Monster Integration - Chapter 702 The Purpose

Chapter 702 The Purpose

This is the final moment, It has made my complete self through the rebirth and now I will know a purpose behind it.

Though I am immobile to the degree that I couldn't circulate the energy, I know that I have gone through a big change, and this change is very good for me, but this change has been brought by the tentacled thing, which is literally emitting the nefarious intentions.

I do not doubt its nefarious intention and no doubt about its strength. I am also very aware that its strength is immense, and I am just an ant to it, which it can squash any time.

It is the truth, and I accept that, but that does not mean I will give up in defeat and accept the outcome, no I will not. I will resist, even if I am an ant in front of it, which it could squash easily, I will resist against it, resist the behemoth that it is.

I was busy with my thoughts when I suddenly felt the scenery in front of me changed, and I found myself in a dark world, which is drenched in the twilight.

When I looked around, I found everything was shadowy and dark, and except for me, I could not find anything here, no matter where I looked.

I tried moving my leg forward and confirmed that I had gained my mobility back, seeing that I started to walked around the strange place I am in but to my surprise, I found that no matter where I walk, everything is the same, there are no living or nonliving things I could see except for darkness and shadows.

Still, seeing everything is the same, I continue looking around as staying in one place is not going to help, so I might just as well look around, who knows I might be able to find something interesting.


I was just looking around when I stopped as I sensed the familiar nefarious aura. Some distance away from me, I saw bubbling shadows rising from the ground; it looked like how a fiery lava comes from the mouth of Volcano slowly.

As that bubbling shadow rose, it's aura also started to rise, when I had sensed it the first time, It had a faint aura that is weaker than that of Private stage, but now the bubbling shadow had reached the two meters height and emitting the aura of Silver Elite.

This is just starting as the bubbling shadow is growing at a rapid pace, which made me feel like what I had sensed was just the starting; there is more to come, and I should brace myself against it.

What I said came true as when the bubbling shadow reached the seven meters, it had the aura of the Golden Elite and ten meters it a more dangerous aura than of the Golden elite, that aura was not of the Lord stage but Knight stage.

Every stage has a distinct aura, and this is an aura of Knight's stage despite being dangerously powerful. Its aura kept rising as it was growing, and soon its height had reached the twenty-five meters, and the aura it is emitting is very dangerous.

This aura is still in the realm of the Knight, which shocked the h.e.l.l out of me; it had shaken me to the core. I had used to think that the Golden elites are the top powerhouses in the Knight stage, but now I sense this knight stage aura, I know I had been utterly wrong.

In front of this aura, the aura of Golden Elite is akin to a common ant and which could easily be killed by the simple breath, my thinking was too narrow to think the Golden Elites are the limit.

I would have liked to think about it more, but as the bubbly shadow grew above 25 meters, its aura had abruptly changed, and I knew that its aura had entered the Lord stage.

The aura of the Lord stage is not only different from the Knight stage, but it is also very powerful; no knight stage could be compared to it.

Even after it reached the Lord stage, it continued to rise, and when it reached the above fifty meters, its aura changed again, and I felt a stifling sensation in my chest.

This aura started to affect me, till now I was fine, but now I am getting suppressed heavily that I am feeling a stiffening sensation.


I cursed hoa.r.s.ely as I am barely able to keep myself standing, standing up, I am having difficulty breathing. I am still standing up and breathing because it is not intentionally focusing aura on me; if it had concentrated its aura on me, I would have fainted on the spot long ago.

It had now looked like a small hill that is made of bubbly shadows which looked really scary and projecting a very intimidating presence, and the worst thing is, it is continuously growing.

'I can't stand right now!' I said to myself as my knees started to weaken, and breaths started to fall short, now I have to work very hard for every breath. The aura is very powerful, and it is growing at a rapid pace. If this continues then I don't know if I will be able to keep myself standing and breathing.

I don't know if I can keep myself standing in a minute and honestly I don't want to fall on my knees; it would be like admitting defeat in front of it, which I really don't want to do.

As it reached grew above the 150 meters, its aura grew similar to that of the aura I had sensed in the battlefield of the outpost, and now it is surpa.s.sing it, I still remember how I used every bit of my will power of stand against that aura, and now I have to keep standing against it.

Even if I die, I will die standing; I will not let myself fall in front of this creature, realizing, I used the same trick I had used in bearing that aura which is legging go all the resistance.

It is very difficult to do that compared to aura's I had sensed in the battlefield which did not have any harmful intentions toward; this creature definitely had evil intention toward me which made it very difficult for me to let go all the resistance and lay bared open in front of it.


It was difficult, but I laid bare open in front of it, and the next moment, the intense wave of aura nearly crushed me that I had cursed out loud.

"It was intentional!" I muttered with difficulty as I found another wave of strong aura coming at me, and this wave was stronger than previous, way stronger. It had the power to crush my soul apart.

'It is toying with me!' I thought, this wave of aura coming at me is very strong and mortally fatal to me, but it is not ist full power, if it is just used 1% power of its current aura, it could crush my soul into the fine powder, but it is not doing that.

This may be playing around for it, but for me, it is a question of life and death, and since I love my life very much, I will fight for it till the end.