Monster Integration - Chapter 749 Bloody Battle I

Chapter 749 Bloody Battle I

The tiny fireb.a.l.l.s fell from the sky with the extreme accuracy and speed, and Grimm Monsters remained oblivious to them.

"Enemy attack from above!"

Suddenly the leader shouted when it suddenly noticed the points of silver slights are coming at the Extremely fast speed, but It was already too late, by the time everyone had registered its shout, it had already been very late.

The leader who if had noticed the fireball few second earlier would have been able to save some to its minions, but now it had no time as the maximum fireball is taking aim at it and sensing the threat from the fireball, the deader knew if a single fireball hit it, it will be very bad for it. Hence, it used everything against the fireb.a.l.l.s that are coming at it.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

The fireb.a.l.l.s reigned down on the Grimm Monsters like rain with then having no chance to defend against them. The only monsters who were able to defend against at least one fireball were the three Eight Star Silver Elite, but even in them, only the leader was barely able to successfully defend against all the fireb.a.l.l.s. At the same time, the other two Eight Star Silver Elites had many fireb.a.l.l.s seeping inside their skin.

Gina looked awestruck by such display of the power, but she soon noticed that those fireb.a.l.l.s did not do anything to Grimm monsters except for giving them the light burns.

All the hopes she had dashed apart seeing that, she had hoped someone had come to save them, but it looked like someone just played a funny trick on the Grimm Monsters.

"So gentlemen, how do you like my little show!"

Suddenly a voice range, it is clear and crisp, and unmistakably from the human, Gina looked high only to a young man with average looks walking down from the air, though he looked ordinary, his eyes were not. They were deep and mysterious, which attracted everyone who saw them.

He slowly walked from the air with Greatsword behind him and a chubby looking cute bird on his shoulder, which is looking at all the Grimm Monster with a mocking gaze, which is very easily noticeable as that chubby bird did not try to hide it.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare to play little tricks on us!" One of Eight Star Elites shouted and went toward the young man in the air. Gina looked at it and thought the young man would defend with the big sword of it but not; he did not do anything except looking at it with the same mocking smile as that of a little bird on his shoulder.


That young man muttered as the Grimm Monster reached in front of him and about to swing its blade at it.

"Ahhhhh…." Thud

Just as the young man uttered the word, the Grimm monster screamed loudly and fell on the ground and started rolling in pain, and while silver veins replaced the dark veins on its body.

The expression of the leader of Grimm Monsters twitched as it looked at me who appeared in front of it. For one second, I thought it would attack me seeing how angry it looked, but soon its expression calmed down, and it looked like its minion who was rolling on the ground with torturous pain.

"Don't try anything funny, the earlier attack of this friend here had seemed inside you, and if it wants, it can activate the power inside you to blast you apart." Reminded the Grimm monster to its minions.

"Friend, since you have shown your capability, I have no problem giving these friends to you if you take back your power from my friends."

"How about it, it's a peaceful solution without any fighting right?" said Grimm Monster with a smile on its face.

If these words were said by any other Grimm Monster, I might have believed them for a moment, but when the Hyenaman says it, I did not consider it, especially when they were spoken by the Dark Veins HyenaMan, they are one most vicious amongst the hyenamen tribe.

The Dark Vein Hyenmen tribe looked just like the command Hyenmen Tribe, they have the same dusty orange fur and dark spots but unlike the common Hyenamen Tribe, this Hynemen tribe had dark steely veins all over their body.

That is how they had got the name Dark Hyenman Tribe, and these steely dark veins are not just for the show, they are a highly defensive measure. They have high absorption properties, so if I attack the body of the Grimm Monster, then I should avoid hitting those dark veins as they will chip away some of the attack power.

"Sorry, I am planning to make this place for the burial ground of all of you," I said with a small smile.


Hearing that ferocious look appeared on the leader of the Grimm monster as it suddenly whipped its blade at me while shouting 'die'.

I had already sensed it was attacking before it attacked, which is why I took the sword off my back as the same and attacked its attack. However, the speed of my sword is a little less due to me not activating Swirling Armor, which is appearing in my body now; it will still be more than enough to counter its attack.


Its blade crashed against mine, and fearsome force came at me. I knew if it entered inside my body, it would wretch my internal and make me puke the blood, but fortunately, nothing of that sort had happened as just as it about to enter my body, the Swirling Armor fully materialized on me, neutralizing all fearsome force that is coming at me.

I am not the only one that came out unscathed by this exchange, the Hyenamn to, and like me, it had some help, and that is those dark steely veins on its body.

At the force of my sword transmitted inside the Grimm Monster, the veins on its body started to vibrate, and this vibration started to crush all the force that came at it.

The Dark Veins HyenaMan has one of the best natural defenses I've seen in Grimm Monster. It is the best at neutralizing the force attack; those unique vibrations could crush any force; the best way to defeat this Dark Vein Hyenaman would direct attack on its body, only with attacking its flesh, I will be able to kill it.

But would it be that easy, this Dark Vein Hyneman knew their weakness quite well, that is why they are trained in defensive combat style since they are little to use their advantage at maximum.

Clang Clang Clang…

The intense attacks started from the start; we both know that only one of us will leave here alive with the members of the rare. So, attacking it, I did not hold back, not only used the full power of my swirling Armor but also the Occult method.

The result of using all of them is showing, despite having fantastic natural force crus.h.i.+ng ability, it started to shake under my attacks, and it wouldn't take long for me to find the flaw in its fighting style and attack its body.