Monster Integration - Chapter 687 Domain Of Withering Sand II

Chapter 687 Domain Of Withering Sand II

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'Domain Of The Withering Sand!'

This quite a domineering t.i.tle, I never have read such a domineering t.i.tle in my life, this t.i.tle is vastly different from 'Scourge Of The Golden Sand' that Grimm monster uttered.

There are only two meanings that could be said behind it, one is that Mystic Method that monster had used and this book had no relation between then or that Grimm monster had changed the name of the Mystic Method.

I could only tell when I read the book, so I wasted no time and started to read the book, and from the first page, my expression started to change.

Just reading the first page, I was sure that this is the same Mystic Method that Grimm monsters had used, That idiot had changed the name of the Method for some idiotic reasons.

The first few pages of this book, there is the only introduction of the Mystical Method, and as I continue reading it, I get more and more shocked as this method is too powerful, more powerful than I had expected.

This method is divided into Nine Level and that Idiot of the Grimm Monsters had barely started practicing its first level, and it is not practicing as it should have.

It is a miraculous method that affects both body and soul but idiot of the monster had practiced the body part, not soul part; otherwise, It would have been impossible for me to survive.

I could survive if attacked either my body or soul, but if they had come together, I would surely die, and together with their power increased by three times.

As I have said, this method is divided into the Nine Level, each level is three times more powerful than the previous, and one when reached level 7 of this Method, one could employ it as the domain, and that is where it does its true power lie.

Though this method is very powerful, the requirement one needs to practice it is also very high. If I want to practice this method, then I will need the power of Five Star Silver Elite and not to forget the resources I will need to practice.

The resources this method needed for practice are crazy expensive, the resources, in this case, are for Level 1 Physical, and they are nearly depleted. I will need to buy resources not only for the Level 1 physical but also for the Soul.

"Is this the Mystic Method you were looking for?" Rachel asked suddenly; I turned to her kiss her kissable lips as she is very close to me before answering the questions.

"Yes, this is the method I was looking for, and it is better than I had dared to imagine," I said as I activated my holowatch and started to surf the things I needed.

The resources of Level 1 are expensive, but they can be brought, I spared no mana crystals and brought the resources needed to practice this Mystic Method for Rachel and me.

The only thing I wasn't able to buy was the sand, it is simply too rare, that even offering a mission crystal, I wasn't able to buy it. Only after offering the drops of Origin Water did I get the response.

I quickly negotiated the deal with them, I will have to pay 20 drops of Grey Grade Origin Water for 2 Ounces of Cosmic energy treated sand, this is very expensive, but it is just the starting.

These were the resources for the Level 1 of Mystic Method, the resources that are needed for Level 2 are even more expensive and rare. When I looked at the resources needed for higher levels, I could feel my head spinning; they are just too d.a.m.n rare.

"Micheal, it is time," Rachel said, and when I looked down, I found it was 8:30. "We will have to become Five Star Silver Elite as soon as possible, only then we will be able to practice this method," I said to her, she was quite surprised to hear the requirement before she nodded with a firm expression.

A few minutes later, we left our apartments and walked toward the city gates as both of our teams were waiting there.

"See you two days!" Rachel said and gave me a soft kiss on the lips before she went toward her team while I went toward mine.


When I landed in front of my team, I found there was one extra person in the team that before and seeing her, I am not surprised. Earlier, Kayla had called me because she wanted to ask her about adding her Girlfriend to the team.

I had no problem with her as one more Silver Elite is good for the team. The people that have been a.s.signed to her must be terrible; in normal circ.u.mstances, people don't do that, especially when they have the position of leader.

"Micheal, is that beautiful girl your girlfriend?" Alex asked just as I landed on the ground; I wanted to say, ' She is my girlfriend, but I could not.' so I just smiled; they will have to understand the meaning behind through our interpretation.

While Kayla was busy asking the question a leader should before the start of Mission, I was inspecting the Battlepower of all my teammates; I am not one bit surprised seeing all of us are now One Star Silver elite.

I had already guessed that these people would use Origin water as soon as they rested and thus gave them the proper method to use.

All of them had used it, and their power had soured Alex, Ronny, and Stephen, who had been just a step away from becoming One Star Elite had now become One Star Silver Elite.

Kayla, whose battle power had been Mid One Star Silver Elite, now had reached the Peak One Star Silver Elite, and her Girlfriend Evie who's battle power is at Initial One Star Elite, is now Mid One Star Elite.

Their power had grown, I too would have used the Origin Water to increase my talent and increase my power, as I already had Ashlyn though as I am sure if I had used the Grey Grade Origin Water on myself, it would have given me bare minimum effects, it wouldn't have been enough for me reach the Tow Star Silver Elite, so I did not bother using it.

I just hope that we find some Black Grade Origin Water that would make my battle power soar.

"Let's leave; there are only ten minutes remain till we have to get out of the City!" Kayla said, and she took the air, we followed behind her. There are now two people flying in the air in our team; one is Kayla, and the other is her girlfriend, but compared to her, she seemed a lot more proficient in using the Void Boots.

While moving toward the place of a.s.signment, we discussed the distribution of the loot again, with a new member added in our team we have to go through that. The discussion lasted for five minutes before we all agreed to a new distribution percentage.