Monster Integration - Chapter 709 Intial Level Of Major Stage

Chapter 709 Intial Level Of Major Stage

The Miracle fruit energy started to spread through my body, crus.h.i.+ng all the obstruction that came in its path.

I have never seen Miracle fruit energy this thick like raging like, well, I have never made it this full before. This time I had fed miracle energy till it can't eat anymore; I hope this energy will be enough to take me to the peak of the Captain stage.

Soon the Miracle fruit energy blasted through all the obstructions, and I started to level up to the Captain stage. With me entering the captain stage, I found my power increasing at the visible rate.

There is a clear enhancement in my Body and Soul, and I noticed it is quite greater than normal level up when I looked inside my body with full concentration. I saw that my body and soul are digesting every speck of breakthrough energy without waste.

My new body is a lot more compatible with the breakthrough than previous if it had my previous body; it would not have been able to give me much benefit during the level up.

There is another thing this new body is good at, completing level up quickly, I usually need ten to fifteen minutes to complete level up, but with my new body, I had finished with just two.

As my body stabilized, the Miracle fruit energy raged again and quickly took me to Mid Captain stage and two minutes after that at Peak Captain stage.

I had thought this would be my limit as the miracle fruit energy had whittled away quite much as seeing the requirement of energy which increases with each level, I had not thought I would have enough miracle fruit energy to make a breakthrough.

But I was wrong after I stabilized into Peak of the Captain Stage, the Miracle Fruit energy again raged, though this time its momentum had slowed down quite a bit, it now started to take little more time tearing away all the obstruction.

Though it's slow, it's still torn away and all the obstruction one by one and by the time, It tore down the last obstruction, the snake had whittled away near all the Miracle Fruit energy it had eaten and looked very weak but still able to take me to the Major Stage.

My level up into Major Stage started, I am receiving the clear enhancements though my complete self. The Major stage is different from the Captain stage; the enhancements I got are a lot bigger.

After two minutes, the breakthrough in the Initial Level of Major stage completed, and the little snake which had become quite weak after repeated level-ups had burrowed back into my body.

After I reach home, I will feed it till it gets back its previous s.h.i.+ne, I thought after looking at the snake's condition and by feeding, I mean, I would perform Body Cleansing Exercise and let it feast on the energies of my body.

"I am hungry!"

I said when I thought about the food, but I am in no mood to cook. I want to go back to Milfred as soon as possible; it has been nearly five days, Rachel must be worrying about me.

So, I took out some snacks and ate them to control my hunger as I am going to cook myself a good meal after I reached my apartment.

After packing my abode in my storage, I took the air directly. I do not have a clear idea about my strength, but I know it is at least Six Star Silver Elite, and with this power, I rarely have anyone to fear.

In the Cavern, my strength has increased a lot, and when I've gone through the Rebirth, my strength has multiplied. Though the change had not enhanced my strength directly, it had increased it indirectly.

I now have a strong, flexible body which had great healing power, the circulation of energy had become extremely easy that I could command it and it will come out without the moment notice, earlier it was not this good.

As I fly through the sky, I notice there are a lot fewer people on the lonely hill than before; it is likely due to the shaking of Forbidden Ground, n.o.body wanted to be near ticking time bomb.

Though there are fewer people than before, there are still people; I could see them below and hear the fighting sound now and then.

I was flying through the sky when I suddenly felt something and looked down; there, I saw the intense fight going on between humans and the Grimm monster.

I was going to walk away, seeing the human seemed to be in the condition to run away and might not need my help when I caught a look of the Human silhouette, and my expression couldn't help but change drastically.


That silhouette that is fighting the Grimm monster is Rachel, and when I looked at her condition, I found she was quite injured, seeing that intense anger couldn't help but arose in my hearing, and I wasted no time in charging below.

"Hehe, little human, I am going to have a lot of fun eating you up!" said the Werewolf when strange scalest started to appear on its body, and it started to become even more intense.

At First, Rachel did not understand what was going on with the Grimm monster, but within the moment, she pieced it all together and understood what was happening, and she did; she couldn't help but turn pale and started to run right away.

She understood that this Werewolf had activated the Mystic Method, and strange Green scales were proof of that.

"Little human, there is no use of Running!" said the Werewolf, and next moment, it appeared in front of me like a flash and licked its tongue manically as it already imagined me as its meal, seeing such a scene a shudder couldn't help but run through my body.

"Die Human!"

It shouted and attacked me with a long claw, seeing the attack, I knew I could not dodge it with my current ability.

'Do I really have to use that?' I asked myself seeing the Grimm monster's attack coming, using that against this weak monster would be truly be throwing away such precious things but look like I have no choice but to use that, I thought and reminded myself torment that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Micheal when I found him, it's all became of him, I have to use such precious thing of such weak Grimm monster.


"f.u.c.k Off!"

I was just about to use that thing when a very familiar silhouette landed in front of me and shouted in a thunderous voice as he swung his sword at the Grimm Monster.

I was about to stop him, saying the monster is this Grimm Monster is very dangerous, and he should be careful when I saw the result of his attack.


My sword whipped at its claw, and just as it touched the claw of the overconfident Grimm Monster, the victorious smile on its face vanished as it started to bloat up little before exploding into pieces flesh and core.

It was a good thing. I quickly realized what would happen and created a thick wall of the fire to save us from bathing in the gore of Grimm Monster.