Monster Integration - Chapter 761 Dangerous Cocktail

Chapter 761 Dangerous Cocktail

Puh Puh Puh…

'f.u.c.k this b.a.s.t.a.r.ds attacks are tearing me apart!' I said in my mind as another attack had crashed into me and left me puking. It had been barely ten minutes since it had started using its Mystic Method, and I have already reached my last leg.

I am hanging on just through my sheer will and the prospect of challenging myself to the limit, that Dark Vein Hyenaman had given me quite a challenge but not like this werewolf.

It is h.e.l.l-bent on tearing me apart with those claws of its, launching one attack after attack, not giving me even a moment of relief; getting such injuries on my body, I just wanted to drink the healing medicine, but I did not.

I continued as I wanted to fight till I reached the real limit of my body, and also because of these severe injuries, I am having an easier time circulating the supreme combat exercise. I have already created the one Minor Seal.

Though the energy provided by the one Minor Seal is nothing but when I create ten and make the Amethyst seal out of them, it will give me a significant boost and strength thing is, i've heard that even Golden Elites practice the Supreme Combat Exercise.

So, there must be a profound reason why even the Golden Elites practiced the Supreme Combat Exercise when the power given by the Amethyst seal is nothing to them, which is why for the past few weeks, I've been giving extra attention to it, instead of practicing it on the sidelines.

"Your body is quite resilient, if other humans had been in your place, they would have been shredded within a minute of me using my Mystic Ability," I praised while attacking me furiously.

I did not care about the Grimm Monster praise, after praising me, it will say a few words about its grandness or eating me. I've heard that hundreds of times from the Grimm Monsters that I got quite bored with it.

"You must have gone through some lucky encounter to have such a resilient body; I once have eaten a human who had a quite abnormal body, it had given me quite benefits."

"I couldn't help wondering about the benefits I will get after eating you; your body seems ten times better than its." said and looked at me with a gaze that made me feel shudder from the core.

I've been looked at as food by many Grimm Monsters, and such a gaze has become quite reasonable for me, but when I looked at its gaze, I couldn't help but shudder and feel repulsed.

This werewolf would have eaten quite a number of humans to have such a hungry gaze, which made me want to kill it more. So I started to defend against its attack with even more fervor.

Ten minutes had already pa.s.sed and maximum it will be able to us its Mystic Method for 20 more minutes; if I survive twenty-minute more then I will not have a problem dealing it with it, and if it were able to increase its power which is beyond my limit, I would just crush the healing medicine I have in my teeth and instantly heal all my injuries.

Life is more important than the silly plan of testing the limit, I will follow that until my life is relatively safe, once it crosses that boundary, I will just eat the healing medicine.

With that plan, I continued, and such ten more minutes had pa.s.sed, and I could see fatigue appearing on its face due to the uses of Mystic Method, but it continued attacking me.

"Die Die Die, b.a.s.t.a.r.d why don't you just die!" After being unable to kill me for twenty minutes and fatigue that is appearing on its face due to the using Mystic Method, it had become frustrated and gone into a frenzy.

Now it is just attacking me instinctively, though in a frenzy its attack has become powerful, it had become quite dumb, with little use of my brain I could dodge and mitigate most of the attacks that came at me.

To be honest, I love it when Grimm Monsters went to frenzy, they became total idiots, and a person like me who had high sensory abilities could make good use of frenzy and kill the Grimm Monsters at the lowest time.

Time pa.s.sed and finally, ten more minutes had pa.s.sed, and now it had become completly pale, but it is still using its Mystic Skill, I thought it would return to regular feeling exertion in its body as this is the time most of the Grimm Monsters got their sanity back, but this monsters had some opposite, it raged again and done something even more idiotic than using Mystic Method more than its limit.

It had started sucking up occult energy uncontrollably on top of continuing using the mystic method. Though this the recipe of self suicide but Grimm Monster did it in its frenzy and became of that its power had increased tremendously.

It was a good thing that it is frenzy when it wields such power, if it had been sane with this much power then I would have tucked my tail and ran away as with such force, it would have been easily able to kill me.

Still, I am in quite a bad condition right now, though it has become an idiot, it is a powerful idiot that has immense power and is h.e.l.l-bent of killing me. I have survived a few powerful blows from the idiot, and my body has truly reached its limit; if I come across the attack that is more powerful than that, my body will collapse automatically.

I am trying my best to survive against its attacks, but it is hard, very hard. It has increased its power so much that surviving every second is a challenge itself, but I have no other option.

Time pa.s.sed and I had reached the brink of collapse and would drink the potion in a minute whether the fight is over or not as one minute is all I can handle before my body started collapsing; I was just in that thought when a sudden change occurred in the Werewolf.

The sword that is coming at me stopped on its way, and the yellow energy that has been covering it also started to fade. While one yellow was going away, another yellow was coming.

The already pale body of the werewolf started to turn sickly yellow from grey and s.h.i.+ne in its eyes is also fading fast, and that moment, I saw sanity returned to its eyes. It had the look of horror in its eyes when it realized what is happening to it.

It tried to stop is desperately, but it wasn't able to do anything to stop it, which made its eyes look even more desperate

The werewolf had struggled till the last moment of its life, but it was not able to stop its demise; eventually, all the s.h.i.+ne in its eyes had left, and so was the life in its body.

For power, it had burned the potential of its body completely if it had been just overuse of mystic method, it would have been able to survive, but it had also used the Occult Method top of that which is famous for burning up the potential.

With it using the c.o.c.ktail of two forbidden things, its fall is no surprise. The surprise is that it was able to last this long using that c.o.c.ktail, a human with the same power level would not half a time as Werewolf under the effect of such deadly c.o.c.ktail.