Monster Integration - Chapter 763 Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone II

Chapter 763 Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone II

"Se... Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stones!"

I said with a shaking voice as I looked at the two thumbnail size three colored rocks, I looked at it unbelievably and also pinched it a little to be sure it is what I think it is.

When I pinched them, instead of feeling hard as one would think to look at them would guess, they felt soft. Seeing that I heaved a sigh of relief before a big smile came across my face, it is a real deal!

I observed the two small stones for a while before I tapped a few b.u.t.tons on the Runic disk and started to watch the harvesting process of the Horned Dogman. As I looked at it, I saw everything going normal until the harvesting reached its horn.

Their runic disc felt some resistance, it increased its harvesting power, and the horn slowly started to disintegrate, leaving two small three colored stones.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d must have found a quite big piece of Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone," I muttered as I watched the process.

Looking at the whole process, I could tell that Horned Dogman had a.s.similated a big piece of Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone in its horn, and the two pieces I found were parts it wasn't able to refine completely.

It must have a.s.similated Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone very recently; otherwise, I would not have been able to get even these two tiny stones.

It has also become apparent how it was able to track me; most people know that Horned Dogman had an exceptional sense of smell, but they don't know about its sense of soul.

It has the ability to sense the soul also, but this ability is very weak, weak to the point it is completely useless in tracking as it barely had the range of one meter, but that had changed when it had a.s.similated Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone.

By a.s.similating Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, its soul sensory ability became so strong that it was able to pick the soul aura of its brother on my residual aura and easily able to track me despite me covering myself with the thick killing energy.

These tiny stones are called Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, these are Natural Treasures of Sensory type. These stones have only one function, and that is to amplify sensory abilities.

It can amplify any sensory ability, and that is why it is a perfect thing for Ashlyn and me, it will help both of us by leaps and bounds.

"Ashlyn collects all the Grimm Monsters bodies and finds a safe place for us to set up and abode," I said to Ashlyn after I collected the body of Grimm Monster in a runic disk before giving it, Ashlyn.

Chew Chew…

She chirped lightly and flew away while I transmitted the killing energy into the stones before covering myself with it.

With the help of Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, I've enhanced my sensory protection, those below Golden Elite would not even sense me even if I was standing behind them, even Golden Elites would not catch me if they are casually surveying the area with their senses.

These stones had made me invisible in the sense of others ; as long as I am sneaky, no one will be able to sense me.

This is just starting, once I reach the city. I will craft a runic band for it, which will enhance its powers even more further.

This thing not only could help me stay invisible, but it could also help me expand my sensory range, and with it, I will be able to sense the battle power of those whom I could not sense before.

There are many sensory applications of it, as I tested it one by one, I got more and more and more happy. The thing that made me most happy was my sensory range, it had doubled, and also I could now sense the battle power of those who entered my range even more perfectly.

Chew Chew…

Time pa.s.sed by, and fifteen minutes later, Ashlyn returned with the good news, saying she had found a perfect spot of setting up abode. With her saying it, I slowly walked toward the direction she had given.

There is still a lot of weakness in my body, I am so weak that I could not even run, so I had to walk toward our destination, It was a good thing I had Ashlyn with me who cleared away all the Grimm Monsters that came in our way.

Forty-five minutes later, we entered a very well hidden small valley, satisfied with the location, I did not wait for even a second to set up an abode but instead of setting it above the ground, I had set it below it ground.

I did that because it is still a day and underground offers more stealth, it's just that the size of the abode has to be small. If it is big, then it will be easily sensed by the Grimm Monsters.

Seeing the abode fully set up, I went inside the abode, and the first thing I did was to go to shower as my clothes are completely torn, and there is a layer of blood in my body, after coming out of the shower, I directly went to the practice room and rested.

I rested for more than one hour till I I felt like myself again, only then I closed my eyes and started to refine my mana and fill my Runic Lily.

This is the last thing I want to do, but I have to as what I am going to do later is going to incapacitate Ashlyn for a while, so I want to be at my peak when Ashlyn is defenseless, so I could protect her and myself if something bad had happened.

I refined grey energy till the evening and only stopped when my mana storage filled to the brim again and runic lily was fully charged, I can now become capable of using my mystic method again.

After I have finished refining grey energy, I take out a bunch of stuff and start making formation ink; I used the best materials like Origin Water and rare to make it. Soon I finished with the formation Ink and started to use it to draw the formation on the floor.

The formation is quite complicated and took me one and a half hours to draw completely.

The formation I've drawn on the floor is called a.s.similation formation, it drew it because I am using one Sensory Modulation Tri-Colored Stone for Ashlyn to a.s.similate in herself.

It is quite regrettable that I can't a.s.similate the Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone in myself and have it used as the Artifact. It would have been amazing if I had been able to a.s.similate the Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone in myself.

"Ashlyn sit here and activated the formation with you, mana!" I said to Ashlyn as I placed the Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone on its place in the formation.

Chew Chew…

Hearing what I said, Ashlyn chirped happily before she flew into the place in the formation I told her to and sat on it before she activated her formation with her energy.