden Elite, which was quite stronger than the previous Golden Elite I've fought and started to fight it.

As such, eight hours had pa.s.sed, and I have to say we humans have gotten a big edge in the Battle. Morale is high, and due to it, people are slaughtering Grimm Monsters like chickens, it would take an hour two most for people down to slaughter most of Grimm Monsters.

Though we are gaining the victory, it came with the steep price. Fighting the Grimm Monsters, we have lost thousands of people of ours and lose it some more as we continue.

War is hard and cruel, but it is a necessity. We fight to protect our loved ones, our home, and the world we live in and continue to fight till there is not a single Grimm Monsters left.

"Follow Them, Leave Not A Single One Alive!"

Shouted girl in Red Armors three hours later as Grimm Monsters finally commanded retreat. The Grimm Monsters are beaten badly, they have about two hundred thousand people, but now less than Twenty Thousand have remained, it is the same for the Golden Elites, they have brought more than a thousand Golden Elite, but less than four hundred have remained.

The only Grimm Monsters that hadn't died are Platinums, not a single one of them died on both sides. We would have been able to kill one or two Platinum if we had one or two Platinums more.

We only have five Guild leaders who were fighting against the Thirteen Enemy Grimm Monsters. All their energy had gone to holding back all the enemy Platinums; it is our luck that we did not lose any Guild Leader despite then fighting with such colossal disparity.


I finally killed the Grimm Monsters I had been fighting for forty-five minutes, I could have killed it twenty minutes ago, but I did not as I did not want to attract the attention of stronger Golden Elites.

In the thirteen hours since I've become Golden Elite, I have only killed Nine Three Star Golden Elites. I could have able to kill the double numbers, but that would have definitely attracted the unwanted eye, which I do not want, but now that Grimm Monsters are retreating, I don't have to focus on such things.

This time all the Grimm Monsters are focused on running away as humans are h.e.l.l-bent on killing them, so they will have no time to worry about someone weaker than them getting slaughtered.


I created a small bang as I flew at my greatest speed toward the Three Star Elite Werewolf, it is quite weak, but the weaker ones are one I am searching as we have to kill maximum Grimm Monsters and which means going after stronger ones will only waste time.

Seeing me coming at it speedily, the Three Star Golden Elite werewolf got scared and flew faster, but it was no use as I am faster than it, and soon, I reached near it and attacked.


My sword pierced through its back, it had tried to defend activating its Mystic Method, but I avoided it by inches before piercing my sword through its chest.

The attack of Werewolf was very dangerous, and when I dodged without using any ability of mine, I had thought I would die by it and ready to use my mystic method at the last moment, but fortunately, I did not have to.

In the past thirteen hours, I have already used my Mystic Method seven times, and now I could use it only six times more. I did not use it on the Grimm Monsters because I wanted to keep it as self-preservation in case I came under the attack of some strong Grimm Monster.

Which is why I did not use it and only use it when my life is in danger.

I kept killing one Grimm Monster after another, but most of them were One Star Golden Elite and Two Star Golden Elite as they are the easiest to kill and while Three Star Golden Elites are hardest.

So, I am killing whatever Golden Elites my eyes fell on without caring at what star they are, and that is applied to One to Three Star Golden Elites, as for those above, I strictly maintain a distance between us as I know very well that a simple attack from Four Star Golden Elite or above has the power to kill me.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon we reached Mariana Hill's, and seeing Marianna Hill's humans have become even wilder. For this place, they have fought numerous battles, and today's battle had produced a Golden Chance for them to take back this territory, how can they not become wilder.

Screams of Grimm Monsters started to ring out from the Mariana hills; whether they are on the ground or above in the air, humans have begun to attack madly, they did not seem to care how tired they have or how many injuries they have on their bodies, their only Focus is the Grimm Monsters that they have to kill.

The leaders who were just focused on defending till now also upped their attack, but their luck is not that good as the leaders Grimm Monsters calmly responded, they are the most robust existence in the battle, they did not need to run away madly.

They only wanted to cover the retreat of other Grimm Monsters, but they were not able to that the Guild Leader would thwart any attempts, and Forefront of that is a small girl in red Armor.

She is alone handling five Grimm Monsters, though one could see Gruesome injuries of her body appearing every second, they are not serious as each injury she had received is on non vital part, there is no single attack of the Grimm Monsters that had hit Vital part of hers.

I, too, did not hold back anything and started to kill the Grimm Monsters in a frenzy and even use my Mystic Method two times to kill the Two Three Star Golden Elites.

These two golden elites were exceptionally strong, even for me, I had to take a high risk to kill them and had gotten very serious injury, if not for my const.i.tution giving me a few seconds of relief, I would have surely died.

Since that moment, I calmed down a little and did not let the mood of those around me affect me; in those moments, I unconsciously got affected by thick killing intent around me and took risks that were too threatening to me.