Monster Integration - 741 Chapter 741

741 Chapter 741


I fell on the ground in an extremely tired state that I didn't even have any energy to twitch my fingers, only then I felt like my rage had subsided a little, and I won't run out of abode to hunt the Grimm Monsters.

Seeing the bodies of humans have messed up my mind, this urge to Kill has become so great that I was barely able to control myself, if not for eating the core of the medicinal monster, I would have gone hunting the Grimm Monster, and that would have been disastrous for me.

"As expected!" I muttered weakly when I looked at my source to see the Red ribbon representing killing Rule had become even darker and slightly longer, but the b.l.o.o.d.y glow of the ribbon had become more tempered and restrained.

My killing rule had enhanced my urge to kill; it had affected me without me knowing if I had lost in the urge to kill, then the b.l.o.o.d.y glow on ribbon had become even more bright and filled with madness.

Rule power is the threads that make the world and affect everything that includes one's emotions, and sensory type Rule like Killing Rule is extremely dangerous; it could instantly heighten the emotions it is related to.

That is why, I do not let anyone know about the Killing Rule, just say it is some other sensory type rule. Due to their nature, the Rule of Killing, Rule of Slaughter, Rule of Blood had developed quite a bad reputation.

No Rule Power is ever bad, the Killing Rule, The Slaughter rule is like all other rule powers, but the emotions they amplify leads to madness quite quickly, if one does not control and restrain these emotions quickly, one will easily lose in them.

The host of ax from which I had comprehended my killing Rule from was such a case; in his hate, the urge of killing had overpowered his emotion, and he had become a killing machine.

I couldn't help but sigh at the Rule I comprehended; it is a double-edged sword, especially in an environment like Grimm Battlefield. The killing rule had become a powder keg that could explode at any moment if not handled without caution.

"Well, the incident was bad, I had gained something from it," I said as I looked at the ribbon, my killing Rule had a small promotion, it had effectively increased my strength by a small margin.

While the Killing Rule is making progress, the Sunfire rule is still stuck at the limit of Mid-stage. To be honest, both me and Ashly had gained a lot of insight into the Sunfire rule; this insight is enough that once the insight transforms into comprehension, it would leave behind the killing rule in its progress.

But the problem is that neither me nor Ashlyn had found a chance to convert all this insight into the comprehension; otherwise, the Sunfire rule would not have lagged behind the killing Rule.

I opened my eyes and sat up, in a few minutes, I have mostly healed from the serious injury I got from the medicinal energy, just ten minutes more, and I will be healed completely.

Ten minutes the injuries have healed completely, but I am still b.l.o.o.d.y and wanted to go shower so much, but I did not; there is one more thing I have to do before I could shower and sleep.

I have to refill my mana storage and also refine some Dark Grey Energy as I had used my one petalful of Dark energy when I attacked the Grimm Monster.

So I did not waste time and started to refine the grey energy that had acc.u.mulated under the base of Runic Lily. Half an hour later, I finished refining the Grey energy and also filled my mana storage, which had slightly emptied during the day.

I opened my eyes and got up and walked toward the shower when I returned fifteen minutes later; the practice room had transformed into a cozy bedroom.

I fell asleep within the second of lying on the bed, and when I woke up the next morning, I found it was quite late, but I did not mind it as I have slept quite late and there is no need to wake up early and feel the whole sleepy day.

After waking up, I freshened up and made a fresh meal for me and Ashlyn, which we ate to our full enjoyment before walking out of the abode.

Today's and Tomorrow's plan is simple; I will roam the outskirts of Marianna hill and see how powerful the Grimm Monsters. It will depend on my two days of study whether I would enter Mariana Hill or not.

If it is too dangerous, then I will stay in the outskirts, there is no shame in being cautious rather than die like an idiot.

With that thought, I got out of the thick trees and started to climb the mountain. Today I did not fly, yesterday I flew because it was dark and I do not have the proper idea about the power of the Grimm Monsters here, but after encountering two Eight Star elite in the range of a few minutes, I found walking on the ground is much safer than the air.

Just five minutes after I left the Abode, I came across the team of the Grimm monster.

"Ashlyn, be as quiet as possible!" I asked Ashlyn to kill the team of Grimm Monsters; I usually don't leave any Grimm Monster alive when I come across them unless I am in a hurry. So, When I spotted the group of Grimm Monster, I asked Ashlyn to kill them.

Chew Chew…

Ashlyn chirped lightly and flew away and returned within minutes; she did not even take a minute to kill a team of Grimm monsters that had some six-star silver elites.

There was not a slight sound of Grimm Monster dying; if not for me seeing her killing Grimm monsters, I would have thought these had been no fight.

When I walked toward the group of Grimm monsters, I found fifteen Grimm monsters lying dead on the ground; there is no injury on them except for small burn marks on their heads.

Even brain fluid, which usually came out of ears and nose had vaporized, her cleaning was completely clean. I store the Grimm Monsters into the Runic Disks and move according to the map.

I have already decided on the route which I have to walk, and I am constantly taking note of Grimm Monsters I've sensed and their power level, all these would be very helpful to me when I make a decision Tomorrow.

Time pa.s.sed by and two hours pa.s.sed, and in these two hours, Ashlyn had killed nearly two hundred monsters, with each having the power of at least the four-star elite, the only thing I did is to collect the Grimm monster's bodies.

It's not like I don't want to fight, it's just that there are no suitable opponents, the only Eight Star Elite I've come across was weaker than two Eight Star Elite I've come across yesterday, so I let Ashlyn kill it.

She had killed that Eight Star Elite within a minute like most of Grimm Monster we have come across, even I don't think I can be that fast unless I use my Mystic Method.


Another half an hour pa.s.sed and I was walking on the route of my map when I stopped suddenly as I saw something interesting.