Monster Integration - Chapter 688 Bizzare Miracle Frui

Chapter 688 Bizzare Miracle Frui

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Time pa.s.sed by and such nearly five days had pa.s.sed, tonight is last night of the third compulsory mission which would be over a few hours and after that, we will get our freedom from the mandatory missions unless of course, the guild gives us a few more compulsory missions, nothing could be said about it.

These seven days went well as in each mission we have got many times more Origin Water than the previous, but it was not able to satisfy me as till now, all we were only able to find Origin Water that is Grey Grade, we have not even able to find the single drop of the Black Grade or any higher Grade Origin Tower.

Well, Ashlyn was able to find one tiny Black Grade Origin Water a few hours ago, there were barely four drops of it, but it had helped me reach High Two Star Silver Elite from the Mid Two Star Silver Elite.

Now with this power, as long as I did not come across Three Star Elite or someone with Mystical Method, I have no problem in killing or surviving against them.

"Well done!" I said as I come out of the trees as always as Kayla and Evie finished their fight, they have been fighting against Two Star Elite, whose battle power is at Mid Two Star Silver Elite.

Not only me but my Teammates had also progressed these days, Kayla and Evie had reached Initial Two Star Elite while Alex and the other two's battle power had reached the Peak One Star Elite.

To others, our progress is astonis.h.i.+ng, but to me, it is very slow. I have to take my battle power to that of Five Star Silver Elite, only then I will be able to practice that fearsome Mystic Method.

"You must have finished your fight early, right?" Evie asked as she drank the potion to heal the blood injuries she has all over her body, "Just a little earlier than you." I replied with a smile.

They had taken nearly an hour to finish the Grimm monster they were fighting, but I only needed fifteen minutes to finish them off. Evie rolled her eyes at me before she sat by the tree to take some rest as Kayla was busy harvesting the mana crystals from the monsters.

"Have they finished?" Kayla asked, "No, there is still some time before they are able to kill all Grimm monsters they are fighting." I said while shaking my head. Alex, Stephan, and Ronny were fighting the six Grimm monsters; they have killed the two, it will take some time for them to kill the other four Grimm monsters.

Kayla nodded and took the seat beside her girlfriend to rest, the constant battles across the week with sleep less than 20 hours had tired them out, they were not the only one, all the teams led by silver elites were feeling the same.

If these compulsory missions continued, then it wouldn't be long before people started to collapse during the battle.

"Let's go; they have nearly finished!" I said, and we walked toward Alex, by the time we reached near them, Alex and others had already finished their fight.

"You guys did well," Kayla said as we walked toward the Alex and three who were taking place, they had already placed the Runic Discs on the Grimm monsters and now resting while the Runic Discs harvest the Mana crystals.

We let them rest for fifteen minutes before we started with our hunt again, to be honest, all of us have become tired that after every fight, we will take some rest.

The stress and fighting life and death battles are taking stress on us, we may have the power to crush the boulder in the single punch, but our minds are fragile as Paper, the constant strain could easily damage the fragile mind.

Some people just couldn't handle such stress that they directly snapped, became mad. In the worst cases, they even attacked their teammates.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon, six hours pa.s.sed by, and now the time of the left had come, seeing that a big smile emerged from the faces of everyone.

"Love, after we get home, we will not take a step outside it for a day, at least," Evie said to Kayla as we are walking out of the forest. I, too, plan to sleep till the next day; this is taking too much of the toll on me that I felt I would snap if I did not get a sufficient rest.

Were carefully traveled through the forest, not wanting to come across any Grimm monsters as we have no will to fight against any fight.

"Another Group of Greedy Idiots, they will surely meet their death if they go there." Cursed Alex as she saw another group of people crossing the hills range on the right.

The Lonely hill area that is extremely close to the forbidden ground, if one wants to get the Forbidden zone, then one just has crossed the Hill range, which is just a few hundreds of meters of us.

The reason this area is named 'Lonely Hills' is because it is usually lonely, there are barely any people, or Grimm monsters come here due to its proximity with the Forbidden Ground.

It was because of the greed of the Origin Water people had decided to come here, and this area became like any other area.

The people we have just seen were the second human group that is moving toward the hills, and their intention is clear, and that is forbidden ground; half of them would die, and those would survive and would be in a dying state.

The forbidden isn't said as Death Ground for nothing, if not for its dangerousness, people would have flocked there for the treasures present in the forbidden ground.

We shook our heads as we looked at that team before continuing with our journey.

Time pa.s.sed, and half more hours had pa.s.sed, and we were about to get out of the Lonely hill when I sensed Ashlyn becoming unusual and flying toward a certain location.

And soon she stopped on the tree and looked at weird fruit, seeing that bizarre fruit, I got shocked and instantly closed my eyes and opened my link through the Ashlyn.

The Vision that killing intent provides a Red background; I can't observe the colors very thoroughly through it. I switched to Ashlyn's Vision and saw the fruit, and just one look was enough to tell that it is a Miracle fruit.

But I observed it; further, I found that this fruit is its preliminary stages, and it hadn't even decided on its attribute yet, I could see there three patterns over it which are fighting for dominance, the one that would win the miracle fruit would be of that attribute.

If I am not wrong, then to mature, this fruit would take three to four weeks. I had told Ashlyn to hide it as much as she could, I will return it tonight to hide it even perfectly.

I had decided on sleeping through the whole day and night, but for the Miracle fruit, I could sacrifice that much. Each miracle fruit possesses countless possibilities, for it sacrificing a few hours is nothing.