Monster Integration - Chapter 698 Ominous II

Chapter 698 Ominous II

One Minute Earlier

When Micheal had seeped the Totem Seed in the Liquid of all the materials, a crystalline piece of bone that was present on the other side of World Tear suddenly stopped and started glowing.

It had started glowing faintly as it was trying to sense something; it had glowed for nearly a minute before it lit up resplendently; if Micheal had seen this scene, he would see that now outside the world tear, there is no fearful darkness but resplendent brightness.

The bone shone only for a second before it shot out toward the world tear. For other's crossing, the world boundary is extremly extremly difficult as they have to contend with the power of the whole world even Grimm monsters have to use a terrifying amount of resources to create enter the world, but this crystalline bone felt no obstruction in entering the world through the tear.

The World did not create any obstruction; it pa.s.sed through the world later as it walked through the neighboring park.

Soon it had entered the cavern and shot toward the Liquid of materials before cras.h.i.+ng into it, though it had crashed into the Liquid at a very fast speed but not a drop of the melted Liquid had flown out anywhere.

The immense pain is shooting through my body and soul, and the reason for it I f.u.c.king dont know. When I imagined the shape of the sword, I heard some sound of something hitting the melted Liquid.

I wanted to open my eyes, but I couldn't, as I am using all my energy is to continue performing as that was the thing that is keeping me alive. So, I kept enduring the pain while doing my all to keep performing Body Cleansing Technique, so that the little snake could continue eating the Grey energy.

Ever Since I had entered the Forbidden Ground, I have not felt any pain if one doesn't count the pain I have received when I am falling in the hole. The onslaught of grey energy did not create any pain, but now I am feeling the greatest pain I've ever felt.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I continued enduring the pain when all of a sudden, all the pain I was feeling suddenly disappeared.

I immediately opened my eyes just as it happened only to see tentacles coming out of the Ball of Liquid, the tentacles moved fast and they started to latch on surrounding things.

One had latched on to the furnace while other lathed on to the Origin water, some of the latched into the cloud of Grey energy above, in the underground, and some spread to the tear of darkness that far away.

These tentacles did not even spare the biggest glowing crystal of the Cavern, and the various Milky White Origin water lakes around the cavern, these tentacles are thinner than hairs and latched onto everything in the cannon.

I even suspect some thread also went toward the World Tear, I am not sure but I am sure about one thing, whatever happening is not good, I am getting a very very bad feeling about it.

I am in complete befuddlement of what is happening, but I am very sure that it is related to the sound I've heard when I saw imagining the shape of the sword, and the torturous pain hit me after that.

The tentacles kept spreading for a few minutes till they stopped, now on the place where the head size Ball of Liquid has now become thumbnail size ball of Liquid which had hundreds of tentacles spreading through it.

The tentacles remained silent for a few seconds before they started to s.h.i.+ne brightly, and the next moment, I started to feel the change in the cavern.

The milky white lake below me had started receding, the furnace I am standing on began to shrink and I had to jump back into the lake before it interrupted my practice.

It is causing mayhem in the cavern, I started to feel small shakes from the underground, the biggest light crystal in the cavern also started to dim slowly, and the biggest change is near the dark energy.

There is a whirlpool of fifty meters long that has been created near the Tear of Dark Energy; it seems like something is sucking off whatever dark energy coming out of that tear at an extremely fast speed that it created the huge whirlpool.

The only thing that looked normal was a Big World Tear; Micheal did not know that big Tear is the most abnormal, it's just that Micheal couldn't see it.

I am not the idiot to not understand what is happening, but understanding does not mean I am fine with it. The condition of the cavern is already very fragile, and now whatever is in front of me is h.e.l.l-bent on sucking everything off.

It had completely destroyed the fragile balance that Cavern had. If anything drastic happened then I will be the only one who will lose its life here.

As time pa.s.sed, the thumbnail size liquid material is getting bigger and bigger, and everything around it getting dimmer; the Milky white Origin water is receding at the visible speed.

Not to mention the slight shaking of the earth and vanis.h.i.+ng of big grey energy cloud above

Two minutes pa.s.sed by, and the tentacles had already finished sucking off five 70% of the Origin lake; the furnace had completely disappeared, including those very high-grade Energy Crystals, and so is light from the biggest crystal in the cavern.

Though the carver is still alight, as there are thousands of s.h.i.+ny crystals across the cavern, the cavern still feels quite off without the huge crystal.


I was performing the Body Cleaning Technique while observing when I something in my mind, it is like compulsion or command or instruction, it is not spoken in any language I have known, but I understood it clearly, and with it, a very strange feeling started to rise in my body.

This whatever had come Metallic liquid Ball, which now had become the double size of mine, is asking me to give medicine energy-rich herbs, and I have to give it because inside me this strange feeling of hunger had aroused and it was rising rapidly.

Currently, I am in control, but soon that strange hunger will take over, and I will completely lose my mind if I do not give what it wants.

'What the h.e.l.l is happening?' I cried out in my mind, I am not having a very good feeling about it, I feel like whatever had happened is very bad for me, but the worst thing is I can't do anything.

I have a feeling that if I did anything to it, I would get devoured just like everything around me.

I did not ignore the order, and as I know, there is no way I could resist the feeling of strange hunger that is rising from my body., so I started throwing one herb after another, and seeing there is no change in the feeling, I began to throw them into the bulk.

Only after throwing them in bulk did I feel a little relieved from the strange hungry feeling, but the relief is very small; these herbs seemed to give it very little of what it wants.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon, I threw away all the herbs I have with my bleeding heart, these herbs were very precious. I have risked my life for them, but now they are not enough to satiate its hunger, which is increasing by second as I stopped feeding it.