Monster Integration - Chapter 707 1000 Kg

Chapter 707 1000 Kg

The rays of dawn bathed me in its lights as I took a deep breath, even if it is Air from the Forbidden Ground, it felt fresh compared to what I breathe in the underground.

After adjusting myself, I took note of the surroundings to feel only slight shaking on the Ground above, which is surprising seeing how heavily it was shaking below.

Still, this shaking seems to scare away a lot of people. Last time when I entered the forbidden ground, there were a lot of people on the boundary, but now there are none.

If anything out of normal happened in the normal places, people would flock there, but if such a thing happened in the forbidden Ground, people will tuck their tail and run as far away as they can.

Forbidden Ground is already known as the death land, and if something abnormal happens to it, then the danger of it will increase even more, and because of that, people stay far away from it as possible.

Despite seeing no people around, I walked sneakily. The shaking is increasing, and I have no doubt something big is happening in this forbidden Ground very soon, the Abomination has done wanton plundering in it, there will be some cause and effects.

In a few minutes, I walked out of the forbidden Ground and continue walking; I plan to travel some distance before setting up and abode. The crafting of my totem artifact has nearly finished, and I will take it out as soon as it comes out of the coc.o.o.n.

Not only that, but I have also had to figure out the working of the new refinement engine; it is the only thing that I can refine the energy, and without there will be no mana for me, if there no mana then there will be no level up.

"This will do!" I said after fifteen minutes as I found the secluded spot to set up an abode. After finding the spot, I did not waste time and immediately set up an abode before going inside.

Seeing my totem Artifact had still not finished crafting, I removed all my dirty tore clothes and walked into the shower. On the trip to the forbidden Ground, all my clothes have been completely wasted.

" four and Half Days!" I said in surprise as I looked at my holowatch, in the forbidden Ground, my holowatch had stopped working, and even after coming out of it, it had not turned on.

I had thought it had malfunctioned but who would have thought just as I was about to walk into the shower it would turn on.

I am quite surprised seeing it had been four and a half days since I had entered this forest, I had thought it'd been two days at most but looked like more than four days had pa.s.sed.


I went to shower, spend fifteen minutes there before coming out. I had just finished wearing a new set of clothes when I felt a vibration running through my body, and I knew that my Totem Artifact is finally ready.

I quickly closed my eyes and looked at the exquisite Sword floating beside the new refinement engine.

The Sword is completely different than what I had dreamed my totem Artifact to be. If Ashlyn had dealt with that Abomination early, then, I would have Katana floating in heart s.p.a.ce instead of this monster.

If Katana counted in the light sword, then this Sword is the Epitome of the heavy Sword. The Totem Artifact I had created is The Greatsword.

This Greatsword is 1.25 meters long and has a blade 28 centimeters wide (11 inches (double the size of your average phones.). For a light weapon user like me, it is a completely different weapon, I will probably have to change my fighting style to use this monstrosity.

It looked gorgeous with a Red Crystal Blade which looked like it was made of Ruby and had the Black upper body (Guard and Grip), in the center of both sides of Guard, there is a circular badge on which the figure of Abomination is stamped in Purple.

I had fought with tooth and nail against the Abomination for it; I did not want such a mark, especially when it represented it, but it was not ready to relent, so I accepted but with minor changes in the design of its mark. I had made the figure of Abomination look similar to that of Kracken of mythology.

In designs, its head and tentacles could be seen, but numerous eyes and mouths had disappeared. The designs looked very scary but not horrendous as Abomination; I might even say there is majestic feeling in the design.

On the whole, the Sword looked like a piece of art; it looked clearly different from the other Totem Artifacts. This weapon exists in a completely different world compared to other Totem Artifacts Ive ever seen.

Well, it should be, the Totem Blueprint it used were made of runes that look like they are old as time, and it is crafted using the essence of precious materials.

I observed the Sword for one more second before I summed it out, and just as I did, I received the biggest shock about the Sword.


Just as the Sword came out, it produced a loud thudding sound and even created the small dent on the floor, even I barely stopped myself from cras.h.i.+ng on the floor with the Sword.

"So, Heavy!" I said out loud; I was completely unprepared for such weight, I should have expected it to be heavy. It is made of essences of materials including that of Miracle fruits; it ought to be heavy.


Seeing the Sword creating the small dent, I started to sweat profusely. This abode is Peak Knight Grade; normal things could not produce a dent on its floor.

I released my grip from the Sword and typed a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch, and second later, my expression had changed completely.

"1006 KG!" I said, my voice filled with a degree of unbelievable ness. What is 1006 KG, that is 100kg more than a Ton!

'Does anyone in the Knight Stage could wield this sword perfectly?" I asked myself, but soon, I got the answer when I remember the aura of the Abomination produced under the knight stage.

If one could have the power that Abomination produced in Knight stage, then wielding the Sword of 2000 KG would not be a problem much less 1000 KG.

'I may not have the power to wield this sword for now, but I am sure as h.e.l.l I can lift it!' I said to myself and gripped the Sword and started to use all my power to lift it.


I said through the gritted teeth as I started to lift the Sword, the Sword is d.a.m.n heavy, that even using my full strength, I could only be able to lift it an only inch above the Ground.

My face fell seeing that, but I did not give up, I started to use more and more strength, started to unearth every bit of strength I have, and it began to show the result as a sword slowly but surely started to go up.

"I did it!"

I said through the gritted teeth as I am finally able to lift the 1000 KG sword in the Air, but the next moment, my expression changed as my body reached its limit, and the Sword fell from my hand.