Monster Integration - 745 Chapter 745

745 Chapter 745


It started to scream as my attack fell on it, it had completely forgotten about the Occult Energy it was acc.u.mulating in its body and rolled on the ground in pain.

I already know the power of my Mystic method is a notch higher than most Mystic Method, so seeing it rolling on the ground is no surprise.

"Tell me about the case, and I will end the pain," I said to Thunder Bearman, who is rolling on the ground. The Grimm Monster seemed to have my question as its expression changed abruptly, hearing my question, but it chose to endure the pain rather than answering.

Seeing its behavior, I couldn't help but smile, it is resisting now but will not be for much longer, as the cosmic sand continues tearing it, it will feel more and more pain as time and it will eventually give up.

"It is not a nice behavior, I am asking you politely, you could at least say no verbally," I said with expression of anger but Grimm Monster had no time to see my tantrums as it is wholly focused on the pain.

I did not disturb it for a few seconds and looked at the behavior of the cosmic energy in its body. Normally Cosmic Energy does not give pain, it is a silent killer, but the Mystic Method option, so if I want to, I can make my enemy experience the pain of cosmic sand tearing through its body and soul.

"Are you ready to talk now?" I asked a few seconds later when its body started to show the a.s.sault of Cosmic sand, and its soul had also become quite feeble.

"I will tell you about it, but you have to let me go after that?" It had asked in a very feeble voice; it is very clear from its tone that it is having the problem speaking the words while feeling such immense pain.

"Sure!" I said and touched its body, and the pain it was feeling had instantly disappeared as the cosmic sand that is rampaging inside it has also become docile as a house pet.

The Grimm Monster stayed quiet for a while as if thinking of what to say and what to not, but a few seconds later, it eventually opened its mouth and started to talk.

"Inside the case is the map of One of Seven Region of Trojan Ruin, it marked not only the important places but also marked the locations of Sacred Blood Pools." It said.

When I heard it, I felt as if lightning struck against my ears, Trojan Ruin is the Most fruitful but also most dangerous Ruin that continent could connect to. From what I've heard, just to enter it, one needs to be Golden Elite.

It is an extremely dangerous Ruin that could make even Golden Elites lose their life easily, but if one can survive, then his power will surely soar.

I've heard that Ruin was a battlefield of the High-level powerhouses, not only one could find the things buried here and there, but those powerhouses that had survived that war had also left behind many good things. If one is able to find them, then one could easily become a powerhouse.

Though It has quite a while since the humans and Grimm Monsters are going to this Ruin, they were not able to scour it thoroughly and there are many and many places that are left to unearth.

It is true that Ruin has the immense fortune, and surviving there would make one a powerhouse, but from what I heard, this ruin is extremely dangerous and weird. It is said that many Bizzare things exist there that do not exist in our world.

I've only heard about all things; I don't know if it is true or not. I will have to look into it when I return, with my current qualifications, I might be able to get some information about it.

"What are the Sacred Blood Pools?" I asked. I have never heard this word before, but seeing how Grimm Monster specifically mentioned it, I couldn't help but get curious about it.

"The Sacred Blood Pools are formed by the blood of the dead expert under special conditions. If we practice inside it, not only would it help in changing our const.i.tution and talent, but we could also make huge progress inside it that surpa.s.sed one's imagination," Grimm Monster said.

When it said that I could feel intense fervor about it in the Grimm Monsters eyes, it's like if the Blood Pool thing appeared in front of this Grimm Monster, it would not hesitate a bit to dive inside it.

"There must be a method to practice inside the Blood Pool it right?" I asked. I could tell that this Grimm Monster is hiding many things from me, but I don't much care.

That map is of immense value; it will turn very useful to me when the Trojan Ruin will open.

"There is, but I do know it, the elders only transmit the day before entering the Ruin." It said, I am not sure whether it is telling the truth is not, and even if it was the method and told me, I would never have practiced it seeing it is coming from the mouth of the Grimm Monsters.

"Do You know exactly when the Trojan Ruin will open?" I asked. The Trojan Ruin opened once in every decade, but it did not have a fixed time. The higher stated that it would begin this year, but they never said when this year.

I hope it is before the Big Compet.i.tion, that way I would be able to increase my strength even more, it will be very useful to me in the compet.i.tions.

I've asked it many questions after that, some were completely unrelated to Ruin. These questions mainly related to camps in Mariana Hill, but as I kept hearing the answer, my mood continued to worsen due to the difficulty of destroying the Camp.

To destroy the Camp, I need to have the strength of at least Nine Star Silver Elite, without having such strength, it will be impossible for me to destroy the camps. If I went there with my current stage, then I would not get the chance to fight camp leader as its Minions would be enough to kill me.

"I have answered all your questions, would you let me go now?" It asked after a twenty meters intense question and answer session.

"Sure, you can go now," I said as I walked away from it, and it looked at me for a second, and after seeing me, I am not stopping it from leaving; it gets up and starts to run as fast as it can.

But it had just taken a couple of steps, it saw a tiny fireball coming at it at very fast speed. It is so fast that it did not even get a chance to defend against it.

"You!" Dhub!

That was its last word it uttered before the fireball of Ashlyn had seeped inside the head of the Thunder Bearman before it died.