Monster Integration - Chapter 692 Collapse

Chapter 692 Collapse

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My face paled seeing myself falling as I am pretty high from the ground, and if I fall from such distance, there is a quite high chance that I might squish to death, especially in the forbidden ground, where the ground seemed to be hard as steel.

So, I circulate my energy throughout my body, even if it's barely responding I still circulate and soon feel my battle showing down a little as I use little of the energy I got to use my air walking skill, though I am barely able to use it, it is enough to lessen my fall.

The Forbidden Ground is really dangerous; the faint gust of wind touched me, and all of sudden, the energy circulation in my body slowed down and I wasn't able to circulate any of my skills.

I have already decided that as soon as I fall on the ground, I will try to walk away from this Forbidden Ground, what I had just experienced is the lightest of Horror of the Forbidden Ground, I don't want to experience those big horrors, I have experienced.

I kept falling toward the ground, but sometime I would stop for a moment in midair before I started falling again, in this way my fall won't be able to momentum, and I will be barely injured when I fall on the ground.

As I am falling to the ground, I looked around and noticed that Azure Horn Gorrilaman is still present at the boundary, waiting for me to come out, I looked at it for a second before looking forward where the only thing I see is large swaths of grey.

I am quite lucky that I have entered this Forbidden Ground; this forbidden ground is one of low-risk one as the world tear is present in the deep underground, so the terrifying cosmic that is able to come up in the air is very less.

That does not mean it does not come up, it comes up in the air, though its amount is very less, it is still terrifying, even a tiny amount is enough to kill thousands of people.


Finally, I fell on the ground, though the fall was short, it was still painful. It felt like I had fallen on the ground which had countless tiny thorns and now they are easily digging into my flesh.


I cursed loudly in pain and started to get up, I wanted to get out of this G.o.dforsaken land as quickly as possible, as, for the Grimm monster that is chasing me, there are many ways to out of this land, if it wants to follow me through all the ways, then it is most welcome.


I got up and about to take a step forward when I felt an extremely cold sensation under my feet. This cold sensation gave me the most threatening feeling I've ever felt, but just as it came, it had disappeared, leaving my back drenched in the cold sweat.


Puh Puh Puh…

Not wanting to waste any time, I took a step forward but again stopped as suddenly blood came down from my throat, after that, I continued puking with a look of extreme horror in my eyes.

The Blood I am puking is grey; I could see bits and pieces of my internal organs that degenerated into this greyness.

Just as I got relieved from the puking, I immediately scanned my body with sense, and a look of horror had widened on my face before I started puking again and weakness had started to come over me.

Half of my body inside had already turned grey, and this greyness is increasing rapidly. There was a very fearful s.h.i.+ning grey energy that is degenerating my body and soul.

This degeneration is very silent; there is not the slightest pain I am feeling from it, if not for me puking my guts out, I would have only known about it, it was the moment of my death.


I forcefully controlled my puking and drank the Origin Water grey grade whole, I unloaded the whole bottle in my mouth. There were nearly a hundred drops in the bottle, but I did not care, to kill this grey infection within me, I am ready to pay any price.

The Origin energy started to spread through my body, healing the damage that had been done by the Grey energy, but soon I noticed, that its speeding of healing is lesser than the speed of damage that grey energy brought; if this continued, then I would die in thirty seconds.

Seeing that, a look of hesitation appeared in my eyes before they became firm again, and I took out the small bottle in which bright Violet liquid could be seen.

This is Violet Grade Origin Water that the twins had sent me, I was going to use it to increase my talent and smelt the Totem Artifact that I will craft but looked like I will not have a chance, I thought as I looked at the greyness that had started to appear on my body.


After making my mind, I gulped down all the Violet Grade Origin Water present in a small bottle. The Violet Grade Origin water inside the bottle may be precious, but it is not as valuable as my life.

After drinking the Violet Grade Origin Water, I looked inside me and again looked at the horror that had appeared in my eyes. The Violet Grade Origin Water, which I thought would instantly crush that s.h.i.+ning Energy before healing the injuries, my body is doing something else that I had imagined.

It is not touching Grey Energy, h.e.l.l it is even co-existing with it. While the Grey energy is damaging my body, it is healing it, and to my utter shock, its healing speed is slightly greater than the damaging speed of that grey energy.

This is out of my expectations; I had thought the Violet Grade Origin Water would heal all my injuries within seconds. I am not wrong to think that Violet Grade Origin Water is thousands of times stronger than the Grey's grade.

"There is a chance!" I muttered to myself, the amount of s.h.i.+ning grey energy in my body is in the lessen quant.i.ty than the Violet energy, so as long no new gray energy entered my body, Violet Grade Energy should be able to keep myself out of danger.

Shake Shake...

Thinking that I started the move toward the boundary and but soon noticed the earth-shaking and when I looked down, I found there are numerous cracks appearing on the ground, and these cracks are spreading at very fast speed.

I've noticed these cracks forming when I fell on the ground earlier, but I did not focus on it much as I had other things to be worried about, but now I could see the spider web-like cracks forming in the ground; I am scared s.h.i.+tless as they are giving me a very bad feeling.

If I were able to control the Mana in my body properly, I would have used my skills to fly away or use my speed skill, but unfortunately, I can't.



I started to run fast as I saw the threatening cracks spreading but bad luck struck me as a second later the ground collapsed with it taking me down with it before I could do anything about it.