Monster Integration - Chapter 731 Mission I

Chapter 731 Mission I

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"Eight Star Silver Elite!"

I muttered under my breath as it is the only thing that is going on in my mind, I had expected, and my battle power is Six Star Silver Elite or greater, and there would have been no shock or surprise if my battle power had been Seven Star Silver Elite.

But Eight Star Silver Elite, it is a bit too much than what I had expected. The difference between each level is great, especially when one reaches a higher level, which is why I had been so shocked when I came to know that I have the battle power of Eight Star Silver Elite.

Though I am quite shocked, I am pleased about it as with such power, my chances of getting a transfer increased quite a bit by then


With that thought, I walked toward the elevator, thinking of going to the 17th floor to submit my application to transfer, while hoping it would get accepted when my holowatch rang with the mail and when I looked at what mail it was, my expression couldn't help but change for the worse.

The Purple mail from the Guild is never a good thing, there is always a dangerous mission involved with it, I had so much hope of getting out of this Midzone but look like now I will be either stuck here as a backup or sent to the mission.

I hope it is the mission and little dangerous one, in this way at least I will get to fight some Grimm Monster; If I stuck home then I will die to boredom as I know if I have received the Mail from the Guild, Rachel must have received one too, we have nearly same battle power.

I opened the purple mail and found that except for one line there is nothing, I have to go to the 49th floor's conference room where I will get my mission, so I did not waste any and rode the elevator to the 49th.


After reaching the 49th floor, I walked into the room mentioned in my mail and got quite surprised as this room is quite luxuries. Though there is the use of the Simple Decor in it, one could see the quality of materials in one glance and know what grade they are.

The room was empty when I walked in; the mail said I would get my mission in a personal handout by someone, and looking at the time, I will have to wait for that person for ten minutes.

Seeing I have some time, I have decided to call Rachel but find out; she is not picking up my calls, likely busy with something. I tried a few times, but seeing she is picking up, I give up and wait for the person to arrive.

Time pa.s.sed, and more than ten minutes later, that person arrived. It is a young man similar age as me and has a handsome appearance, which is enhanced by his Golden hairs.

I did not have to ask for his ident.i.ty as it is posted on his chest, he held the special badge which only Vice Guildmaster could have, but this is not the most surprising part.

The surprising part is his power; he is Golden Elite and a powerful one at that. I could not sense the power of the Golden Elites with my current capability, but I could sense the level of threat they posed to me, and this young man, who is a similar age as me, very powerful, powerful enough that casual slap from him could make me blow up in a mess of Blood and Gore.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Ronald Dome; you must be Micheal." He said as he took his seat and asked me to take a seat beside him. "May I know why I am called here?" I asked the question directly, hearing a smile couldn't help appear on his handsome face.

"The Guild has a mission for you, a fairly dangerous one," he said, "What mission?" I asked directly. There is no use in declining as everything that came with the purple is compulsory, and since I am sent on the mission and not being kept in the city as reserved, I will not have any problem doing it as long as it does not deal with the Golden Elites.

"The Mariana Hill," he said.

Mariana Hill? I seemed to have heard about this area before, it seemed to be in the boundary of Milfred and one of the most dangerous places under Milfred, it is said only Peak Silver Elite go there

"You have to go there and kill as many as Grimm Monsters, but your main mission will be destroying their camp and saving them as humans that are captured there." He said I am shocked to hear that excitement couldn't help but bubble up in my heart.

I've heard about such dangerous missions before but I did not think I would be capable of doing them this soon.

"Currently, with your power, you do not have the power to destroy the Grimm Monsters Camps, but you are still able to kill the powerful Grimm Monsters around Mariana Hills," he said.

As Ronald had said, currently I do not have capability to destroy the camp but I could still rescue some humans and kill Grimm monsters that I found around Marianna Hills.

"The Guild never mistreated its members, every Grimm monster you killed in Mariana Hills and humans you rescued will be added in your merit points, and you will be given access to redeem them to get any Cla.s.s 2 resources you have," he said.

'Shut The f.u.c.k!'

This is such a shock; Gla.s.s 2 resources are referred to as the resources that are mainly useful Peak Silver Elite and Initial Golden Elites. Currently, I have only access to buy the Cla.s.s 1 resources from the Guild, that Yellow Golden sand I had brought a few days ago is only Cla.s.s 1 resource.

With this access, a lot of my worries will vanish, the main concern I had about buying the Materials for Level 2 of my Mystic Method.

However, there was quite some time before I became capable of practicing Level 2 of the method but I liked to have the materials in hand in case I have to practice in a remote place in case of danger.

"Would there be any Golden Elites?" I asked this as the main question. Golden Elite is the force that could fight hundreds of Silver Elites without any problem and cush them with absolute superiority.

If there are Golden Elite, then I don't want to go there, it will be akin to suicide as I will not have the power to defend myself much run, so it is better If I know early and could reject this mission, even if it cost me dearly. Nothing is more precious than one's life.

"Technically, there are no Golden Elites, the camp heads and people in them are all Silver Elites, but sometimes, Golden Elite do come there, but that happens very rarely."

"But don't worry, the guilds had taken the precautions, and there are always few Golden Elites there to deal with it if such situations occur." He explained.

His answer did not vanish my worries, but it did ease them a little. Some trips of Golden Elite, this not surprising thing. Many Silver and Golden Elites from the guild patrol the safe areas and this is the area where Grimm monster sets their camps.