Monster Integration - 746 Chapter 746

746 Chapter 746

I had promised I would not kill it and I did as I promised, I have not lifted my hand killing it nor I asked Ashlyn to do it, she had killed this Thunder Bearman on her own.

"Good Girl!"

I patted her tiny little head lovingly as I stored the body of the Grimm Monster in the Runic Disk before I took out the Black Case from my storages. I did not open it directly as I started to get an uncomfortable feeling when I touched it.

From what Grimm Monster told, it said that their higher up had buried hundred such boxes across the Grimm Battlefield, and they were quite lucky to find one case since only Golden Elites were supposed to find it.

So, those higher up decided to place the Boxes across the Grimm Battlefield, they must have designed some fail-safe function in case it fell into the hands of humans, so I would be an idiot if I directly opened the box.

I will not open it; I will first find some weakling Grimm Monster and have it open the case, but before that, I have one last thing to do, and that is to collect the bodies of the Grimm Monsters.

The Two Eight Star Elites that these two monsters had killed before and Grimm Monsters that Ashlyn killed in the surrounding when I was fighting the two Grimm Monsters.

"You have killed quite a Grimm Monsters, Ashlyn!" I said, picked up the last monster she had killed. It had been barely an hour since I had asked her to kill all the Grimm Monster that came inside the range.

She had seemed to take my instruction too seriously as she had wiped out whole Groups of Grimm Monsters, she had really killed too many monsters, but I am not angry at her.

As long as she does it quietly as possible, I will not say anything. With us killing Grimm Monsters, we are saving at one human at the least by killing one Grimm Monster.

"I promised you, as long as I opened the case for me, I will not kill you!" I said to the trembling Grimm Monsters. Around it, there are bodies of fifty-something Grimm Monsters, and that is not the handiwork of Ashlyn but mine.

It had taken me quite a time to kill them, Ashly would have such a weak group of Grimm Monsters ten seconds while I took twenty as just to kill a bunch of Six Star Elite and below Grimm Monsters.

"You Pro..Promised" It said and tremblingly took the black case from my hand, with that done I had created some distance between us as there might be some funny thing involved in it.


It was a good thing; I had created sufficient distance as the Grimm Monster had started to open the case, the case lit up, and a very complicated array runic array structure had appeared on the box.

These runes on the array lit up brightly before they started flowing into the body of Grimm monsters, thankfully did not panic much and let the runes do its job.

Seeing that I couldn't help but praise my cautiousness if I had tried to open the box and that runes came over me, I am sure I would have been in the opposite condition than the Grimm Monster. Those bright runes would have strangled me to death.

The Runes stayed on the body of Grimm Monsters for full three minutes before they receded back to the case. I had thought with the identification process everything would be over, but the next moment, a s.h.i.+ny black ray swept out of the box at the amazingly high speed.

It came closer to me, and I thought It would come over me, but to my surprise, it did not, it came very very close to me before it receded.


I heaved a big sigh of relief as there was barely two inches of difference between me and that scanning ray. I had thought that ten meters distance between Grimm Monster and me would be more than enough, but it looked like it was just borderline enough, not more than enough.

"Take out the thing inside it!" I Said, which brought the Grimm Monster out of reverie, and it slowly was taken out the Scroll. The scroll is made of thin pure white leather; if one does not have good eyesight, they would think this is not leather but paper.


I was just looking at the leather when I sensed a spike of killing intent from the Grimm Monster and knew it had gone crazy and about to do something to scroll.

I knew it would do something crazy and take out my red sword for fast attacking, but in my heart I knew it would be too late as by the time my attack would reach it, I would have already done something to that scroll.

'f.u.c.k! I am such an idiot!' I should have planted a seed of Sunfire in its heart. If I had done that, I would have been able to blast apart its heart with a single intention.

There is no use over crying milk; I just hope that by the time my attack reaches it, it would not have damaged the map too much.


I was just launching the attack when I saw a tiny fireball hitting the head of Grimm Monster before it could do anything to the map.

"Thank G.o.d!"

I couldn't help but heaved a sigh of relief, seeing that, if the Grimm Monster would have damaged the map, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Good Girl!" I said as I petted Ashlyn loving and gave her sachet of her favorite snacks before I slowly walked toward the dead Grimm Monster.

When I looked at the face of the Grimm Monster, I found it was filled with an aggressive expression completely different from its expression of cowardice it had earlier.

It must have understood what the map is and Greed erupted in its heart, it probably wanted to threaten me with a map so that I could release it, but unfortunately, it died before it could even utter a single word.

I crouch down and pry the map of its hands; it is a good thing it is holding it lightly in fear of damaging it; if it had a strong grip, then I would have to cut its finger one to pry it open from the Grimm Monster's hand.

I was finally able to get the scroll off the Grimm monsters, and when I looked at it, I understood that I had a way too underestimated the craftsmans.h.i.+p of the Grimm Monsters.

The scroll is pure white and had a black handle, it had been made with great craftsmans.h.i.+p, and the most amazing thing about it is runes, there seemed to be elaborate runic formations carved on the map that looked very beautiful.

I observed the scroll and concentrated my killing rule on it fully, so I could see if it still posed the threat to me but after a few seconds, I did not sense any from it.


Seeing there is no threat, I completely unfurled the map, and what I saw on it had completely blown away my mind.