Monster Integration - 747 Chapter 747

747 Chapter 747

When I unfolded the scroll, I had thought that I would see a map in neat lines and clear diagrams, seeing the workmans.h.i.+p of the scroll itself that is to be expected, but I did not see that.

I saw the f.u.c.king projection popping out of the Map when I unfurled it; it is very sharp and bright but not complete, just one look was enough to know that many parts missing from the map.

Well, it is to be expected, even after hundreds of years, the Trojan Ruin was never completely explored by both humans and Grimm Monsters.

It is a map of the region with its single line of text floating in the language of the Grimm Monsters. I immediately put my holowatch above it, and that text soon translated to Region 5, so this is the map of Region 5.

To translate the Grimm Monster text before I would have had to go to the Guild physically, but now I have with my access upgrades; I have not got software from the Guild, which would help me translate the basic text of the Grimm language.


I unconsciously used expanding motion to expand the map, I didn't think it would work as Grimm Monsters might use the other motion but to my surprise, it had accepted my motion, and the map became one-meter large.

Now I could Gorges, Mountains, River's, even more clearly and with their information popped out with the great details. I could even see very tiny cl.u.s.ters of buildings on the map.

I expanded the map once again, and just as I did that, the places on it got bigger, and new small things appeared with the name tag above them. I translated everything with my holowatch.

When I click on the names, I will get detailed on it. Some names had short details, while some other names will have full details under them; these details range from the size of the page or a small book.

Such detailing has shocked me as there is not the only information about the places, but there is information about what danger it contains and how one could avoid maximum danger by following some steps.

This is a crystallization of Knowledge of Grimm Monsters from the various trips they have made to the Trojan Ruin for hundreds of years. I could clearly read the accounts of Grimm Monsters in clear details.

Grimm Monsters are really something; they had played with such valuable knowledge in little compet.i.tion, one wrong mistake as such knowledge could easily land in the hands of the enemy.

The Grimm Monsters are sometimes really crazy in their doings, but I am not much surprised seeing them placing such information outside, it corresponds with their crazy nature.

Though this map may be true, it also could be false, and I do not believe it completely. They may have intentionally leaked the map, so I will study but will not believe it completely till I cross-checked with the map of us humans.

With my current access and power, I have no way to do that unless I increased my strength and access drastically which is nearly impossible, so the only way I have to wait till the Trojan Ruin appear, by that time I am very sure I will be Golden Elite and a powerful one at that and will be provided by the perfect map by the race automatically.

I continued to check the map, and soon I understood something, the places here are Grades in five Grade, Grade 5 is lowest while Grade 1 is highest. Each place grades, according to the fortune it could provide.

In half an hour, I have found places from Grade 5 to Grade 2 and was quite shocked about the resources they have. If I have such resources, I am very sure I would not even need a week to become a Golden elite, and I am just talking about Grade 5 resources, the lowest of all resources present in Trojan Ruin.

There are many Grade 2 to Grade 5 resource sites, but I have never seen the Grade 1 resource site even after an hour of browsing. Thinking I will browse in detail later when I expanded the map for the last time, and gaze fell on the place which had text in black color floating above it.

I am quite surprised seeing that as till now, I have never seen the text in black in any place, their many colors used in denoting places according to their Grades but never saw black, so when I saw the black, I felt excited and scanned that text with my holowatch.

"Blood Pool!"

I muttered as I read the text, and without waiting, I clicked on it, and soon a short text worth a single page appeared on it. When I translated it, I couldn't help but get surprised as the first words after the t.i.tle were the words of warning, strictly forbidding anyone to enter there without the proper preparations.

After that, it explained what the blood pool is in short detail, It is still in greater detail than what Grimm Monster explained to me. When I read it and used the knowledge I have from Knowledge crystal, I basically understood what sacred blood pool is and what it entails and why there is strict warning there.

To put simply, it is as the Grimm Monsters explained. Blood Pool is a special place formed from the blood of powerhouse, under the special conditions. What it said were half-truth and half lie.

There is not only blood involved in its forming but also the soul of an expert and some precious things that correspond to the conditions for forming the blood pool. Entering the Blood pool or going anywhere near it is very dangerous as that blood and soul contain the residual will of the original owner, the blood pool is made.

That Will is very chaotic, if one gets close to the Blood Pool without the preparations, not only find oneself going crazy but also become part of the Blood Pool.

And these are dangers that came when one came in contact with Blood Pool; there are other dangers as well that came before reaching the blood pool, which are equally dangerous.

If I enter the Trojan Ruin then I will surely stay away from the Blood Pools, even if one made adequate preparation, there is still quite a danger inside it, it is highly dangerous for humans with preparation but for the Grimm Monsters, it is an Optimal resource to increase their strength swiftly

The Chaotic will, which is the greatest danger for humans, is not much for them as they are immune to it. As long as they had made enough preparation, they could use the Blood Pools to increase their strengths by leaps and bounds.

No, wonder the Grimm Monsters are so crazy about the Blood Pools, thank G.o.d the Blood Pools have small numbers if there had been great numbers of them, then the Grimm Monsters would have brought the reign of terror in the Trojan Ruin.

I read the map for two hours before putting it into my storage; the map is so big that even a week would not be enough to study it completely. It is better that I put it in my storage for now and read when I have the time.