Monster Integration - Chapter 712 Return

Chapter 712 Return

Soon we reached the apartment with twins, while everyone went to take a shower, I quickly freshened up and started to cook a simple meal. Though I am feeling very sleepy, I was also feeling very hungry and did not wish to sleep on an empty stomach.

So, I immediately fished out some ingredients and started to cook; it was a good thing I asked Rachel for some herbs; otherwise, the dinner would have been quite bland.

All the herbs I had, I've thrown into the Monstrosity that Abomination had created, so I had no herbs with me, and this is one of the main reasons why I had decided not to cook the dinner and just eat the snacks.

The dinner is finished within forty minutes and eaten in near silence; everybody is sleepy and tired; n.o.body had the mood to talk much, even Sophia, who talked as much as she breathe was quite silent.

"Will you sleep in my room today," I asked Rachel after we finish cleaning, "Ok!" Rachel said directly, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face as we walked toward the room.

In my room, we laid on the bed together with Rachel's head on my shoulder. It felt very good, and I wish we slept like this every day, that was the last thought that came to me before sleep took me.

When I woke up, it was late morning the next day, when I looked beside me, I found myself entangled in Rachel. Her face is very close to mine, and she looked very peaceful when she slept.

I couldn't control myself and kissed her cheek before I silently got out of the bed without disturbing her.

I had thought I would sleep for a whole day, and I've not slept in five days, but I woke up after thirteen hours and felt very good and completely refreshed.

I walked to the bathroom to freshen up before walking toward the kitchen to cook breakfast. I plan to cook a great breakfast, and I have all the ingredients for it.

So, I started without wasting any time, and an hour later, there was a sumptuous breakfast in front of me.

I placed everything in the heat, preserving boxes and walked toward the living room, there is still time for girls to wake up, and I have many things to do.

Taking a seat, I took several storages of the Grimm Monster and started to operate them; I wanted to see if I could operate all the artifacts of the Grimm Monsters or the Artifact of Azure Horn Gorrilaman was any special, I am doing that because I am still could not able to believe I am able to operate storages of the Grimm monsters perfectly.

I operated a couple of storage and found I could operate them perfectly. I even took out the dagger Artifact of Grimm monsters and transmitted mana inside it found that I could operate it with the perfect ease.

This gave me a new idea; I was going to look for a Totem Artifact which matches my sword. Currently, I am unable to use it, but in the near future, I will, and for that, I have to be prepared.

From now on, I will have a Greatsword as my main weapon, and I am planning to choose the Grate sword from the Grimm Monsters Artifact I have. I have killed thousands of Grimm monsters, and many of them I killed used heavy Greatswords.

I have at least ten Greatswords that fit my criteria perfectly; I will have to look at them carefully and choose the one that has an enchantment that suits me best.

I put away the storages of the Grimm Monsters and took out the jelly-like semi-transparent metallic Object.

It is the p.o.o.p that Monstrosity Had released, it may be not precious as the mold that my Totem Artifact is made of, but it is still precious, and now I have to find the use of it.

In the knowledge of material I have, many things have a similar structure and look like this p.o.o.p; the only difference is that all of them were naturally occurring substances while Abomination makes this.

As I was observing it, I heard familiar steps behind me when I looked back; I saw Rachel is coming wearing her usual shorts.

"Hey!" Rachel said she came closer to, "Hey." I hey back, hearing that she smiled and sat on my lap directly facing me before she brought her lips to me without saying anything.

Our kiss was heated from the start; it was filled with pa.s.sion and lodging we have for each other. In that kiss, we have let out all the emotions we have felt for each in the past five days.

"You Guys are really shameless, just get a room!" I heard a familiar voice behind us, but not one of us paid any heed to it and continued kissing but Sophia being Sophia, she sat in the seat in front of us and started to watch like she is watching tv.

Her gaze felt so uncomfortable that we finally decided to let go despite not wanting to when I looked at Sophia, I found her having a victory smile on her face while Raina who was little far had her face beet red.

"What is this?" Sophia asked as she took the p.o.o.p of Monstrosity in her hand and started to observe it. I wanted to say it is 'p.o.o.p,' but I stopped myself and began to think of a better answer.

"It is something I've found in the Forbidden Ground; I wasn't able to determine what is yet," I said, it wasn't that I wasn't able to determine it, it's just that there are a lot of choices.

"It looked like a Mold I've received in the Ruin, Sophia let me look at it for a bit!" Rachel said from my lap, hearing that Sophia handed it to Rachel.

"It really is mold; just its color looks different!" Rachel confirmed after she observed.

'How can I be an idiot not to notice it?' I cursed myself, it had fallen from the mold, so it should be the mold. I would have noticed that soon, but the naturally formed molds have knowledge of different colors and different texture, some of the naturally formed molds have a structure similar to this, but so are many other things.

"It is mold!" I said after thinking and comparing all the properties that mold has with it, and nearly all of them matched with it.

"I wish I had created my totem Artifact from mold like you, I've heard Totem Artifacts created from the Mold are better than the Totem Artifact created through the materials," Sophia said.

What she said is right, the Artifact created through the Mold is a lot better and knowledge of Totem Artifacts, I have also suggested that I should give Mold over the materials.

I was going to say something when I suddenly remembered something, and a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I looked at Sophia with the smile that reek of revenge.

She had disturbed my make out Rachel many times, I wanted to take revenge on her, but I never got a chance, but now I finally got the chance.

"I have a method that could help you a.s.similate this mold into your Totem Artifact, do you want it?" I asked her with a smile.