Monster Integration - Chapter 700 Omnious IV

Chapter 700 Omnious IV

This Origin Water is very precious, thousands of times more precious than the Violet Grade Origin water. It will be helpful to me and those who are closer to me if I can survive.

I crouched down and slowly started to fill the bottle with milky while Origin water while keeping eyes on the monstrosity, as I filled the bottle I did not strike with hunger, nor anything happened to me and seeing that I started to fill one bottle after another with the Milky White Energy Water.

In just a few minutes, I was able to fill sixteen and a half bottles; I did not leave a single drop behind. I put the bottles in my storage and take out a small hammer and knife from my storage.

These hammer and knife are the peak Knight Grade Totem Artifacts; I am going to use them to mine. The surface of the lake is crystalline. Like the crystal we found Origin waster is precious, this crystal surface of the lake is also precious, if I am right then its value easily surpa.s.sed the Violet grade Origin water, so how can I let waste here.

Chip Chip!

I immediately started to use a knife and hammer as the mining tools and started mining crystals immediately. If I am at my peak, I would not have any problem in mining the crystals, but with grey energy raging in my body, I am barely able to muster the strength of the average Sergeant stage which is barely enough to mine the crystals.

With such strength, it is very difficult to mine out the crystals, but since I have nothing to do and this is free wealth, I have no problem in mining.

Time pa.s.sed by and such five hours had pa.s.sed since I started mining and had collected quite a bit of the Crystal. If one would look at my storage, they will get a big pile of Milky While crystals there.

It had been nearly ten hours since I left Milfred. When I left it was evening last night and now it is morning, I wonder if Rachel's been worried about me.


I was busy with my thoughts when I heard a loud buzz, only to see that monstrosity started calling back its tentacles.

In these few hours, after sucking everything around it, it had grown very big, earlier it was only the size of a thumbnail but the thumbnail size ball had transformed into a 20 meters diameter liquid sphere.

Ripple Ripple Ripple...

Within a few seconds, all its tentacles came back to it, and after that, the ripples on its surface which were going slow started to increase their speed.

After a few seconds, I noticed that after each ripple a faint smoke would come out. With the pa.s.sing of time that smoke got thicker and thicker, and the sphere which was dark black started to turn pale.

As such, forty-five minutes had pa.s.sed, and now the sphere I am now seeing is completely different from what it was forty-five minutes ago. Forty-five minutes ago, it had a pure dark color, and now it had become colorless, now it has no colors. It looked very pure when I looked at it but felt more ominous when I sensed.

The color of the sphere had changed but not its size, but I think that will also change, as the rippling of it has stopped.

Now it is spinning from inside, I could clearly see the small whirlpool inside is becoming bigger and bigger.

As the whirlpool inside grew bigger and its speed faster, the size of the Sphere also started to shrink at the visible speed.

Fifteen minutes later, it's size had reduced by 25%, but there was no change in its consistency. It is as consistent as before.


Suddenly from the base of the Sphere, a thing popped out. It is fist-size, is semi-transparent with a slight whitish hue.

'Is it' I asked myself, it is releasing impurities, but the way it is releasing them, makes it look like it is popping.


A minute hadn't pa.s.sed when it released its first impurity when it had released another one, and another a minute later; as the time pa.s.sed it continued releasing impurities in the form of semi-transparent p.o.o.p.

By the time the whirlpool inside it had finally disappeared, it had p.o.o.ped a total 47 times and brought a drastic change in its size. From the twenty meter size, it reduced to the palm-size, it had reduced its size by more than a hundred times.

If one looked at, he would find there is no difference between it and its previous self of an hour ago; it is the same colorless sphere with the same consistency, the only change it had was its size.

I couldn't help but marvel and felt fear when I looked at the sphere; it had sucked so many materials. The highest Grade Origin Water from the numerous lakes, the filtered cosmic energy (Grey Energy), Dark Energy of the Grimm monsters, the biggest crystal in a cavern, and G.o.d knows what it had sucked from underground.

All the things it had sucked, it fitted all in the palm-size sphere, with all the knowledge I have and things I have experienced, I could tell that palm-size liquid had contained the essence of all the things it had sucked off.

It is a thousand times, ten thousand times better than the mold I had initially created.

The palm-size thing remained silent for one minute, there was no change in it, it kept floating, but more than a minute later, it started showing the change, and this change is as drastic as previous.

The sphere which had been opened till now had runes started appearing; these runes are completely different from the runes that used in our world and runes that the Emperor Grade Totem Blueprint used.

These runes looked very ancient; they are making me feel like they are old as time itself.


Suddenly I screamed out loud and felt my eyes burn, though my eyes got healed next moment by milky while energy that is circulating in my body, it was a very torturous experience.

I had just looked at the runes for less than a second, but it has given me torturous pain and burned my eyes, if not for Milky White Origin Water healing them, it would have taken them at least a month to become good as old if I had healed them with the seed of Ominous core.

I knew this happened because of the Runes, which had created deep fear in my heart.

'Just looking at those runes for less than a second burned my eyes, I wonder what would have happened if I had looked at them for more than one second.

Micheal did not know that he survived because of protection. These runes are extremely dangerous than even the greatest powerhouse of this world would burn to cinders if he looked at runes for even a second.

The runes started appearing and created a very ancient-looking formation, I did not want to look, but I still looked at it. Though looking at it burned my eyes and gave me immense pain, I felt like that was worth it for seeing something ancient as this.