Monster Integration - Chapter 720 Lightning Runes II

Chapter 720 Lightning Runes II

Inside the dome is purple lightning everywhere, some lightning bolts thin as a hair, while others are thicker than my arm and center of everything, is Rachel, who is still covered in the purple fog sitting in the center without any harm.

These things did not shock me as they were a common sight for a few days, the thing shocked me it pure white wings that seemed to appear behind her.

The wings behind her looked sacred as they are the epitome of holiness, and nothing could taint the holiness from them, but holiness is not only feeling they are emitting, there is something dangerous about them.

As if one had done unlawful or Evil, they will bring down the wrath of G.o.d with them.

Just looking at them made me wors.h.i.+p them and fear them at the same time, this is the first time I am feeling something like this.

As I kept watching them, I did not see any change in condition, but suddenly a change occurred. The purple lightning that was being around dome started to change their shapes; they began to change into the runes and Ancient runes at


I was shocked to see that, but suddenly I noticed, I was a couple of steps behind from where I was, and my body was completely filled with sweat that my clothes had drenched in it.

'What had happened?' I asked myself before understanding what had happened. I kept looking at the lightning Ancient Runes runes since the mysterious forcefield between us protected me.

But I did not notice that these runes had scared me without me knowing as I unknowingly took a couple of steps back, and my whole body had drenched in the sweat.

I took a couple of deep breaths and controlled my emotions before looking at the lighting again, which is turning into the Ancient Runes, this time I especially kept focused on myself while looking at Ancient Runes.

As I am doing that, I noticed invisible fear creeping into me spreading all over my mind, which in turn shook my body slightly and willed me to take a step back. I am shocked to step back.

I am shocked, if I were not focusing on myself, I would have again taken a couple of steps back without my knowledge. These Ancient Runes were really dangerous even with the protection of a mysterious forcefield, the runes still affected me.

I focused and controlled myself sharply and stopped myself from taking a step back, though I was able to stop myself from taking action back, I was not able to stop myself sweating unreasonably.

I can not do anything about it; I do not have this much control over my body that I could stop this unreasonable sweat. The sweat is from the fear I had for the mighty Ancient runes, which I barely able to control myself.

Ting Ting Ting…

As I was watching lighting turning into the runes when my holowatch started to ring up. I activated the call without looking at it.

"Why has everything turned, Blur?" A melodious yet cold voice came out from the other end, "The Lightning had started to transform into Runes." I replied without looking at the projection of a very beautiful girl who bore many similarities with Rachel.

She is Sarah, Rachel's sister, Rachel had informed her about the Awakening Ritual, so she started calling me for updates every few hours, so getting tired of nagging calls, I sent her a link to the feed and gave her permission so she could watch everything.

"Ok, inform me as soon as any new change occurs," she said, I answer noncommittally before cutting the call. Before we used to get along just fine or talk in a polite tone, but after I started dating her sister, her nature has become a little cold toward me.

For Rachel's sake, I behaved politely with her, but seeing her cold att.i.tude at me, I stopped being polite and talked with her just the way she talked to me, which made it even colder toward me.

Well, I don't f.u.c.king care about that sn.o.bbish b.i.t.c.h, who thinks I do not deserve her sister. The only reason I even talk to her is because she is Rachel's sister; if not, I wouldn't have even looked at her face, no matter how beautiful it is.

After I cut the call, I noticed I had unconsciously taken a step back when I was talking, just a slight slip up, and I again lost against those runes.

Well, I can't blame myself too much, as the number of these runes are increasing, the power they could project over me has also become greater. When all the lightning turned into Runes, I wondered if I would be able to control myself from going against the wall.

I took a couple of deep breaths and calmed my mind; I planned to train my mind against the power of these runes. In that deep dark world against the abomination, I clearly understood the need for mental fort.i.tude and since such a golden chance presented itself in front of me then I would not be an idiot and decline it.

With a calm mind, I directly looked at the Ancient Runes that are forming from the lightning, as I am watching it, I saw my body shaking at very minute level wanting to take a step back, and this compulsion of taking a step back getting higher and higher as more and more lightning takes the shape of the runes.

It is becoming harder and harder to keep myself from taking a step back; now, I even stopped looking at the Runes as to whether I look or make a minor difference as the invisible power is omnidirectional and affects even a blind person.

So, I closed my eyes and focused my everything on this Invisible feeling which is was.h.i.+ng over me, I have long since stopped resisting it, and I know resistance will make it difficult and I will have to take a step back sooner, rather than later.

One can compare this invisible feeling to the raging river and your mind is dingy on it; no matter how much you peddle, you will not be able to peddle against for long and drown under ist ranging flow.

But instead, you did not resist and let the flow take you, use all your energy on maintaining the balance, there is a pretty good chance you will be able to survive the raging river as long as not too much above your limit.

I used this strategy and rode the raging river, but soon the flow of the raging river increased so much that I could maintain my balance and very close drowning, something like that had happened as invisible pressure increased so much I lifted my leg to take a step back.

I thought I would take a step back when suddenly I felt a familiar warm feeling coving over me and balancing my dingy in the raging river. That faint holy glow again had appeared in my chest.

With this warm feeling, I rode through the torrent of invisible energy when suddenly I felt its intensity lessening at the visible pace.