Monster Integration - Chapter 721 Angel Of Wrath: Lightning Type I

Chapter 721 Angel Of Wrath: Lightning Type I

When I opened my eyes and looked ahead, I saw the lightning runes are now entering the Body of Rachel, who is covered in the purple smoke.

Not only Runes are entering her body, but the pure white wings have also come closer to her body as if they will soon connect her back, seeing that I wonder what kind of Mystical Legacy did she receive, I have a feeling that I will know the answer soon enough.

One by one, rune kept entering Rachel's body, and with it, her body started to s.h.i.+ne in the Golden glow within the purple smoke she enveloped in.

Time pa.s.sed by, and half an hour later, all the runes entered Rachel's body, which now started to s.h.i.+ne in Golden color and thunderous purple color and the wings which were little distance from the back now seemed to be connected to her back.


The s.h.i.+ne of two colors started to get brighter and brighter, till her silhouette disappeared in the s.h.i.+ne, and sometime later, I wasn't even able to see the wings behind her back.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon the s.h.i.+ne got so bright that even the dome had disappeared in it's brightness. I had to look away from the big ball of Purple and Gold as I could not directly look at it without damaging my eyes.

My heart started to beat faster and faster as I began to become excited, I can feel that ritual is ending and soon I will be able to know what sort of inheritance she had received.

Crack Crack Crack….

As I was inside my thoughts I started to hear the cracking sound from the big ball of the Purple and Gold, the cracking sound first was faint, but soon it began to become louder and louder, till it had become clear enough that I did not need to strain my ears to hear it.


A loud bang rang out and out, and next moment, I heard a loud bang, and two bright lights started to recede, At that moment I had just started to move my neck toward the lights when I suddenly felt the most powerful aura I've ever felt in my life.

It was so powerful that the aura I've sensed from the Abomination is nothing more than firefly in front of this, not even speck of dust.

This aura felt like that of Supreme G.o.d that rules over all beings, and no matter how much one practiced, one could never be able to reach such level.


It hadn't been a second since I had frozen in my spot from this aura when I heard a familiar chirp in my mind, which instantly woke me from my fear-induced state.

"Thanks, Ashlyn!" I said as I looked at the corner of the hall where Ashlyn is nested in wrappers of snacks.


When I looked toward lights, I found them still receding into a standing Silhouette, and a few seconds later, the silhouette revealed itself, and I couldn't help but gasp loudly seeing the silhouette.

It was Rachel but completely different Rachel, this Rachel is wearing an extremely enchanting Purple and Gold Armor, had a lightning sword floating in front of her and most important change in the pure white wings which had completely unfurled behind her and became more two meters long, one could see tiny bolts of purple lightning that are floating around the wings.

This is the outer change; her physical body had also changed a little; her features have become a little sharp, which made her look even more beautiful and gave her a sharp presence. Her original dark hair had also turned lightning purple, and her body had become ever fitter, it looked like every muscle of her packed serious power.

"Rachel!" I said, seeing her eyes still closed, hearing my voice, her eyes abruptly opened, and my eyes fell on the pure gold eyes in which the purple lightning could be seen dancing.

As her eyes opened and I saw her lightning-filled eyes, my heart skipped a beat as I felt like I hadn't seen Rachel, but the Wrath of G.o.d, I felt like even a flash of single purple lightning from her eyes could smite into ash.

She looked at me sharply, and I thought she would say something sharp, but instead, she did the most amazing thing, she smiled, and she smiled brightly, seeing her smiles I felt like the whole hall lit resplendently.

I had opened my mouth to say something but stopped abruptly when suddenly her purple gold armor and wing suddenly disappeared, so is lighting and gold in her eyes.

Seeing that I thought her other changes would also turn normal but to my surprise, they remained, she still had purple hair and body that is fit to perfection, as I looked at her, I thought I would be able to see the wonders which I didn't able to see a week ago, but regretfully, Rachel had conjured a purple smoke over them.

Though I could not enjoy the wonders, I still feasted my eyes on her body, which had become even more perfect.

"Sigh, it seems like I have to reach the Lord Stage at the least before I could summon any of my Angel Armament." Rachel said with a regretful sigh before she looked at me and saw me openly ogling her body, which had made her face little red.

She did not say anything, just walked near me and picked up her storage which was on the floor from it, she took out her clothes and started to wear them one by one without minding my extremely heated gaze.

"Rachel, how are you feeling?" I asked as she finished wearing her clothes, she turned to me with a bright smile, "Amazing, more than amazing I might say." she said with clear happiness.

"This inheritance of yours seems completely different from the normal inheritances," I said.

One can fuse with the inheritance when one is leveling up to the Lord stage from Knight stage, these inheritances decide the one's future path and limit how far they could go.

"The Inheritance is greater than my wildest imaginations. The Inheritance called Angles of Arcan; there are many types of inheritance inside it; the one I chose is Angel of Wrath: Lightning Type." Rachel said.

While Micheal and Rachel talking peacefully, the whole city has fallen into the chaos, the aura which had released from Rachel earlier had gripped the entire city in fear, people stuck in their places.

Some people who had been in the air barely able to survive from the crus.h.i.+ng themself to pulp from fall.

It was a good thing this is Midzone where people are strong enough that even if they fell from the high, they could survive for a few minutes before someone could feed them healing potions.

If Micheal looked outside his window now, he would see the city that is completely gripped in fear; there is chaos everywhere.

As some people are still stuck in fear while some are shaking in fear just thinking about what happened, the guild leader of various S cla.s.s guilds has their bodies shaking while they are trying to figure out what they had just experienced.