Monster Integration - Chapter 690 Eating Unmatured Miracle Frui

Chapter 690 Eating Unmatured Miracle Frui

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When I went to the living room after freshening up, I saw a note there flas.h.i.+ng. It is from Rachel; she is called into the guild and did not have when she will be returning.

I was a little disappointed seeing that, I was hoping to ask her to come with me to the lonely hill. Feeling sad, I wrote a note for her saying, I am going to the Lonely Hills for something quick and should return by the Morning.

After writing the note, I started preparing for dinner and soon left my apartment with Ashlyn.

Fifteen minutes later, I was out of the City, and forty-five minutes later, I was in the forest, on my way toward the Lonely hills. Unlike my slow travel through the forest before, this time, I am quite fast.

Not having a group of people with you has its advantages, with me being alone, I could easily move through the forest, and even if I come across any Grimm monsters, I could easily kill them with the Battle Prowess of the Three Star Elite.

The only Grimm monsters I had to fear are those who have the battle power above is equal, or above of the Three Star Elite, such powerful monsters are quite rare in the forest, but they are still present.

Since I had entered the forest, two Three Star Elite had come in my range. One was Mid Three Star Elites while the other is a Peak Three Star Elite, I would have fought against the Initial Three Star Elite to test my power if not Miracle Fruit that is waiting for me.

The Miracle fruit is out in the open, anyone who enters a little deep into the tree could spot it, and I feel like every minute I wait, I give another minute extra to others to discover it.

So I moved toward it at my highest speed, and within an hour, I had entered the lonely hills which is a record on itself, with rush Origin Water it takes a minimum of three hours to get here.

After entering the Lonely Hills, I increased my speed again, killing whatever monsters came into the way, as long as it is not a Three Star Elite, I will kill it in the single attack of my swords.


I landed not far from the tree and checked my surroundings through my senses, and seeing there was no one in my immediate range, I walked, so I could not leave any tracks behind.

Chirp Chirp…

Seeing the fruit, Ashlyn flew out from my shoulder and landed near the fruit. I walked toward the Miracle fruit and started to observe it.

There did not seem to be any changes in the fruit from the morning, three different patterns on it still seemed to fight over the supremacy of the fruit.

I started to observe the three patterns as one of these three patterns will gain dominance and become an attribute of the fruit. From the knowledge, I have gained of all fauna, that including Miracle fruits, I could identify the attributes of two patterns.

One pattern is that if Swirling Blackness, if I am not wrong, then this should be related to Devouring, Swallowing traits while other is rippling of Silver Water, which is related to s.p.a.ce.

If one of these sides win, then the Miracle Fruit will have the ability of these two attributes, as for what that ability could be, I have no idea as there are thousands of types of abilities exist in these two domains, I will be only able to guess when it matured fully.

As for the third pattern, I have no idea what it is, it is changing forever, showing all kinds of patterns and things inside, but I hope the third pattern didn't dominate. The abilities related to s.p.a.ce and Swallowing are amazingly powerful; I hope this fruit would develop such an ability.

But I would have to wait for twenty days, that is when the Miracle Fruit would mature. As for eating before that, I am not an idiot to do that, especially now when the energy inside is too chaotic and raw.

It would be like eating a live bomb and hope it would not explode; it would be idiocy to eat the Miracle fruit in its current condition where it filled dangerous primal energies of three elements.

"Hehe, I did not think some Ant would also notice my Miracle Fruit!" I heard behind me; the voice felt thunderous and extremely domineering.

My herd started to beat loudly as I slowly turned back as I did, I saw an Azure Horn Gorillaman standing casually a few meters behind me. It is standing casually, holding a club that looks like it is made of raw iron.

This Gorilla is four meters tall and has a huge Azure Horn on its head and wearing heavy Armor made of some unknown metal.

When I spread my sense over it, I was shocked to see that I could not sense it, it's like this monster is not present in front of me, if not for me seeing it with my eyes, I would have thought that there are no Grimm monsters.

This is the first time my senses have been deceived, not only mine but also that of ahlyn; while we were busy with Miracle Fruit, we remained cautious and kept our senses active, but this Grimm monster was still able to deceive them.

This first time something like this happened, there had never been anyone who had been able to deceive my senses till now, but it had.

This Grimm monster must be practicing some secret method or have some fantastic Artifact; otherwise, it would not have been able to elude my senses with the power of Four Star Silver Elite.

As for how I know it is a four Star Silver Elite, well, the four silver stars are tattooed on its temple, and it is way beyond my abilities to handle me.

If it had been Three Star Elite of any level, I would have been able to handle it somehow but Four Star Silver Elite, fighting it impossible for me, the only thing I could do run, run fast as I can and hope to survive.

"Its Mistake, its mistake, I never have any intention to touch your Miracle!" I said while bringing my hands up as I moved away from the miracle fruit, and at the same time, a silver fire started covering my body.

I am so concentrated on the Grimm monster that I did not notice that my swirl crossed the ridge, and its compactness had reached 0.5 inches.

"It's a good thing you have accepted your mistake, now die in content!" It said with the solemn face before it turned cruel and it attacked me with its Iron club which had covered in azure energy


Puh Puh...

Just as it attacked, I released the Mini Blast I had prepared under my feet and shot in the sky while puking, despite me dodging as soon as it attacked, some of the attacks still hit me and injured heavily.

"YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

I heard a very loud roar from down the forest, it was so loud that I felt my ear buzzed. It was definitely from the Azure Horn Gorrilaman, it felt with extreme anger and bloodl.u.s.t.

I at first did not understand the reason for its bloodthirsty roar, but soon I saw Ashlyn coming at me with blurring speed and entering inside me, and just as she did, I understood the reason very well and felt my blood boil in anger.

This Glutton of the Bird ate that unmatured Miracle Fruit!