Monster Integration - Chapter 733 Flying High

Chapter 733 Flying High

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I walked into my room and entered the shower, fifteen minutes later when I came out of the shower, I found Rachel sleeping on my bed, seeing that a goofy smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

As I laid on the bed, I wrapped my arms around her and nestled my head in her neck; I fell into the sleep while breathing her enchanting smell.

When I woke up, I found Rachel still in my arms, just as that our position had changed a little, my arms are still wrapped around her, it's just that now her head is buried in my chest.

I moved a little and planted a soft kiss on her lips and about to get out of the bed softly when Rachel Rachel opened her eyes and looked at me with a sleepy smile.


She said in her soft melodies voice, traces of sleep could still be heard from her voice. "Have you slept well?" I asked. She nodded before she inched her face closer to me for a kiss.

This time there was no lodging in the kiss, just the feeling of mutual affection which is budding into something greater without any of us realizing. We kiss for a few minutes before we get out of bed.

Today is important, we both are going for a dangerous mission, and since we have already slept a little late, we have to hurry little before we leave the city before the time of mission starts.

I quickly freshened up and started to cook, forty minutes later, the meal was ready, and we began to eat. This will be our last meal together for two weeks, the mission had the time of two weeks, and unless there is an emergency, I will not be able to return to the city before that. Half an hour later, after finis.h.i.+ng brunch, we left our apartment together.

"See you in two weeks!"

Rachel said, and before I could react, she kissed me fiercely, this kiss was the one of fiercest we ever had, I don't know what had come into Rachel for her to kiss me so aggressively but I am more than happy to kiss back.

The kiss lasted for minutes, and while we were kissing, I heard encouraging whistles from men and women who were pa.s.sing by us.

"Don't you let something happen to you!" Rachel said after she broke the kiss and gave me another peck of lips before faint wings appeared behind her, and she sped through the sky before I could say anything to her.


I shook my head smilingly seeing that typed something in my holowatch quickly before I hit send and a few seconds later, I received a reply. I had sent 'Stay Safe.' text to Rachel, which she replied with 'You Too' and some heart emojis.

I stayed rooted in my spot for minutes before I calmed my emotions and flew toward the Mariana Hills.

This location is quite far and would take one at least a day if I travel with average regular speed without any impedance from the Grimm monsters, but that is impossible, there are Grimm monsters everywhere, and one would get tired by such content travel. One would be an idiot if one reached his destination in an exhausted state, that would be inviting the death.

For other evolver's with similar power as me, it would be very hard to reach there in one day in an energetic state, but for me, it is not that hard. I might even say it is quite easy for me, and I might even reach there hours before the day is over.

"Ashlyn is the time!" I said after we came into a little desolate area of the forest.

Chew Chew…

Ashlyn chirped excitedly as she flew out from my shoulder, and just as she did, her size started to grow. One meter, two-meter, three meters, four meters, five meters. She finally stopped at five meters.

She could easily grow up to eight meters. Still, I stopped her as there is no need for her to morph to her biggest size. It is less noticeable to others if her size is too big, it will catch the eye of others no matter how high she flies, so it is better to keep the regular size, so she could reach our destination without any problem.

After Ashlyn fixed her size, a comfortable seat made of fire materialized on her, without wasting any time, I sat on the comfortable seat and Ashlyn shot high in the sky with the cheerful chirp.

I couldn't help but sigh in jealousy when I looked at the seat made of her fire. I am jealous of this ability. This ability lets her change the materialist stage of her ability.

She could turn her fire which is in Gaseous state to a liquid state and liquid state into Solid or stage of in-between, not only this ability of her let her change the temperature of her fire from hot to cold, as long as she will it will happen.

Like the seat she had made me, it is jelly-like, which let my body completely meld in it for perfect rest, and it is warm also which helps me save from the frigid winds.

We have been flying pretty high that wind felt like it made of ice blade, any normal person would freeze in such environment while all I have to do is cover my body with the tiny bit of Sunfire and all the heat I am feeling will vanish as for the biting wind, my body is strong enough to handle it.

While Ashlyn was flying, I opened the information about the Mariana hills again and started to read it. This information was too long, if I were to read all of it, it would take me three-hole days, and that is why I am only reading the information that is important while I read the rest of it when I had the time.

From this information, I've come to know a lot of things about the Marianna Hills. It is said that till three hundred years ago, that area was in control of humans, but the Grimm monsters took it over.

So, whenever wars occur, for Wilfred, that area becomes one of the main fighting points. Milfred had many times been able to drive Grimm Monsters away from that area, but Grimm monsters would always take it back.

The tug of war for that territory always continued between the Grimm Monsters and humans.

As for the Geography of the Mariana Hills, as its names suggest, it consists of hills, thousands, and thousands of densely packed hills and in between, they are flowing tens of small rivers and waterfalls which made Mariana Hill the most beautiful and picturesque territory of Milfred.

The Milfred Administration considers it its most precious gem, which is why it had fought so many battles for it.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon, the whole day disappeared, and evening came, and we reached near the Mariana Hills; if Ashlynn keeps flying with her current speed, then it wouldn't take us more than two hour to reach the Mariana Hills.