Monster Integration - Chapter 703 Horrifying

Chapter 703 Horrifying


With the gritted teeth, I let the wave of the aura wash over me. As it came over me, I realized that it is far more powerful than I had expected, I had underestimated its power, but there is nothing I could do knowing it, and that would have done nothing if I had known it would happen.

Crack Crack Crack…

Due to the power of the aura wave, cracks started to form on my soul; I felt my thoughts speed slowing down with my soul getting injured and overwhelming pain cras.h.i.+ng into me.

Though there is damage, I endured it and let the aura wave wash through my soul. Finally, the aura wave washed over me while leaving my soul injured, but soon I found the serious soul damage is healing on its own.

I was quite shocked seeing that, I was already shocked seeing me bearing such a dangerous aura and surviving, and now this healing power of soul, though the healing speed is very slow, it is still healing which is shocking.

If I had gone through such an attack three days ago, my soul would have shattered into the fine powder, but with the baptism I had gone through earlier had made my Soul lot stronger and firmer.

I did not receive another attack of the aura wave till my soul healed, except for enduring growing pressure of its power, it had not attacked, but just as my soul healed, another attack of aura wave had come, seeing that I had become sure that it was toying with me.

Wave after wave of aura attacked me with each wave being stronger than previous. Each wave would injure my soul and give me torturous pain before waiting for my soul to heal and attacking again just after that.

I kept enduring the attacks with every bit of my willpower till that moment came, that moment came when it had crossed the height of two hundred meters, and the quality of its aura changed again.

It had become even more powerful, and that exact moment, my soul healed from the last attack, and I saw another aura wave coming.

This wave is smaller than all the other waves but also more saturated, seeing it, my heart started to beat faster and faster, and I instinctively started to imagine my unbreakable soul breaking under this aura.

This aura wave feels too strong and this time I am not sure if I will be able to bear it or not, but one thing is I am sure that I will endure this wave-like all the previous, as for I will be able to survive against it or not only time will tell.

Crack Crack Crack…

The cracks started to spread through my body just as the aura wave touched me, and I felt h.e.l.lish pain that wanted to send to the oblivion. Though it wanted to send me there, I don't have any wish to go.

So, I kept enduring despite more and more cracks forming on my soul till all my soul filled with the crack that it could shatter any moment.


Suddenly an unknown feeling came over me and I opened my mouth and let out a roar, it was a total instinctive reaction. I know my end has come, but I don't want to go down without a fight, so with this final roar, I conveyed all my feelings, and conveyed what I wanted to convey before dying.


I had thought I would die as my soul was just about to shatter apart in hundreds of pieces when suddenly a faint familiar glow appeared in my chest, it was very faint, but it had provided me with the last bit of energy needed to survive the aura wave.

The Aura wave pa.s.sed, and my nearly sharted cracked soul started to heal, but I didn't focus on that; I was focusing on the faint familiar glow.

It was the same glow that had appeared in me when I was facing the two opposite aura's on the battlefield, it had saved me when I was about to fall down. This time condition is a little more dangerous than just falling down on the knees.

As my soul is healing, I observed this glow. I don't know what this glow is, the last time it had appeared all of sudden when I was facing the aura and disappeared when the aura receded.

I had searched through my body but was not able to find it, and I even searched on the web and also in the guilds archive, but I did not find anything about it.

As I observed it, I found it the same as before; it was pinky nail size emitting a very soft white glow, the faint while glow looked very holy as if it had the power to illuminate the darkest point in the world.

I looked at it for a while before looking away and concentrating on the Bubbly shadow, which is still growing big with fearful aura.

Time pa.s.sed by, and after my soul healed, it again launched its attack, and I bore it with the help of the faint light. At every attack, I would reach the brink of death before returning to life.

This continued till it reached the height of 250 meters, and from then on, it had restrained its aura and started to attack me though by leaking some tiny amount of aura.

After reaching 250 meters, it did not need to send waves of aura at me; the residual aura of its power is enough to kill me. It had changed the method to attack me after that.

In the new method, it would open a tiny hole in its restrained aura and just as that tiny aura came at me, cracks would start to appear on my soul.

It started to attack me that way, and like before, I endured every attack with my life on the line, and my life is on the line as every attack put me very close to death.

While injuring the attack, I noticed the anomaly which with every attack that I endure, the glow inside in my chest would brighten a little, and with it, my endurance for aura would also increase a little.

This growth is barely noticeable and others would not be able to notice it but I did and thrilled, whatever it is, it has saved my life, and the more powerful it grows, the greater help it will be for me.

Time pa.s.sed, and it continued to attack me when it had stopped suddenly, It had stopped when it had crossed the mark of 300 meters. After reaching 300 marks, it had not only stopped attacking but also stopped growing, and for a reason, I felt that it is not it's true limit, if it wished, it could grow even further.

As it reached 300 marks, it had reserved its aura to the extreme, and I was faintly able to sense some of it but that some it was enough to shake me to the core and make constant cracks on my soul.

If I did not have the glow in my chest, I would not have been able to endure such a fearful aura, and my soul would have fallen apart in the small cracks.

Shake Shake…

Few seconds after it stopped growing, a shocking change started to occur in the huge body of it. Its body started becoming slightly more solid, and thousands of tentacles began to come out of it.

"OH MY G.o.d!"

Slow but surely it started to take shape, and fifteen minutes later, when its shape finally materialized, I couldn't help but shake in fear as this was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen in my life.