Monster Integration - Chapter 711 Revenge

Chapter 711 Revenge

Azure Horns Gorrilaman's face had drastic change when it saw the four fire threads coming toward it; it had immediately understood the terror of the fire threads.

Not only the Gorrilaman but also my friends had awe in their eyes as they saw the fire threads; with their experience, they immediately understood the power of the fire threads and knew if they came across such an attack, they would have no chance of surviving against it.

The Gorrilaman stopped on its tracks and covered itself with Azure energy, which is its Mystic ability before it started to run away, but unfortunately, it had underestimated the power of the speed of fire threads.

These fire threads may seem very slow, but in reality, they are very fast; they had reached the Azure Horn Gorrilaman before it could even take one step of retreat.

Slice Slice Slice….

The threads did not give it even a second before they sliced through it, the powerful full-body Armor which looked like it packed serious defense became of cheese as it is not able to stop the fire threads, as they cut apart the Azure Horned Gorrilaman's limbs.

Thud Thud Thud…


With its body, all four of its limbs fell on the ground, and it screamed loudly in pain, strangely when the fire threads cut its limbs they have also sealed its wounds with the head, so not a single drop of blood had seeped out of the Grimm monster's wound.

Sealing the wound of the Grimm monster with heat is no simple matter; for it, the temperature of the fire had to be quite high; otherwise, it would not work.

"Don't kill me, don't kill me, I have many treasures in my storage and I know many secret locations where the amazing treasure is hidden!" said Azure Horned Gorrilaman as they saw me coming toward it.

For the Grimm Monster like Azure Horned Gorrilaman, the injury I have just bestowed now is not a big thing. It could grow new limbs within a day or two, and if it can reattach its old limbs, then it will take a maximum an hour to become good as new.

"Really?" I asked as I reached next to it, "Yes, Yes, I will give you everything, I promised!" said Azure Horned Gorrilaman happily as it saw me being interested in its offer.


"Sorry, not interested," I said and sliced its neck off its body. I am quite merciful toward it by giving it a clean painless death. If it were not for it, I would not have received such a huge fortune and rise in power quickly.

After killing it, I crouched down and collected its stuff, especially storage, I had just picked up its storage when I felt a slight response from it which I never felt before and decided to add my mana into it and to my utter shock, I was able to see everything inside it, and if I will, I could take out any of the stuff I want from it.

This is a great shock for me, I had thought the mana refined by the Tower great in purity, but I had never thought that it was great enough that it would help me operate the Grimm monster's Artifact.

There is another thing I noticed while operating the storage, which is ease; I am operating this Storage as it is storage from the humans, I am not feeling slight obstruction from it.

Rachel said that when she operates the Grimm monsters Artifacts, she feels resistance and has to concentrate a little to use it, it is the same for everyone.

There are only two people I know who could operate the Artifacts of Grimm monsters with a similar level that humans are twins, they have no problem in using Grimm monster's equipment, which is why Sophia is using the Boots of Grimm monsters.

They can do that became of their mana temperance crystal, which is very high quality, even them had a.s.similated quite a bit of mana of their mana temperance crystal before they are able to operate the Artifacts of Grimm Monster while I just have to refine some mana from my new refinement engine.

From this, I could tell how fearful this Choose Crus.h.i.+ng Tower is and couldn't help but wonder about what other secrets it is holding.

I wanted to operate some artifacts of the Grimm Monster, but I refrained myself from doing that, I had already shocked everyone to the core already, if I used to operate the Grimm monsters artifact now, I might give them a trauma.

Dhub Dhub Dhub…

I threw down the several fireb.a.l.l.s which burned the body of the Grimm monster in cinder in a few minutes before I turned to my friends who were still looking at me with the expression of shock.

"Let's Go!"

I said little loudly, hearing my voice they all returned to themselves and started looking at me as I am some kind of monster.

"You have Killed the Four Star Elite without a problem!" Sophia said, to that, I have just smiled and said: "I have received some fortune in the Forbidden Ground!"

They did not ask me what fortune I have received, they just followed me out of the forest quietly each busy with their thinking, seeing how they are still in shock, I decided to deal with any Grimm monster we have come across.

An hour later, we got out of the forest, and Sophia started the conversation on some light topics; I also joined with them, and soon, the little awkward atmosphere quickly vanished away.

Ting Ting Ting…

Soon we reached near the city, and our halowatches started to buzz, especially mine, which had been lit up with the notifications, most of them from Rachel, twins, and Kayla.

These are the people who knew about my disappearance and had tried to contact me in case I have returned to the city.

"I will call my sister to tell her that you have been found, and they don't have to come anymore." Rachel said, "I will also have to call Rachel and Leo. I have just read their mail; they said they have got the permission and are taking the earliest Airs.h.i.+p." Sophia said I nodded.

The next fifteen minutes went to contacting others who were coming to search for me; I also had to tell them about the predicament I have got into and apologized for worrying them.

I felt surprised and happy, seeing so many people had come and about to come to find me. The Grimm Battlefield is now in a different phase; people are searching for Origin Water everywhere.

For them to discard the search for Origin Water, which could very well change their life and come search for me is a huge thing, normal friends don't do that.

"Tomorrow at 7. Don't forget!"

I said to Kayla and others who were leaving toward their apartment; I had decided to cook them lunch for tomorrow to show my grat.i.tude for what they have done for me, it is at least I should for the friends who have done so much for me.