Monster Integration - Chapter 701 Rebirth

Chapter 701 Rebirth

The runic formation on the Sphere is Totem Blueprint, and now it has completed this step. The next step would be entering inside me for the final forging.

I can feel that if it came inside my body, then something very very bad would happen to me; the feeling of the threat it is giving me is mind-numbing, but there is nothing I could do about it.

I am bound to my place, except for breathing; I could not do anything else. Earlier when it was purifying itself, I had tried to make the breakthrough and nearly succeeded, but it had stopped me before I could take the last step and bound me to my place.

I am completely immobile; there is a powerful invisible forcefield covering me, which does not let me twitch my finger's much less move away.

In the corner of my eyes, I noticed the stationary Sphere had started to move, and it is coming at me. I knew this would happen, but seeing it happening, I turned pale and tried to move away using all my strength.

But all my efforts are futile; I could not move a single centimeter, the forcefield around me too strong, though my efforts are being futile, I still continue to struggle every bit of strength and directly look at a Sphere that is just inches away from me.


My eyes burned as I looked at it, but I did not care, I wanted to show my defiance to whatever creature it is that even if I am powerless, I will resist till the last breath of my life.

My eyes continued to burn before healing, and I felt soul breaking pain in the soul, but I continued looking at it till it started to seep into my chest. I watch it powerlessly with a feeling of defiance and powerlessness in my eyes.

It had completely seeped into my body and appeared in my heart s.p.a.ce, just beside my refining engine. My refinement engine, as if sensing the extreme threat from it, started to move from it.

As it stabilized in my heart s.p.a.ce, the tentacles started coming out of it again and these tentacles are different from the previous, these tentacles are made from the Ancient Runes and give a very sinister feeling.

The tentacles started to spread out; they are spreading out to every inch of my body. The runic tentacles had not only latched on the whole source s.p.a.ce, but they have also latched onto my Refinement engine.

Outside my heart s.p.a.ce, they have spread to every inch of body and soul; there is no place in it where they have not latched; they have not even left my source alone.

In my source, I could see it latching on to my source, which is burned blazingly like sun, the only thing they left alone is my rule powers.


When I looked at my Rule powers, I could not help notice there is a faint black swirl beside the faint clover.

This is my first time seeing the Black Swirl in my source, I don't know when it appeared in me, but it looked like a swirl I saw on the Miracle fruit.

I would have liked to observe it more and know its source, but unfortunately, my life is in danger and whatever this faint black swirl is did not seem much important.

In this desperate situation, the only thing that made me happy that it did not touch Ashlynn's source, for that, I am very grateful, I hope she survives this ordeal even.

The Sphear finished latching its runic tentacles, and the next moment, I felt the ominous feeling rising.


A sudden pain came at me is the most horrifying pain I've ever suffered; I felt like my Body and Soul were being torn apart. It is happening; without concentrating, I could clearly see how these runic tentacles had started to transfer energy into my body, soul, and source.

The tentacles giving off a very ominous feeling but compare to the energy it is spreading every inch of my body does not feel ominous at all, it does not have alignment, it is nor good nor bad, it is the energy that part of nature which have no alignment, true Neutral energy.

The reason I am feeling pain is because of my body, soul, and the source is getting baptized by it forcefully through the energy released by the ominous tentacles. It feels really confusing as I thought the energy would be as ominous as the tentacles that are transmitting them.

Whatever this creature is, it sure is nefarious. It is not only giving me the horrifying pain but also showing me what it is doing to my body; it is showing everything to me with crystal clear clarity that even if I want to avoid it, I can't.

Time pa.s.sed, and over time, more and more energy spread through my body and soul.

I could feel this neutral energy is changing my body somehow, it is not making a physical change, but the one that goes to a very deeper level. I could see that change in this neutral energy bringing me much deeper than the cellular change level.

It is like this energy giving me rebirth from my very core and seeing that I became pale again, I am clearly aware of it had very nefarious intentions toward me, I could clearly feel them, and with it changing my body from its very core, I know it is not doing that for the good of me.

It is changing my body for its own purpose, but what's its purpose is, I don't understand, but one thing I know, that this change is not for my benefit.


As I am observing my body, I noticed another change that is happening to my body. My Refinement Engine, It had utterly destroyed it, and in its place, it had created a Tower.

The Tower looked like it was made of pure white stones with ancient runes in bright green color densely carved over it. The tower-like runes looked like ancient creation; one would have the desire to prostrate in front of it just taking a single look at it.

The Tower had seven floors and has the Majestic bearing that made it look like it is the residence of G.o.d.

I looked at the Tower for a while, observing every inch of it before I went back to Observing my body.

Time pa.s.sed, and with pa.s.sing time, the ominous tentacles started to baptize me more and more neutral energy; first, the neutral energy was quite faint, but as time pa.s.sed, it began to get thicker and thicker.

As the neutral energy got thicker, the pain it was giving me also got greater and greater that I am on the brink of collapse, I wanted this process to end quickly as possible as the pain is too much for me, but I don't think it will end soon, I think this is just the starting.

I was right, hours and hours pa.s.sed, and I barely kept holding myself through this unimaginable pain.

I don't have a good grasp of time, but I still think that at least twelve hours have pa.s.sed since the baptism of neutral energy started.

Some more time pa.s.sed, I think it had been more than a day since the baptism started, but I don't know, I am not too sure as now I am wholly focused bearing the pain and saving my mind from collapsing and turning into a vegetable.


I was enduring this horrifying pain with all my willpower when I noticed the pain was lessening at a visible rate.

The water thick energy that runic tentacles are releasing is lessening at a visible rate, and within a minute, the baptism of neutral energy had stopped, but it had not brought back its tentacles, they are still being latched on every part of my body.