Monster Integration - Chapter 710 Third Enchantment: Fire Thread

Chapter 710 Third Enchantment: Fire Thread


Rachel muttered as I called back the firewall, and she saw the bits of pieces lying on the ground.

To be honest, I am also quite surprised when I saw it explode. I had thought with my attack, it would fly away like cannonball before dying in the crash, but it had directly exploded, which was beyond my expectations.

Though this Grimm monster was Initial Three Star Silver Elite, making it explode in the casual move is not a simple thing, it looks like I will have to re access my strength after we reach the city.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

I suddenly heard an angry shout and felt a lot of powerful punches in my chest, if I have similar strength as Rachel, then I would have surely got seriously injured and not feel a tickle that I am feeling right now, but I did not show that on my face, that would be disastrous for me.

"You have been gone for five days, You Know! Do you know how much you made me worried," she said while punching on my chest strongly before stopping to wipe tears in her eyes.

I felt sad and angry at myself for worrying her, even more, bad when I saw the tears falling off her eyes.

I could tell by looking at her tired face and disheveled state that she hadn't slept for a few days, she looked very tired, and her aura also felt weaker than usual.

"I am sorry!" I said as I pulled her for the hug, she resisted the hug at first, but she soon melded into it and hugged me back.

"I was really worried about you, I thought you had died," she said, her voice filled with emotion, relief and happiness could be felt from her voice.

"I am sorry!" I said again while gently stroking her back, this is the only thing I could say, but I promise myself to make up for what she had suffered through the past few days.

"Let's go, it is time to leave other's will be waiting for me," said Rachel as she let go of the hug.

"Others?" I asked because I had thought she was the only one who was searching for me these past few days. Hearing my question, she smiled.

"You had very good friends when I told Sophia and Raina you have gone missing; they have immediately come to Milfred."

"Your old team also offered their help, they had also been helping me to search for you, and I have called my sister and Jim. They were late due to not getting permission to leave, but they finally got it yesterday and will leave for Milfred in the evening."

"Sophia said that Rachel and Leo also wanted to come, but they did not get permission to leave." Rachel said

I was dumbstruck and overwhelmed hearing that; people do not search for others, especially when two days pa.s.sed in the place like a battlefield. If the Person did not return after two days of his required time, then he is likely dead but Rachel and my friends still did and for that, I felt really happy inside.

We walked silently in the forest, hand in hand, enjoying the serenity of this dangerous place.

"So, where were you these past five days?" Rachel asked finally, after some time, I wanted to tell her the whole truth, but I stopped myself from doing so. It is not like I do not trust her with my secret; it's just she will worry too much; especially when she knew Abomination.

"The powerful Grimm monster chased me; I have to run into the forbidden ground to get out from its chase."

"I was able to leave behind the Grimm Monster but stuck in the forbidden Zone, it took five days to come out," I said. It was the truth but not the complete truth, Rachel was smart enough to concur that which is why she gave me the look of 'I know you are lying.' but did not press it details.

"You have benefitted from the Misfortune, your strength has advanced by leaps and bounds," she said, to that, I just smiled and continued walking with her hand in hand.

"Micheal!" I heard a familiar voice when I reached the meeting point with Rachel; it was from Sophia, beside her was her sister Raina.

"I knew you weren't going to die too easily!" Sophia said as she hugged me tightly, after hugging both of them, I had to answer all the questions that Sophia threw at me.

"Micheal!" It had been fifteen minutes when I arrived at the meeting spot when I heard a few familiar voices calling my name, when I looked back I saw Kyla with her are my old teammates.

All of them looked haggard, but seeing me s.h.i.+ne come across their faces, as they all hugged me one by one.

"Now that we have found Micheal, can we leave? I need to sleep like yesterday!" Alex said after a few minutes, hearing that everyone nodded, and we started our return journey to the city.

On the way, our big group had attracted many Grimm Monsters, but the twins easily handled all of them, killing every single one of them in one move.

The improving speed of twins has not stopped, in just a short while, they have become Three Star Silver Elite.

The progress of them is very fast, they are even slightly stronger than Rachel who is also Three Star Elite.


Suddenly my expression changed, and a look of anger and happiness appeared on my face at the same time.

"Let's go this way, and I have some unfinished business which I have to finish," I said, everyone looked a little confused, but they followed me, and soon we came across Big Grimm monster.


They Gasped seeing it, especially four silver stars on its temple, everyone's gaze attracted by those four stars and a clear look of fear could be seen in everyone's eyes, even twins gripped their swords tightly.

"I was going to leave this s.h.i.+tty place yesterday, but I have decided to stay one more day. The wait is worth it."

"Not only I am going to kill you and that wretched bird but also little humans beside you!" said the Grimm monster and attacked without giving me any chance to run.

It had learned its lesson from last time and directly attacked me without giving me any chance to run away. This Grimm monster is the same Grimm Monster, which made me run to the forbidden ground and made me experience h.e.l.l and heaven there.

My friends got very scared seeing it coming and got ready to fight against it, but I stopped them and took out Red Sword from my storage.

I added my pure mana into it and lit it up to my fire ability; I swung my sword four times. It was so fast they were not even able to see the blur, the only thing they could see is the four very thin fire threads coming out of it.

This is the 3rd enchantment of the red sword called 'Fire Thread!' it can create a very thin thread of concentrated fire. For it, one needs very pure mana which I did not have before but now I have and could use this enchantment without any problem.