Monster Integration - Chapter 722 Angel Of Wrath: Lighning Type II

Chapter 722 Angel Of Wrath: Lighning Type II

Main Hall, Adventurer's Paradise.

This hall is the most important place in every place in Adventures Paradise of every city; this is where the real powerhouse resides, this powerhouse will only take action when all the Guilds become powerless before the enemy.

Normally the main hall of Milfred Adavneture Paradice is serene as that is how it is liked by the powerhouse here, but now the atmosphere in it is completely different.

"Yo...You are thinking what I am thinking?" The old man asked the middle-aged woman beside him. There is extreme fear on his face, but there is also the same amount of happiness on his face.

He is still scared about what he had just experienced just now; this is the first time he had felt such powerlessness; he felt like he was lesser than before in front of such a feeling, but this fear did not stop the happiness bubbling in his heart.

"Someone either awakened Bloodline or Awakened an Epic Inheritance." The Middle age woman said, clear envy could be seen on her pretty face, but there is also happiness.

"Finally, after such years, there is a chance that we will be transferred out of this G.o.d-forsaken place and return to the Central Continent." said the old man and with shaking hands, he took out a delicate red box and from it a small exquisite device.


He took out the device and started to type the command in it; within a minute, a soft buzz rang out from that device, and only then the old took a sigh of relief and put back that small device in the delicate box.

"I've informed the Higher Ups." said the old man with a smile with eyes full of hope for the future.

"Angels Of Arcan, Angel Of Wrath: Lightning Type?" I asked in clear confusion, I've not understood the single word she except for it is lightning-related very powerful Inheritance.

"Angel Of Arcan is the main Inheritance, which const.i.tutes different Angel Inheritances. The one that is most suited for me is Angel Of Wrath: Lightning Type." Rachel explained patiently with a bright smile.

"Is it powerful?" I asked, clearly asking her how powerful she has become as I could not sense anything from her, I am not even getting a feeling of threat from the people I can't sense from her but from her, I am getting nothing which is very baffling.

"My strength had increased quite a bit, but that is not the main part, this inheritance had altered my const.i.tution completely that even if I did not work hard, I would continue to improve inconsistently," she said.

I am not surprised to see her const.i.tution had been altered, such powerful Inheritance it out to do that much but was very shocked when she said she could continue improving even if she didnt work hard.

Just what sort of Inheritance had she received?

"Shall we spar? I want to see how powerful you have become?" I said, I had been practicing for nearly eight days and wanted to fight someone to test my mastery. I was thinking of fighting powerful Grimm monsters, but now Rachel awakened her Inheritance, she will be the perfect opponent to fight.

"Not now, I could feel a certain amount of threat coming from you, let's wait one more day. I have to get used to this Inheritance and practice a few methods."

"How about the day after tomorrow?" she said mischievously, clearly wanting to have a complete advantage over me in the battle when we fight.

"Ok!" I said I know with one more day in her kitty, her power will inevitably rise when she practices the methods provided by her Inheritance; though I may not have much, I still have little something and now I got initial control over my body, I could practice it.

"The Wings and Armor, could you not summon them again?" I asked, I very much wanted to look at her in that beautiful Armor and Wings, she looked absolutely G.o.ddess in that.

"No, I can't summon my Angel Armaments; I will be only able to summon them when I reach Lord stage and above." Rachel said with the sigh, she seemed to be very about not being able to summon her Angel Armaments, just like me, but our reasons are different.

Rachel went for a bath before she came back to the living room, looking very fresh that I just wanted to take a bite of her. I wanted to ask her how her ritual went, but I didn't have to as she had called her sister and started explaining everything in the details.

I had just listened and felt what she went through is similar to what I went through in forbidden ground when my body went through the Baptism of the energy that changed the const.i.tution of my body.

Her call with her sister went for more than an hour, and after that, she typed something in her holowatch; a few minutes later, windows of our apartment opened, and a very fortified drone entered into our apartment.

It is completely black color and is very bulky; I've used this drone for delivery a few days ago, and from what I have read about it, it is said that not even Silver Elite had the capability to damage it.

The drone came into the living room and hovered in front of Rachel. Rachel looked at me; she took out a bottle of White Grade Origin Water I had given us, which was only about 15% empty.

Seeing I am not saying anything, she opened the vault of the drone and placed the whole bottle there, and a few seconds later, the drone left taking a bottle of Origin Water with it.

"Thank You!"

She said after the drone left, I just nodded. To be honest, I am not happy seeing her giving away my hard-earned origin water, which I got from risking my life given to others, especially the whole bottle when there is a need to give the whole bottle.

But I did not say anything; I had given the bottle of White Grade Origin Water to Rachel, it is upto her what she did with it.

"You should ask your mother beforehand? I have already sent the Origin Water to my parents a week ago." I said.

I have sent them two full bottles of Origin Water to my family with the necessary herbs and potion formulae and some other things. All of this to create a potion that will increase their talent and potential.

With that, they will not have to worry about leveling up in Knight Stage; after drinking that potion, they will be able to level up to the peak of the Knight stage within a year.

But the problem is that potion is exceedingly difficult to make, that not only Rachel but Jim also did not have the ability to make, only those with a few decades of experience will have the ability to craft such potion.

So, a week ago I asked Rachel if she has trustworthy someone who could craft the potion as it involves White Grade Origin Water which is rare even in the Central Continent, to be honest, I was indirectly asking her if she will ask her parents to craft the potion for my parents.