Monster Integration - Chapter 764 Assimilation

Chapter 764 Assimilation

The formation lit up brightly as Ashlyn added her energy in it, and a few seconds later, runes started to flow toward Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone before covering it entirely. After the stone completely covered in runes, the stone slowly began to flow toward Ashlyn before it appeared in front of her tiny little head.

As it appeared in front of her, the stone started to move closer and closer and till it touched the Red tear on its forehead. As it touched the red tear, the Runes began to flow toward the red tear.

Seeing everything is going well, I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief, with this stone a.s.similating in her, her sensory power will skyrocket, the sensory enhancements will be very great.



I was in my thoughts when I heard the slight buzz, and when I looked ahead, I couldn't help but be shocked by what I saw.

The Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone which had touched the red tear on Ashlynn's for head had moved away from it and now floating in the center of the formation.

But that's not what made me shocked, the thing that made me the shock was that runes, they are changing, these normal Runes have somehow transformed to the Ancient Runes.

Not only Runes on the Stone are changing, but the Runes on the formation are also evolving. Learning a lesson from my previous encounter, I did not look directly at the runes instead focused on the spot that is not covered in the Ancient Runes.

Within minutes, all the Runes had transformed into the Ancient Runes, and now the Ancient Runes on the formation had started to float up toward the stones that were floating in the air.

The Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone already covered in the Ancient Rune, and these new runes that are going up from below are forming a coc.o.o.n over it. The coc.o.o.n is transparent just like the runes, so I could see what is happening inside.

Five minutes later, a palm size transparent coc.o.o.n had formed by the Ancient Runes, and now these ancient runes started to s.h.i.+ne brightly, which made it quite difficult to see what was happening, but I still saw something which made me realize what was happening.

If I am not wrong, then these Ancient Runes are purifying the Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, I have seen it completely melting inside the coc.o.o.n. It is clearly a refinement process.

Few seconds pa.s.sed and the coc.o.o.n became so bright that I wasn't able to see anything that was happening inside.

So, I turned to Ashlyn who now had her eyes closed and looked like she was sleeping. Earlier she had her eager eyes opened, but suddenly she went to sleep, seeing that, I couldn't help but shook my head.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed by as such when I saw Runes on the cac.o.o.n, losing s.h.i.+ne rapidly, and in just a few seconds, they completely disappeared. When they disappeared, black dust fell on the ground from the place they had been, but my focus is not on the dust but tiny Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone that is covered in even tiny ancient runes.

The thumbnail size Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone had now turned even smaller than a rice grain, it had reduced its size by more than twenty times, and that is not the only thing that had happened to it. The Three Color where it gets its name from have become so bright that now they are twinkling like gems.

Thumbnail size Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone has been refined, and what I see now is the essence of it. Seeing that tiny refined thing, I wish I had refined formation for the Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, it could have increased the power of the stone even more but unfortunately, I did not have such formation.

The tiny stone lay stationery on its place for a minute before it moved toward Ashlyn, and this time when it touched the red tear on Ashlyn's head, it melted on top of it before it started to seep inside.

The process seems to go without a hitch and I watched it with careful eyes if any problem occurred, which I don't think will, but if it occured, I will interfere and save Ashlyn.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and by the end of the minutes, the refined Sensory Modulation Tri-Colored Stone had completely seeped into the red tear on Ashlyn's forehead, which is now s.h.i.+ning faintly.

It kept s.h.i.+ning faintly for nearly fifteen minutes before it stopped, seeing that I knew the a.s.similation process was over. The a.s.similation had not brought any appearance vice change in the red crystalline tear on ashlyn's forehead as it had with the Horned Dogman whose horned which had turned to three colored like Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone.

Though there is no appearance vise change in Ashlyn, I am sure she had received a quite big sensory boost by a.s.similating refined Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone in her, and I can't wait to know about them but looked like I will have to wait for a little.

I left sleeping Ashlyn in the practice room and went to the kitchen to cook us dinner.

Chew Chew…

"Ashlyn, you woke up?" I said with surprise.

Ashlyn had slept nearly an hour; I had thought she would sleep for long, seeing her record of sleeping at least for a day when she had to digest something, I got quite surprised seeing her waking up quickly.

"What enhancements did you get by a.s.similating?" I asked. This time I did not bother to ask her about the Ancient Runes as I know what her answer would be, so I directly asked her about the enhancements she got.

Chew Chew Chew Chew…

She actively started explaining to me what she had received, and I am quite shocked hearing it.

Her range had increased three times, and now she could sense the battle power of others with more clarity, there are some other amazing things she had also received, one which she could amplify all the sensory abilities of killing Rule including the one that lets her hide from sense from others.

If I am not wrong, then if Ashlyn employed all the power of Killing Rule and Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, then she will even be able to hide from the Golden Elite even at close distance.

This Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone had come as G.o.d's grace, with it many things will become quite easier. The grade of This stone is quite good, so as long as I can advance my killing Rule, I will be able to amplify more power through it.

"Let's eat!"

I said after I finished asking her questions and started to eat with her, half an hour later, we finished the dinner, and I walked toward the practice room with Ashlyn in my hands.

I am holding her because, as usual, she ate till she was full and now did not even have the energy to fly. This little bird loves to eat so much that she would always incapacitate herself for food.

I placed Ashlyn beside me before taking out a molding tool from my storage and started to fas.h.i.+on it into a bracelet. I can't keep Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone in my hands forever, it is better than wear it as a bracelet, so I can use it without impeding my movements.

Soon, I finished fas.h.i.+oning the bracelet and fixed the Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone, now with the help of this bracelet; I will be near invisible in Mariana Hills.