Monster Integration - 748 Chapter 748

748 Chapter 748

More than a day had pa.s.sed, and since I've obtained the Map from the Grimm Monster, and I continue on the things I set out to do.

There are too many Grimm Monsters in this area, at least three times more than found in the normal hunting grounds, and the powers of these Grimm Monsters are also very great.

They have the average strength of the Five Star Elite which is horrifying as it is just as average strength if one looks carefully they could find Six Star Silver Elite and Seven Star Silver every few minutes and Eight Star Silver Elites one to two times an hour and Nine Star Elite every few hours.

This is the level of powerhouses this area has, and this is not Mariana Hill; the Mariana hill is even more dangerous. According to the info the Guild has provided me, it is said that the average Strength of Grimm Monster in Mariana Hill is Seven Star Silver Elite, whereas here is Five Star Silver Elite.

This means I will casually find the Eight Star Silver Elite by just walking as I find Six Star Silver Elites now and Nine Star Silver Elites would not be that rare, and all these things make the Mariana Hill an extremely dangerous place.

It is a place where only Nine Star Silver Elite could have the semblance of safety while those below it have a walk on the edge of a sharp knife, as a slight mistake, and you will be cut into two by the knife itself.

This is why the Guild only sent Eight Star Elite and Nine Star Elite in the Mariana Hills while others will have to adventure outside.

Currently, I am not sure whether I should go to the Mariana hill tomorrow or wait for my strength to advance a little before going inside as Nine Star Elites and above pose a fatal threat to me.

I will decide on the night whether I should go inside or not, and before that, I should continue what I am doing.

I continue to walk on the hills and valleys and fight if I come across any strong Eight Star Elite. As for below them Ashlyn is fine; she could easily Kill any Grimm monster we have come across, including the Eight Star Silver Elite, the only thing I have to do is collect the bodies for the harvest.

Since yesterday, Ashlyn has killed more than three thousand Grimm Monsters, the greatest she has ever killed, and she mostly used the single attack to kill all these monsters.


I suddenly stopped and hid behind the tree, and a few minutes later, I saw a group of forty-something Grimm Monster, bringing a hundred something bound humans with them.

As they walk, I could see some Grimm Monsters whipping the humans quietly while humans bore it quietly without making a single sound, the only indication they have received an injury is the b.l.o.o.d.y wound on their back and silent tears rolling down their eyes.

Seeing such conditions, I wanted to go them and kill every Grimm Monsters cruelly as possible, but I did not; I stayed rooted on the spot watch them torture and eat members of my race cruelly.

I watched them powerlessly with the trembling body that is burning with killing intent and just wanted to bolt out of hiding place and murder the Grimm Monsters cruelly, but I did not; I stayed rooted in my place and watched everything silently as there is nothing I could do.

The one leading that group of Grimm Monster is Nine Star Elite, which I can not contend against; if I attacked them in my rage, then I will be throwing away my life, the Nine Star Elite would be able to kill me easily.

Such a scene is not common in the area, but they are also not rare, I have come across many of such groups of Grimm Monsters herding the humans like livestock.

Most of those teams I've exterminated, the only one I let go were the ones that were led by the Nine Star Silver Elites, like these.

I kept hiding for ten minutes before I dared to come out of my hiding place. The senses of Nine Star Elite are quite strong; if not for my body being covered in killing energy which saves me being detected, I would have surely fallen prey to the some Nine Star Elite by now.

Seeing the direction of mine and Nine Star Elite Grimm Monster was the same, I changed the route and started to walk into a different direction.

Few more hours pa.s.sed, and evening finally came, taking a look at my holowatch, I continued. I planned to continue an hour more before setting up the abode; tonight, I have an important decision to make.


Another half an hour pa.s.sed when I suddenly sensed some disturbance. Immediately, I concentrated in that direction, and scenes of what is happening started to appear in front of my eyes, and blazing anger couldn't help but appear in my eyes.

As I looked, I found fifty-something Grimm Monsters are thras.h.i.+ng the sixty-something humans mercilessly. As for why they are tras.h.i.+ng, it is quite simple, the humans had made a plan of escape, but they had grossly underestimated the Grimm Monsters powers.

I am wrong! I said to myself a few seconds later as I carefully looked at the expressions of the humans. The humans clearly knew the power of the Grimm Monsters and clearly knew the escape was impossible, but they still did it.

As for a reason, it is simple; they wanted to die like humans rather than livestock. They all are clearly aware of what is going to happen to them, and so they hatched the plan to escape to make the Grimm Monsters angry so that they will kill them in anger.

But unfortunately, nothing that sort had happened. The Grimm Monsters have clearly understood the plan of humans and are just tras.h.i.+ng them for punishment.

"Don't kill them, just incapacitate them!" I asked Ashlyn as she reached near the Grimm Monsters. This group is quite powerful as it has three Grimm Monster that are Eight Star Silver Elite.

The Two Eight Star Silver Elite is normal, but the leader is quite powerful, the most powerful Eight Star Elite i've seen and I want to fight it, so I had asked Ashlyn to incapacitate all the Grimm Monster's including the two Eight Star Silver Elite while leaving the leader for me to fight.

Chew Chew!

Ashly affirmed the instruction and flew high in the air, where she summoned loads of tiny fireb.a.l.l.s. To make the fireb.a.l.l.s powerful, she does not have to summon ma.s.sive fireb.a.l.l.s and then concentrate them into one small size.

She had other ways too, more nondescript ways, it's just that Ashlyn likes to put on a show and see the fear on the faces of her enemies when she made the huge fireb.a.l.l.s into a tiny one, watching them shuddering in fear gave her some sort of joy.

But this time, I wanted her to be stealthy as there is a powerful Eight Star Elite Grimm monster who might be able to save some of his minions if it got the indication of attack quickly.