Monster Integration - Chapter 732 Mission II

Chapter 732 Mission II

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"Ok, I'll accept it."

I said after some time of thinking, as for the Golden Elite, my luck has to be very bad if I have come across the Golden Elite in such a vast area. Still, I will have to be very cautious in the Mariana hills, so any unfortunate incidents did not occur.

"Good, now let's go over some technicalities of your mission," he said, and he started to explain the details of the Mission and things I should take note of and gave me some tips as he had been personally posted there.

"I wish you the best of luck in your mission!" he said as I was leaving the room after discussing everything about the Mission.

"Thank You!" I said, he had been accommodating in explaining the Mission, he had cleared many of my doubts, and I have to say, the guild had been very generous about the Mission as they have given me Abode and other rare things which I would not have been able to buy with the access I had.

Even now, if I have to buy it, I will need to fetch out quite a lot of mana crystals and merits to buy it.

I did not leave the guild directly; before leaving, I submitted my transfer application. Ronald said as soon as Rush of the Origin Water calmed down, the guild will start the transfer process again and powerful, and those with high merit points will get the first preference.

So, there is quite a great chance that I will be in the first batch of people who's an application for transfer gets accepted by the guild.

As I flew toward my apartment, I read several messages from Rachel, like me, she also got a mission from the guild of a similar type, it's just that our destination is different.

It would have been good if we have been sent to the same location, but our luck is not that good.

Soon I reached my apartment building and entered inside through the window. Rachel was already in the apartment and seemed to be reading something in the deep concentration that she did not look up when I entered the living room.

I did not mind it; I just took a seat opposite to her and opened the information on the Mission that Vice Guild had sent me.

The Mariana Hills is a vast territory, at least ten times greater than the most extensive hunting ground of the Milfred and very far from it, it could be said to be on the boundary of the Milfreds jurisdiction, it would take me at minimum a day today to get there.

This Mission is not simple; it is exceedingly complicated and dangerous and could also say to be the Mission I will do in the name of the race. There is not just killing Grimm Monsters and destroying their camps; there is also infiltration to collect information and also rescuing, which I think is the most important part.

Many humans get captured by the Grimm Monsters as livestock for food, and before they are transported to the bases of Grimm Monsters, they will be placed in camps.

The Mission clearly stated that if I have the capability, then I will have to rescue them and safely move to safe zones before they could be brought to the Midzone. Still, we don't have the capability; then we have to stay put and do what we can do.

This Mission will be the start of real missions in the Grimm Battlefield, what I had done till now was just playing around, it will prepare me for the dangerous missions that I will have to do in the Warzone.

"It seemed like you have also received the mission?" said a familiar melodic voice, "Yes, same as you," I replied with a smile as I closed the doc.u.ment.

It had been two hours since we have been reading the information, we were so lost in it that we have not uttered a single word. This was the first time something like that had happened, we being in the same room for two hours had not talked a single word.

"You have to be careful; these missions are extremely dangerous!" I said. She nodded in understanding

We had talked for an hour before we went back to the respective training room to make the final preparation we have to do before we leave for our separate missions tomorrow.

The first thing I have to do is refine mana, in an earlier battle, Ive nearly expended thirty-five percent of mana; I have to refill and also acc.u.mulate Dark Grey energy I've spent in the fight, it was a good thing these two things can be done together.

Sitting cross legged, I started to refine the dark energy present to me, the half, i.e., being converted to the while the other half became concentrated Grey Energy.

It continued for two hours before stopping, now I have my mana storage full and also all the petals of Runic Lily vibrant with dark energy worth three petals below its base, which could be used anytime.

With refining done, I took out the green crystalline speck size of my thumbnail and ate, soon a raging current of Medicinal Energy spread through my body, it wanted to infiltrate the energy part of my body and tear it apart.

I endured the pain and calmly started to perform body cleansing technique. What I am doing is very risky and could even lose my life if I am a few minutes late, but I did not sweat much as I got a habit of it, in the past few days.

The thing I ate is for dinner of the little snake, I daily perform Body Cleansing Exercise to feed it and make it grow, so it could help me in leveling up. But everything is going very slow, the energy it needs is immense and that I will have to keep performing body cleansing exercises for a near month before the little snake acc.u.mulates energy to level up.

I wish I could use the Grey Energy that Runic lily acc.u.mulates to feed the little snake, if I could do that then I would need less than a third of the time to make a breakthrough into the Mid-level of the Major stage.

Soon the little snake came out and started to eat the medicinal energy; by the time I had reached my limit, the little snake had finished eating all the medicinal energy from my body, and now it is eating whatever stray energy floating in my body.


I fell on the floor with the thud, but in just a few seconds, I weakly got up and started to walk toward my room. My ability to recover is great; two weeks ago, I used to need a few minutes to recover from the exhaustion of the Body Cleansing Technique. Still, now I only need a few seconds to recover enough to walk, and ten minutes later, I get enough energy to fight.

Such recovery speed is incredible; the one person I could think of who could match me into recovery speed is Rachel. Her const.i.tution had also changed under her Inheritance, and her body and soul had also received a similar level of an upgrade as me.