Monster Integration - 739 Chapter 739

739 Chapter 739

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'It is dead!'

I said and took out the palm-sized white runic disk from my storage and stored the Grimm Monster's body inside before I moved toward the group of Purple Stone Elephantmen that Ashlyn had killed earlier.

I started to store them one by one without taking their stuff out, and after I finished with them, I walked toward the leader of the Purple Stone Elephantmen dead body, and when I looked at the condition of the body, I couldn't help but shook my head.

The Purple Stone Elepahantman's body is cut into two, from the waist so cleanly that not even a drop of blood has fallen to the ground as it is seared. I am quite surprised seeing that as I can't do this with Eight Star Silver Elite Grimm Monster, much less the one which had a strong defensive body.

I stored the two halves of the bodies into the disk and walked toward another Grimm Monsters that Ashlyn had killed, including another Eight Star Silver Elite, while I was fighting, she was guarding the perimeter, killing any Monster That came inside her range.

"Did you find a hidden place?" I asked Ashlyn; when I was fighting the Silver Tongue Mambaman, I had asked Ashlyn to keep a lookout for the hidden place for us to set up our Abode at night.

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn chirped affirmatively and flew toward the direction where she found the hidden place, a few minutes later, Ashlyn took me to the base of the hill, where she had found the hidden place.

"This is quite hidden!" I said as I looked around.

This place is very hidden, there are thick trees everywhere, and in between them, there is enough place to set up an abode of small size, if anyone doesn't know there is a hidden place inside the large swaths of thick trees, they will only think it is only filled with trees.

I checked the place for a while before taking out a black color box and placing it on the ground, and soon that box started to become big, unlike other abodes I've used, it doesn't look like melted thermocol expanding.

Well, It is not a normal abode either. It is the Abode of the Grimm Monsters, which is modified to accommodate human needs. This type of Abodes is very rare and expensive and could only be found in Warzone.

The Guild is quite generous; not only have they given me this Modified Abode but also given me this yellow cla.s.s runic disk I have in my hand, which is even more rare and expensive than the Abode.

Finally, the Abode is fully activated into the tiny house; if one does not know this black Abode is from Grimm monsters and is modified, they will never be able to guess it as it had the designs of the human's.

The Abode looked like a standard abode that humans used; it had been completely modified from inside to outside. Though it is heavily modified, its defense stayed the same.

Normal Silver Elite could not be able to break through it without spending considerable power, and even Golden Elites would need ten to fifteen minutes to break through its defenses. So as long as Golden Elite did not attack it, I am safe.

I walked into the Abode and greeted the same interiors I had selected; I had chosen from the setting, but reality, it looked even better. In this small design, there is a kitchen, a bathroom, and a small training room, which I will convert to the bedroom before sleeping.

I could create a small bedroom if I were, but I did not; the smaller the Abode is, the better; I am even planning on turning off the Kitchen before sleeping to make the Abode even smaller.

After entering the Abode, I first activated its camouflage system before walking into the shower, though the camouflage system is not perfect, it will still be able to fool most Silver Elite from a distance.

When I had returned from the shower, I saw the white runic disk I had placed on the kitchen counter flas.h.i.+ng. There is a small projection on top of it, showing the number of mana crystals had been harvested, both common and the elemental, and to be honest, the number is shocking.

This is a Yellow Grade Runic disk; unlike other runic disks, I don't have to place it on Grimm Monsters; instead, I've to store the bodies of the Grimm Monster" s inside it, and it will harvest on its own.

It is like a fully automatic machine, I just have to store the Grimm monsters inside it, and it will harvest the crystals from them, separate their artifact in one place and store the husk of the monster in one place, I just needed simple use of mana to take all out.

The only drawback it had it ist s.p.a.ce, it only had around ninety meters of the s.p.a.ce inside so not many monsters could be stored, but its speed of refining lessons that drawback, it is very fast, it just took around thirty seconds to harvest the Eight Star Elite which tens of times faster than the old Runic Discs that I used.

So by the time, the problem of s.p.a.ce is not much unless one has thousands of monsters and little less time, that would also be no problem for me as I could use my ring to store the thousands of Grimm Monsters before transferring them into the Runic disk when I got free.

I stored the runic disk into my storage and started cooking dinner as both Ashlyn are feeling quite hungry. It took about an hour for me to cook dinner for us and another forty minutes for us to wipe it clean.

After I finished with dinner, deactivated the Kitchen as it melded back into the Abode, I watched the whole seconds long process before walking into the mini practice room.

Though this room is small but not that small, It had enough s.p.a.ce that I could practice Body Cleansing Technique and practice with my Great Sword without feeling this place too small.

I sat in the center of my practice room and closed my eyes, the first thing I have to do is sort the Grimm Monsters storages, to do that there is no need to move hands just closing my eyes will do.

In the eight days that Rachel was going through the Awakening, I had done many things and one of which is sorting out all the Grimm Monster storages, yes I have sorted out all the Grimm Monster storages I had.

I closed my eyes and used both my soul energy and mana on my storage ring as it can be operated with both, and soon the view of my Storage ring appeared in front of me.

If anyone looked at my storage ring, they would think as if they had entered the shop. There are rows and rows of shelves, tables, counters, the various stuff that is placed neatly and cleanly.

There are all sorts of stuff here, from the artifacts to herbs to books to clothing or huge glittering squares of Mana crystals, everything, it looked like a small supermarket inside storage.

I am not a h.o.a.rder, most people would sell the stuff they got from the Grimm Monsters, but I do not do as I do need to. I have what I need and those things I need couldn't be brought. So I place all my stuff here, I may not need it now, but I may need then in the future.