Monster Integration - Chapter 699 Ominous III

Chapter 699 Ominous III

I now left with three things that have the herbal properties, first are medicinal monsters cores, second is the herbal ash that I found in that huge machine in Ruin, and third is concentrated solid which is made of the essence of the various herbs.

Using Medicinal Monsters's core is out of the question, I was planning on using them after I reached the Captain stage, currently, I can't handle the energy coming from the core of even the lowest level Medicinal Monster.

Aside from medicinal monster cores, I have herbal ash, and I have lots of it: about a ton of it, most of it from the herbs, but there is also some herbal ash, which had come from the Miracle fruits.

Seeing the hunger in me rising to a level becoming near uncontrollable, without waiting, I started to throw boxes of herbal Ash into the Giant metallic ball, which is getting bigger and bigger every second.

If this Ash does not work, then I will throw that solidified herbal compound into it, and if that does not work, only then I will throw the cores of the medicinal monsters, but it seemed I wouldn't have to do that herbal ash working just fine.

I kept throwing one box of herbal ash after another; I wasn't even caring about the damage that boxes will do, I am hoping it will do some damage, and I will get free from its grips.

But nothing that sort of happened as it was getting bigger and bigger with time, 'Am I awakening some monster by feeding it?' I wondered to myself, but shaking my head, I continued unloading herbal ax boxes in the black metallic liquid sphere.

It was a good thing I had stored most of my stuff in the ring; otherwise, I would have had to use my hands to take out the stuff, with the ring I just have to use my soul energy, with it whatever I wanted would come out of the ring.

'The snake had finally reached its limit!' I said in my mind; my mood is both happy and sad, happy because I am about to initiate a level up to break up my connection with the monstrosity, which is giving me a very bad feeling and sad because of the same thing that I will be losing the opportunity.

I first waited for the snake to reach its limit because I don't want to lose my chance to craft the Totem Artifact, but now the situation has changed; the feeling I am getting from this monstrosity is of extreme danger, the one I have never felt before.

'To get rid of it and save my life, sacrificing some potential means nothing.' I thought, and the next moment, I initiated level up.

Just as I did that, the snake had transformed into Raging energy and started to spread through my body, but second later, that raging momentum suddenly stopped, and the snake reverted to its bloated form.

I was shocked seeing that as something like that never happened, I initiated leveling up again, but this time, the snake did not listen to my instructions, it was like someone had cut off our connection.

I was just in thoughts when I found Raging hunger coming over me; I opened my eyes feeling something over me when I noticed I was bathed in Black energy. I knew immediately it was this monstrosity that had stopped me from leveling up and also increased my hunger to a near uncontrollable level.

Seeing that anger arose in my heart and I tried to get away from this monstrosity, only to find my steps being restricted under cover of dark energy, I could only move when within the cover of dark energy, whenever I tried to move, my steps would be restricted by the forcefield of Black Energy.

"What the h.e.l.l is happening." I shouted out loud in the frustration, 'Isn't it enough that I entered deep into Forbidden Ground and the verge of death, to encounter such a terrifying thing.' I raged in my mind.

Bang Bang Bang

Feeling intense anger, I started to hit the forcefield with naked punches with all the strength I could muster, feeling my punches, not a ripple had appeared on the forcefield, but my knuckles started to bleed heavily.


I cursed loudly in anger before I started to throw more boxes in the monstrosity, I did that because the hungry emotion I am feeling had reached the limit of what I can handle, if I did not get control over this feeling soon then I would lose my mind and become crazy.

I don't want that to happen, and the only way I could avoid is to give it what it wants, and that is herbal ash.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I finished unloading half a ton of Herbal ash into the spherical monstrosity, but despite giving it so much, it wasn't able to satiate its hunger at all but there nothing I could do except for it feed more herbal ash.

As the time pa.s.sed, I noticed one thing that with the cover of Black energy, I could not go out, but the outside energies also could not come in, which means there is no increase of the Grey Energy in my body for the past half an hour, but that does not make me I am happy.

I had clearly understood that I am caged, and when the monstrosity finished with its devouring, it would come for me, and that time, I don't know if I will survive again or not, but I surely would not go down without a fight.

"Why am I wasting my time doing this?" I asked myself suddenly, I have been throwing container after box after box of Herbal ash, but they are not satiating its hunger.

So, the next moment, I stopped throwing the boxes of the normal herbs and took out a small bottle that contained dusty orange ash and threw it into the monstrosity, and immediately, I saw the result which shocked me.

The immense hunger I was feeling instantly cut into almost half, I had expected the hunger feeling would lessen considerably, but I did not expect this much.

The effects are almost half, and it made me think that if one bottle could make such an effect, then what would happen if I throw more? Will I be able to get relief from this hunger feeling if I throw more bottles that had ash of the Miracle Fruits? I asked myself.

So without wasting any time, I started to throw one small bottle after another and in just four bottles, all the hunger I was feeling had disappeared which again shocked me but other than that there were no other emotions I felt.

As I am still in a precarious condition, I was before; I am still prisoned in the cage of the Black Energy.

Seeing it is still busy sucking off the things and growing, I took out a couple of small bottles from my storage and started to fill them with the Milky White Origin Water.

Though what had remained is nothing in front of what was present in the lake before, it did not matter much to me, I will be content if able to collect what had remained.