Monster Integration - Chapter 697 Ominous I

Chapter 697 Ominous I

Finally, the 4th Major Cleansing is over, and now it is time to craft my totem artifact. It will be a little difficult to craft it while still performing the Body Cleansing Exercise, but I am up for the challenge.


I did not waste any time and take out the Furnace; it made the splas.h.i.+ng sound as it appeared on the lake. The Milky While Origin water in the lake is shallow but it is still able to drown the Furnace by the inch.

If it had been any other liquid, I would not have been able to craft the Artifact but this is the Milky While Liquid which is the Origin Water of the highest Grade, its grade is so that even Guild has given us no information about it.


After taking out the Furnace, I took a jump on the top of the Runic circle where I should be while performing the Body Cleansing Exercise. After jumping on it, I started to take out one material after another and threw them at their respective Runic circles.

This might have seemed easy, but it is extremely difficult; I have to throw stuff this way that it will not impede my performing of Body Cleansing Exercise.

Finally, I placed the last energy crystals on its places; I am using powerful energy crystals that I found in the Ruin, though there is no need to use them as their energy way, way to higher what I needed to craft my Artifact.

I would not even need 0.001% of its energy; these energy crystals are very high grade; I should be lucky to be able to find a few.

For the crafting of the Totem Artifact, I need everything to be perfect as I am already missing one ingredient, I hope the Origin Water subst.i.tute for that material is crafted perfectly.


I took a sigh and activated the formation on the Furnace with a minute amount of Mana I could utilize.

The formation lit up, and soon, the crafting started, and to my surprise, it was fast. I don't know if it is because of the Origin Water surrounding it or the place I am in; I am happy it is going fast.

It usually took eight to ten hours to craft the artifact, but looking at the speed it is going, I think the process should be able to finish in three to four hours.

The material on the Furnace started melting one by one; I could see each of the material is getting tempered by the Origin Water as it melts, the origin water is not only helping in better tempering of the materials, it also helps in removing all the impurities present in the material.

I could see the colored smoke of the impurities rising from the materials as the materials started to get purer and purer. Seeing that, my eyes couldn't help but s.h.i.+ne, the purer the materials are, the greater power the artifact will wield.

One hour has pa.s.sed as such, and all the materials have been melted, now they are coming closer and closer to each other to be merged into one.

In this one hour, my totem artifact crafting is not the only thing that had progressed; inside me, the little cute snake had also eaten quite a bit of energy that it now looked little bloated.

It had already had enough energy to level me up to the Captain stage hour ago but in an hour it had eaten so much grey energy that I feel that if it had eaten little more then not only it would take me to the Initial Captain Stage but also to the Mid-level of Captain stage.

That would be amazing; my leveling up speed is already slower than my friends, I hope this cute little snake will not reach its limit till it acc.u.mulates enough energy that I will be able to level up directly to the Peak Level of Captain stage.

All the materials have been melted, and now they are inching closer and closer to each other; some of the materials have already started merging with each other.

I wanted to take out my totem seed, as I should have taken it out at the start, but I decided to wait, the totem seed is very delicate, I don't want something to happen to it, so I hold on to it till all the materials have been merged.


Suddenly I noticed I had finished creating the forty seals, and now I am creating an Amethyst seal. In the past few hours, I have made quite a progress with Supreme Combat Exercise.

I had created the many small seals, but I did not focus much on them as the boost they could give me is nothing much but Amethyst seal is different, the boost it could give me considerably, and In such a dangerous environment, I desperately need the strength provided by the Amethyst seal.

As the amethyst seal is forming, it starts to suck the energy out of me, and it is not mana; but the Milky White Origin Energy present in me. I was quite surprised when I saw that as the seals have not accepted any other energy in its creation, but they are accepting the origin energy.

With the help of origin energy, the Amethyst seal quickly created, and soon after that, its energy started to spread through my body and soul, enhancing them bit by bit.

With Amethyst seal, the pressure on me lessened again, there is a huge amount of the Grey energy present in my body, and it gets added every few minutes, so to survive from it, either I have to destroy it, or I have to increase the limit of my body, these are the only two ways I have left to me to deal with Grey energy.

Another one and a half hours pa.s.sed, and now all the materials are starting to merge; they should be able to merge completely within a minute, and that time, I will take out totem seed.

The little cute snake inside me has become a big fat snake; I can feel it is also reaching its limit, in twenty to twenty-five minutes it will reach its limit, so I will have to complete crafting of totem artifact within twenty minutes or abandon it.

It is because of the snake that I am keeping the Grey energy in control, so if worst comes worst and the totem artifact did not get crafted in twenty minutes, then I will directly abandon it.

My life is more important than some Totem Artifact, and to a little snake is the only one who is keeping me alive.

Finally, after one minute, the materials completely merged perfected, no flaw could be seen in the ball of melted liquid, which is radiating an aura of the Origin water.

Seeing the material merged completely, I did not waste time and take out the Totem seed, which started to flow above my head before it started to move toward the melted ball of liquid.

Soon the totem seed seeped into a melted liquid and seeing that I started to feel excited as it is time to imagine the Totem Artifact's shape and design. I had already decided on Katana and also decided on its design and everything.

So, I started imagining katana in my mind, and with that, the melted liquid began to change from its initial shape.



I started imagining the katana in my mind, and when I felt something striking on the melted liquid and next moment I felt soul tearing through my body and soul.

Micheal did not know that what had just happened will change him completely; this incident will bring the biggest change in his life after Ashlyn.