Monster Integration - Chapter 708 Chaose Crushing Holy Tower

Chapter 708 Chaose Crushing Holy Tower


The sword again fell on the ground, but this time, it had created a louder bang than the last time.

And this time also, I let go of my sword like last time to save my muscles some pain, but it looked like 1000 Kg Is still too much for them to bear as they have gone little sore, but that soreness vanished in a few seconds.

This sword is a little heavy, but I am confident that I will be able to use it in a month or two if I keep progressing in speed I've envisioned. I looked at the sword for a while before I summoned it back and moved toward the next thing on my agenda.

It is time to deal with the Refinement Engine; only when I have the Mana will I be able to initiate the level up, and for that, I have to learn to use my new Refinement Engine, but before I do that, I have to check on one other thing.


I said happily when I saw the Grey energy circulating through my body, though it is injuring my body, the damage it is dealing is healing just as rapidly. The Change gave the self-healing ability to not only my soul but also my body.

Though the amount of grey energy in my body is lesser than what it had in its peak, it still fearsome energy, which could kill the normal lieutenant stage within a minute.

After confirming my body had grey energy in control, I moved toward the Holy Tower in my heart s.p.a.ce.

The Tower looked like a Holy residence of G.o.d, with its pure while Marble exterior, on which had the cover of vibrant green ancient runes, it looked simply holy that one just wanted to prostrate in front of it.


Taking a deep breath, I made a link with the Tower with the inherent connection I have with it, and just as I did, I felt mind buzzed as information was directly transmitted in my mind.

"Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower," I whispered the strange name of the Refinement engine. I had just received small information about it which contains its name, some information about it and its working mechanism.

The Refinement Engines Name is Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower, it is divided into seven floors, and each floor will give me three times more pure energy than the previous floor.

The energy will be Mana, but this will not be regular Mana but the Mana, which is most suitable for me. Its storage also is very great, it can store nearly four times more Mana than my previous refinement engine, and that is for the 1st floor, as I advance the floor's, the quality of Mana and Storage of Mana will also advance.

The one thing that caught my eye the most is the Tower info said that the Tower could refine any energy, and I want to see if it can refine the filtered cosmic energy that I have in my body.

I took a couple of deep breaths before I started to follow the instruction to start the refinement engine.


I said as I started the refinement engine, this refinement engine is very hard to operate, I had just started operating when I found how difficult it is operating this refinement engine.

It is at least forty to fifty times harder than my old refinement engine, which is a lot; I will have to give my all if I want to purify some energy.

I again took a couple of deep breaths and started operating it, this time knowing ist difficulty, I did not give up and continued operating it.

As I started operating it, the runes on the first floor of the Tower started to light up slowly, seeing the runes lighting up my confidence boosted even more, and I began to try even harder.

Finally, when half of the first floors Runes lit, it was able to suck a wisp of Grey energy from my body, and that is when things got harder.

Grey energy is not any normal energy; it is filtered cosmic energy, refining it would be much much harder than refining any other energy. I could give up refining this filtered cosmic energy and use other energy, like berserk energy of monsters cores, but I did not.

I want to start with cosmic energy, so when I try other energies, it will be easy for me to refine them.


I gritted my teeth and started operating the Refinement Engine with all my power. It is very hard, harder than it was before, but I continued. The progress is very, very slow, but I persisted.

Time pa.s.sed by, and G.o.d knows how much time later, I was able to light up all the runes of the first floor, which means I had successfully refined that wisp of Grey energy.


When I looked at the Mana, which I refined from the Grey energy, I couldn't help but gasp. That wisp of grey energy had turned into semi liquefied faint green Mana.

It had partially liquefied means it had reached near the pinnacle of purity, from what I've heard there are very very few people who can liquefy the Mana at the Knight stage. I have never thought.

On the first floor, I got partially liquified Mana; I wonder what state it would reach if I refined it through the second or third floor of the Tower.

There is another thing that shocked me, which was the amount of Mana that wisp of grey energy transformed into. That small wisp of Grey energy was able to fill 6% of mana storage.

This is simply unbelievable; if it had normal Mana, I would have been able to accept it, but it partially liquefied Mana, which filled 6% of my mana storage, which is four times greater than my old mana storage.

No wonder this, Grey Energy barely whittled despite constantly injuring me for days. I have underestimated this filtered Cosmic energy.

Seeing the result, my tired self, which had not slept for more than four days, felt invigorated, and I started refining again, using only Grey energy for refinement. It is a very tiring task, and I would get tired after refining every wisp, but whenever I see the Mana in the storage, I would feel invigorated.

So, I continued refining and a few hours later, and a few hours later, I was able to fill the mana storage 50% and about to continue more when I saw the Mana in my mana storage lessening at breakneck speed and soon there was only 20% left.

I did not have a think where the Mana had gone, Ashlyn had taken it as she expelled her old Mana beside my storage.

Seeing that I shook my head and continued refining, despite getting tired, I continued as I have only one goal in my mind, and that fills my mana storage to the brim.

I was able to fill my mana storage full in the late afternoon, and that time, I had become so tired that I barely could stand and just wanted to sleep, but I did not sleep as there was one last thing I had to do.

I laid on the bed, and through our connection, I instructed the little snake to initiate the level up. Receiving my instruction, the bloated body of the little snake transformed into the riven of Miracle fruit energy and started sweeping over my and Ashlyn's body to level us up.