Monster Integration - Chapter 762 Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone I

Chapter 762 Sensory Modulating Tri-Colored Stone I


I couldn't help but shake my head, seeing its sickly yellow body falling on the ground; I am not shaking my head because of pity but due to the loss of mana crystal. With it burning its potential, I would be lucky if I can get even half of the mana crystals I got from the Nine Star Elite, then I would consider myself lucky.


I was about to take out my runic d.i.c.k to store the Werewolfs body when I sensed something. Another Grimm Monster is coming, and this one is slightly stronger than these two Grimm Monsters I had killed.

I couldn't help but sigh seeing that and took out another Vigor berry and popped into my mouth, and with it, I also drank a potion made from White Grade Origin Water to make the process faster as the Grimm Monsters will appear within five seconds.

I did not bother with the werewolf below and closed my eyes in rest; I wanted to take some rest a little, even if that rest is only for a few seconds.

To be honest, I did not have to fight this fight, I could ask Ashlyn to fight it, and I am sure she will be able to kill this Grimm Monsters, but I did not. The more I fight, the better, I am planning on destroying the camps from tomorrow, and for that, I will need some fighting experience, so even if I come across a specially strong Nine Star Elite, I could hold my own against it without dying under its teeth.


Suddenly, I opened my eyes and swung my sword at my fastest speed as the Grimm Monster had launched the sneak attack. Its stealth was far far worse than that of Silver Tongue Mambaman but it makes up for that deficiency in Speed.

The Grimm Monster that had attacked me is Violet Striped Leopardman, one of the fastest Grimm Monsters in the continent.

Thud Thud!

The head and rest of the body of the Violet Striped Leopardman fell on the Ground with it, me, and my sword.

The battle with Violet Striped Leopardman was one of the most difficult battles i've ever fought. It not only had the inherent speed but also had the speed type Mystic Method.

I had fought against it for nearly three hours, and of that almost three hours, I had my eyes closed for more than two hours. As for why I had closed my eyes, it is because they were b.l.o.o.d.y useless against it.

Its speed was so d.a.m.n fast that I was not able to see it properly, and keeping eyes open was only confusing me even more. So I closed my eyes and became wholly dependent on the killing Rule for sensory perception.

In the fight against it, I've used all I had from the start, and that is including drinking the potions. In just the first few seconds, it had carved my body with the b.l.o.o.d.y slashes that if I had not used the healing medicine, I would not have survived against it even for a minute.

I like to challenge my limits to the extreme, but I am not a foolhardy idiot, once I saw its powers, I immediately changed my strategy and continued to use the potions throughout the fight.

To be honest, I did not think I was able to kill it, me killing it was a complete chance by luck. Just five minutes of fighting, I came to realise that killing this Grimm monster was beyond my league and completely went on the defense. I just wanted to become a c.o.c.kroach, which it can't kill so that it would give up on the fight and walk since I can't run away from it.

As it will be useless with the speed it has, I will be just giving it my undefended back for the attacks.

But this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was too adamant; it took killing me as the challenge, if not for it becoming too overconfident and making a mistake that even a rookie would not make, it would not have been killed by me.

Though I was able to kill it, I had paid the price for it; also, I had overdrafted the Occult energy and kept it in my body for more than ten seconds. Now that I released it, it made my body so weak that I now don't even have the energy to stand much less walk.

It's good that there are no Grimm Monsters in my vicinity right now; otherwise, if they had come, then I would have had to ask Ashlyn to fight them as I am currently in no condition to fight, I will need to rest for two hours before I could recover enough to fight.

Half an hour pa.s.sed before I finally got enough energy to move a little, so somehow able to sit properly compared to my previous position, which is facing dirt.

This half an hour was not as peaceful as I expected it would be, there were a couple of Grimm Monsters entered our range including one Nine Star Elite. It was good that I had Ashlyn, who was able to kill them all.

Compared to me; she had an easier time killing the Nine Star Elite and seeing that I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief and feel happy.

As long as we do not come across a powerhouse that is above Nine Star Silver Elite, then no one in Mariana Hill was able to stop us from destroying the camps and earning a s.h.i.+t load of merit points. I will destroy so much Grimm Monsters Camps that when I return, I will be directly promoted to first lieutenant, I thought jokingly.

Fifteen more minutes pa.s.sed before I opened my eyes and felt my body recovered enough energy that I could walk properly. The first thing I did was to wipe my mouth, which was covered in dirt when I fell earlier; I had fallen on my mouth; not only I had eaten some dirt, I had snorted some from my nose also, it was a bad experince.


After wiping the dirt off my mouth, I walked toward the Grimm monster and took out the runic disk from my storage to store the Grimm Monster and about to store the Grimm monster's body in it when I noticed a notification floating above the runic disk.

Feeling curious, I clicked it, and soon a few lines appeared above the runic disk, and when I read them, I couldn't help but get surprised by it. As it said that when it was harvesting the Horned Dogman, something came out of its body part, which it was not able to harvest.

The Grimm Monsters are foreign life that does not follow rules of our world, so we use Runic Disk and harvest mana crystals with the aid of the World, leaving nothing behind except off course clothes they are wearing and artifacts they are using.

So, coming across the body part that couldn't be harvested is quite a surprise, but it is not rare. 99% it happened due to an unrefined resource. The Grimm Monster uses some resources for its practice but wasn't able to a.s.similate it completely.

So when it is killed that unrefined resource isn't able to get harvested by the runic disk as it does not get fully a.s.similated into the Grimm Monster. Though I have not come across something like this before, twins have, they have told me about it when they have been in the Milfred.

Feeling curious, I immediately took out that unrefined resource, and when I looked at it, my eyes couldn't help but get wide opened and my weak body started to shake.