Monster Integration - 743 Chapter 743

743 Chapter 743

Hearing my voice, the two Grimm monsters stopped momentarily before a look of extreme anger appeared in their eyes, but unlike before, they did burst in action but looked at me with their angry red eyes.

The two Grimm Monsters are from different tribes, but they belong to the same sub racial category. One is from Aqua Bearman Tribe, while the other is Thunder Bearman Tribe.

The Aqua Bearman is four and a half meter tall and a light blue color body; it looked heavily muscled; likely made it for wielding that four metal tall, dark blue spiked Warhammer it had in its hands.

That Warhammer looked big and heavy, its weight alone crus.h.i.+ng the normal human, no need to use those very sharp looking spikes on it.

As for the Thunder Bearman, it had a dark purple body in which a faint spark of Thunder could be seen flas.h.i.+ng. It held a two meters tall sword that Grimm monsters used, it may not look fearsome, but it is, I've seen how easy it was able to cut the neck of that other Grimm Monster smoothly.

Both of these Grimm Monsters looked extremely angry as if they wanted to eat me alive, and they might if I got defeated by them.

"Human, give us the case, and we will give you the swift death?" said Aqua Bearman as it looked at the case intently.

I couldn't help but shake my head; these Grimm Monsters had an arrogance buried deep in their veins, in front of humans, they will always act haughty without consideration of strength, the only way one could reduce their confidence is beat them till they are dead.

"Gentlemen, you have misunderstood me, this case is mine already, I am just asking you about it."

"Now, would you be kind and tell me about it?" I asked again with a polite smile, but unlike last time, this time, the Grimm Monsters got so angry that their elementum around them started to fluctuate.

I could hear the faint crackling sound as uncontrolled water and thunder energy around two Grimm monsters come in contact with each other.

"So you are not planning on giving us the case?" the Grimm monsters asked, I could literally hear its teeth clattering as it asked questions.

These two Grimm monsters are quite smart, and if there had been any other Grimm Monsters in their places, they would have attacked without much thinking. Well, I could understand their reason for that.

With their experience with Ashlyn, they know I will not be an easy opponent, so they are trying to get the case without using the force, it is clear they do not want to harm the case for some reason, as for what they will do after they get the case, there is no need to ask.

"Sorry, Gentlemen, as I've already said this case is mine," I said, and the next moment the box disappeared from my hands.


Both Grimm Monsters shouted in unison as they saw the case being disappeared from my hands and came at me with their full power. I couldn't help but feel excited about seeing them coming at me.

This time, I will be fighting not one, but two Eight Star Silver Elite and these two are strong Eight Star Silver Elite, I will have to give my all if I want to kill them as I will be facing two, not one powerful Grimm Monsters.

Bang Bang!

The swirling Armor instantly appeared on my body, and I activated it as I flashed toward them, and just as I reached then, I activated my mini blast again and swung my sword directly at the neck of the Aqua Bearman.

Both of Grimm Monsters got shocked by my proactive actions, but as experienced fighters, they did not waste a moment in responding.


My sword clashed against the Sword of Thunder Bearman when it was just a few inches away from the neck of the Aqua Bearman. If I had been fighting the Aqua Bearman alone, then its head would have been flying in the air by now.

Aqua Bearman, as its name suggests, is from the Bearman Subtribe of Grimm Race. The Bearman are not known for their speed, and they are strength type worriers, and engaging in speed against them is the best option, but there were always exceptions.

The Thunder Bearman is a prime example of that; this tribe excels in speed rather than strength, which is a specialty of their sub-race. The speed they have, they have is gotten from their Thunder ability.

Seeing the Thunder on their bodies, one would think it is their offensive ability, but they would be utterly wrong; the Thunder on their body is only for speed, there is no offensive ability in it.

"Die!" Bang!

Half a second pa.s.sed since my offense had been countered and which was enough time for the Aqua Bearman to bring its hammer at me. Seeing that I had instantly activated Mini Blast and created the distance between them as I know very well, on strike of that hammer on my body. I would directly reach near the death's door.


Shouted Aqua Bearman seeing me retreating.

Unlike the fight with two Grimm Monsters before, this time, Thunder Bearman had maintained quite a close distance with Aqua Bearman as it knows that once I found the Aqua Bearman alone, it would not take me more than three seconds to kill it.

I just smiled teasingly as it's cursed and stood on my spot, and just as they came closer to me, I had again created the distance between them and me. The Bearman had kept its big Warhammer in an offensive position, and it would be idiocy on my part if I went toward them to engage.

The Thunder Bearman had great speed and would be able to restrict my movement for a second, and that would be enough for Aqua Bearman to attack me with its hammer.

The risk is too great, and I don't want to risk my life taking such a risk, and it's not like I did not have other powerful moves.

Fire Slashed!

I again created distance between us, and just as I did that, I launched the slashed of fire slashes through my greatsword. I swung my sword multiple times, and through it, tens of dangerous-looking slashes went toward the Grimm Monsters.

This is a High-Grade offensive skill; I learned a few days ago. The fire on it may not be as concentrated as the fire thread, which I launched through the Red Sword but its power is equal to it when it launched through my Greatsword.

Slash Slash Slash…

Seeing my slashes stopping them on their tracks, an idea came into my mind, and I started to launch them at an even more furious pace, I had launched more than a hundred slashes and was still continuing.


I said in my mind and activated the mini blast at its full power, the power I had used was, even more, when I was racing against Rachel.

If this attack is successful, then next second, I will see the head of Aqua Bearman flying in the air.