Monster Integration - Chapter 691 Running!

Chapter 691 Running!

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This Glutton!

I cursed in my mind as I saw the Grimm monster come shooting toward me from the ground with its body covered in azure energy, and its eyes are seething with fury.


I activated one mini blast after another for the higher speed as I know that one direct attack of it is enough to kill me, so I want to put as much distance between us as possible.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if I did not skin you and that wretch bird alive, then my name wouldn't be Gor!" It shouted in a fury and sent another attack of azure energy at me. This azure energy soon split up in the hundreds of parts as they turned into icicles before coming at me.

I paled seeing the attack, this attack is not only powerful but also very swift, despite me activating Mini Blast several times, it was able to reach me.

Puch Puch Puch much!

Six azure icicles pierced through my body, with two piercing below my neck and above my chest, a moment six icicles pierced my body, I found a freezing tearing power spreading through my body.

Feeling this unique power, I know it is the Mystic ability, and it would kill me in ten-seconds if I did not heal the damage it is dealing with my body.

I instantly crushed all the specs of the Ominous core I have in my mouth but saw it is doing nothing, seeing that I thought for a while and before taking out a small grey bottle with grey liquid from my storage and unloading into my mouth.

This was the Origin Water I had just drunk, I could have eaten the seed of an Ominous plant, but I thought its healing power would slow for my current circ.u.mstances. So steeled my heart and decided to drink the Origin Water to heal my injuries.

This may seem wasteful to use the Origin Water to heal the injuries, but nothing is wasteful when it comes to one's life.

Puchp Puchi Puchi Puchi…

The drops of the Origin Water had just fallen into my mouth when eight more Azure icicles pierced through my body, enhancing the tearing energy that is already present in my body.

I had made the right choice of drinking the Origin Water to heal my injuries if I hadn't then I would have died in second, but fortunately, there was Origin energy rus.h.i.+ng through my body; it had not only absolutely crushed the freezing cold tearing force that was ravaging my body but also healed all the frozen holes that had appeared in my body.

"You wretch b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let me see how much Origin Water you have to save you from my mystical ability." Grimm monster shouted in fury as it attacked me again with the azure icicles, and this time, they are more than before.

The Grimm monster is very powerful, but speed is not its forte, it could be said that speed is its weakness, if it were any other Four Star Silver Elite in its place, it would have caught up to me by now, and I would be lying dead somewhere in the ground.

Another group of icicles. .h.i.t me, but their injuries got healed just as they appeared, it kept happening every second, the Grimm monster is very persistent and furious, it is h.e.l.l-bent on killing me.

'Let's see how h.e.l.l-bent it is killing me!' I thought as I looked at a small hill range that I am speedily approaching.

That small hill range in the boundary of the lonely hills and Forbidden Ground #681. Yes, I am planning to enter the Forbidden ground. I am aware of my circ.u.mstances, and it would be a stretch if I could survive five minutes under these monsters.

So, I want to enter the forbidden ground; at least there I would have some chance to survive if I did not enter, then this monster is going to catch me in a few minutes, and when it does, I will wish that I will be dead.

If there is death coming for me, then I wish to die on my own terms, and the forbidden ground is my terms, and in there, I might be able to have some tiny chance to survive.

The Grimm monsters seem to understand what I am trying to achieve, and seeing that, it upped its offensive even more, and now my body would get pierced by tens of Azure Icicles every second.

To survive from them, all I could do is defend my vitals with all my strength and keep drinking drops of origin water. If others were to find out I am drinking, tens of drops of Origin water every minute to just heal my injuries, they would be shocked.

As I was running away, I found strange energy coming to my body from Ashlyn. This energy gave me a familiar feeling; it is giving me a feeling of that third pattern on the miracle fruit, which I wasn't able to identify.

Seeing this energy coming into my body, I desperately started to hope that this energy would be the energy of Body Strengthening Miracle fruit, that it would strengthen my body enough that I could fight against this Grimm monster that is following me or at least gives me sure to chance to run away from it successfully.

But unfortunately, nothing that sort of happened, the energy just circulated through my body one time before it started disappearing, it was like someone had eaten it.

Micheal did not know that the joke he had made casually, and in the very near future, when she will know about the effect of that energy, he will be shocked out of his mind.

"Die You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Second, pa.s.sed by and kept getting more and more injured every second, the Grimm monsters are attacking me crazily, and all I could do is survive against them, as I know even if the Single Icicle able to hit my vital spot then it would be game over for me, it will be very hard for even Origin Water to save me.

Soon I reached the hill range that is separating the Lonely hills and Forbidden Ground.

When I looked ahead, I saw an endless swath of grey; there is barely anything other than grey. The tree looked dried and greyed, but if one looked at them closely, they would find that the grey wood is very hard, even harder than some metals.

There are many other things there, but all of them filled greyness; it looked like a land death.

As I pa.s.sed through the hills, I saw both humans and Grimm monsters lingering on the boundary, but I also saw bodies of them which are also turning into the grey slowly.

I did not see I had reached the boundary; instead, I entered inside as the monsters were still chasing me, but soon, I found that the attack on me had stopped. When I looked back, I saw a tiny silhouette of the Grimm Monster standing on the boundary of the forbidden Ground.


"I have entered little too deep," I mutter and about to go back toward the boundary when I felt the faint swish of wind pa.s.sing through my body and just it did, the circulation of energy in my body started to go slower and slower till I wasn't even able to circulate enough energy to keep myself floating.