Monster Integration - 740 Chapter 740

740 Chapter 740

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I concentrated my energy on the Yellow Grade Runic Disk inside my storage, and the next moment, the storages of the Grimm Monsters came out of it.

There are forty-two storage in total, and I have to be quick if I want to organize everything in time. Without wasting time, I activated all releases of the storage in empty s.p.a.ce, and lots of stuff came out of the storage.

I took one look at the storage and started to put the things in their respective storages while looking at anything rare and special in them.

If one looks inside my storage now, they will see the stuff tens of things flying toward their respective shelf like something attracting them. This is one of the functions of the storage I was able to find a few days ago.

This function is very magical, here if I have to move the stuff, I have to connect two points. The place where the thing is and the place where I have to move that thing, as I do that, the thing will automatically move there.

This way, I could move as many as a thing at once, I just need to have the ability to do that and provide a small amount of energy. This function of the storage ring makes things very, very fast that I am finished with my first storage within one and half a minute.

After placing the empty storage in the empty storage shelf, I started on the other storage, which also finished in less than two minutes.

A little more than an hour pa.s.sed, and I had finished with nearly all the storages, and now only two had remained. In the storages I have opened till now, I have found some good stuff, precious herbs, rare materials, and even got lucky enough to find one very rare herb that was needed for Level 4 of my mystic Method.

That herb is quite rare, and I have no way to buy it with my current qualification, so it was a nice surprise that I was able to find it.

With all the other storages done, now only two storages had remained, and these two are from the Eight Star Elite. The first one I checked is of Purple Stone Elephantman, and I have to say, it had some good stuff and also more human bodies than other Grimm Monsters.

Anger couldn't help but arose in my heart when I saw those human bodies. I placed them in a special coffin, which is in the big abode, I always keep an abode activated in my storage to store the bodies. They will stay in my storage temporarily before I submit them to adventurers paradise, who will be responsible for sending their bodies to their loved ones.

Whenever I see human bodies, I see the cruel reality of the Grimm Battlefield. For more than ten thousand years, we have been at war with each other for thousands of years, and this war will only be stopped when one side will be fully exterminated.

It took me three minutes to place all the things from the Grimm Monsters storage to their respective places. This monster's storage had many good things in his storage, benefitting to its strength.

"I would have killed that b.a.s.t.a.r.d more painfully!" I said though the gritted teeth. When I unloaded all the stuff from the Black Mambaman's storage, I was shocked and furious at the sheer numbers human bodies present there.

I have never seen so many human bodies in the storage of the single Grimm Monsters. There are too many of them in that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of the Grimm Monsters storage.

Seeing those bodies, I found an intense rage burning inside me that I just wanted to go out of my abode and kill any Grimm Monster that my eyes fell on, but I again somehow controlled myself and continued doing my job.

Looking at all the things that Silver Tongue Mambaman has, I could see that it had not only killed a lot of humans but people from its race, there is clear proof of that in its storage.

The things I found in the storage are precious that all the storage I opened till now couldn't compare to it. The most precious of all its Origin Water, there are more than fifty liters of Violet Grade Origin Water in its storage.

I was quite shocked seeing that much Origin Water as I know how difficult it is to find one, especially the Violet Grade, people find a few drops while it has a whole big can of it.

Though this fifty liters of Violet Grade Origin water is not as precious as a quarter bottle of while Grade Origin Water, I have. It is still very precious that others would kill for it.

Aside from origin, the storage of Grimm Monster was filled with precious things, but I was not able to find a thing I was looking for. The methods are treasures that could not be found outside; I was quite lucky to find it in the storage of the Grimm Monster.

It is said that one could not practice more than the method in the Knight Stage, and that is applied for everyone, be it Grimm Monsters or humans in Knight Stage, but Rachel had practiced two methods, one is offensive type while other is speed type.

She had practiced the second method; she had said that her Inheritance lets her practice two methods easily and would be able to practice the third if she was able to break the limit.

She and I both had our const.i.tution changed. If she could practice the two methods with her const.i.tution, I might be as well able to do that. To test that I would need a second Mystical Method but unfortunately, I did not have that, and I could not practice the method's that Rachel has as they are her Inheritance method, only those with the Inheritance will be able to practice them.

It took me a total of seven minutes to sort all the stuff, and despite seeing all the treasures, the rage that was building inside me did not subsidize, I had just been able to control it, but now I became free, that killing intent again started to build inside me with more force than before.

I just want to go outside and slaughter some monster, but it would be idiotic if I went out in my current state.

So, I did the second most idiotic thing in my rage, and that is to eat a piece of Medicinal Monster core, which is double size the one I ate yesterday. The core of yesterday was already limited to what I can handle, and this one is the double of its sie.

Just ten seconds after eating it, my body had before red, sixty seconds later bleed, and three minutes later, I started to bleed from every point of my body. With my estimation, I have only three more minutes to live; in three more minutes, the energy will go beyond my resilient body could handle, and I will explode.

So I have another three minutes, whether I live or die will depend on how quickly I could call out the little snake.

Two minutes and half minutes later, thirty seconds before my death time, the little snake came out and started to guzzle the medicinal energy in wild abandon that had extended my life clock before eating enough energy that remaining medicinal energy present in my body had become non-threatening to me.