Monster Integration - 742 Chapter 742

742 Chapter 742


I thought when I looked at the four Grimm Monsters fighting against each other; the Grimm monsters rarely fight each other, especially those from the different tribes. They stay away from each other and rarely talk in between them.

These Grimm monsters are fighting at the very secluded spot in the valley; if not for me expanding my senses, I would not have been able to find them as this place is even more secluded than the place I set up my abode.

Feeling curious, I stealthily walked close to the Grimm Monsters while covering myself with the thick killing energy. As I got close to them, I was able to get a close look at their surroundings and look and felt even more curious.

They seemed to have dug quite a huge hole, and took out a small stone case; I could see that besides the huge hole, there is a small blasck case, on which signs of dirt could still be seen on it.

That black case must be the thing they are fighting for, and looking at how furiously they are fighting, the thing inside the case must be very important.

I walked closer and closer and soon reached close enough that I could hear their sound of fighting clearly, the only regret is that I could not understand what they were talking about as they were talking in the Grimm Language.

Still, interest has arisen in my heart, and I wanted the thing they are fighting for, but I am no rush to fight these Grimm Monsters. I let them fight in between them and fight whoever the winner is.

Thinking that I jumped on the tree and found a comfortable spot for myself on its branch, all the four Grimm Monsters are Eight Star Elite and powerful ones at that, it will take them quite a while to finish off the fight, so I might well sit relaxedly and watch.

I soon found a good branch and sat comfortably on it, and concentrated on the Grimm Monsters fight while I asked Ashlyn to guard the area and kill any monster that had come too close. I don't want any disruption that could disturb the grimm monsters from their fight.

Chew Chew!

She chirped softly before flying away, this little birdy only excited about two things. One is eating, and the other is killing, she would get so excited whenever I asked to kill someone.

Sometimes I even wonder if the Killing Rule inside her started to affect her but soon realised that like eating, she just loved killing, it is in her nature.

Ashlyn went to kill while I continued to watch the fight. As such, half an hour had pa.s.sed when suddenly another turn occurred in the fight, two Grimm monsters said something to each other amidst fight and started to fight together; this turn was quite sudden but pleasant for me as this way the fight will end quickly.

The other two Grimm Monsters joined hands seeing that, but it is clear that despite being the same level as the other two, they are at a disadvantage. It looks very clear that the two Grimm Monsters who joined the hands first are somewhat familiar with each other and had some trust between them compared to the other two Grimm Monsters who have joined the hands in desperation.

They have no trust between them and even guarded against each other, which brought them at a very disadvantageous position against the other two who were raining the attack after attack on them.

More and more injuries kept piling the Grimm Monsters bodies, but they all are light injuries, with all of them being at the same level, they could easily handle each other even if two are attacking them at the same time.

The other two Grimm Monsters also knew that, but they also don't have a choice, with others being equal in power as them, they have to wear out their opponent before killing them eventually slowly.

This continued on for another half an hour before the two Grimm Monster finally got the chance and directly decapitated one Grimm Monster and seeing that other Grimm Monster started to run immediately.


I couldn't help but curse that running Grimm monsters, seeing the tribe it is from, this Grimm Monster had quite an excellent chance to run away, but that brainless idiot lost its mind in the Greed.

It wanted to pick up the case while running, and when it was doing that, it gave the other two Grimm monsters a perfect chance to kill it. Its killing is so funny after it was killed, the other Grimm Monster swiftly took out its storage and kicked it into the pit that was beside the case.

The Two Grimm monsters looked at each other warily, and I thought they would fight each other, but two my surprise, they started to talk without aggression for a few minutes as if negotiating something before both of them cut their hands simultaneously. It joined together in 'Shaking hands fas.h.i.+on!'.

As they joined hands, runes started to appear around their hands in dark black color. Seeing such a scene, my heart couldn't help but beat in excitement.

If I am right, then these Grimm Monsters are taking a dark Oath, it is a very strict oath, and if one made it, then one will have to follow through it as consequences of breaking are worse than death.

I've read that Grimm Monsters would prefer death than going against the Dark Oath. The Grimm Monsters take dark oath very very seriously, which is why them taking an oath excites me very much.

It is clear that they are taking the dark oath because of that case and that must have something really important, and I couldn't wait to obtain it.

"Ashlyn, take that case!"

I said as I flew out from the tree, she who was quite close to the Grimm Monsters flew toward them while increasing her size a little.

Chew Chew!

Ashlyn silently picked up the case and chirped loudly in a mocking tone, seeing that Grimm Monster immediately separated their hands and looked at Ashlyn as if they wanted to eat her alive.

"Wretched Bird, leave that case!"

Both of the Grimm Monsters shouted at the top of their lungs and leaped toward Ashlyn, but she was too fast; still, she slowed down a little so they could follow her while mocking them now and then.

Seeing her behavior, the two Grimm Monsters got infuriated that both of their eyes turned red and if they could have spewed the venom at her, though they did not spew the Venum, they did attack her without holding anything back, but unfortunately for them, Ashlyn had avoided all attack with ease.

They even attacked her with the method, but Ashlyn had easily avoided that also which made Grimm Monsters gnash their teeth and continue to follow her.


Finally, Ashlyn reached me and released the Black case in my hand and sat on my shoulder, while she did not forget to chirp at the two Grimm Monsters mockingly.

"Gentlemen, would you be kind to tell me more about this case? I am quite curious about it?" I asked in a polite tone.